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Here's some of our thoughts for setting up an AR15 for home defense or duty tasks given what is available and what works at the end of 2016. As a general assumption, we are starting with a quality base rifle that is "mil-spec" with regards to essential components such as bolt-carrier group, buffer tube.

If you are looking to upgrade your AR15, we encourage you to bring it with you to the shop (please bring it cased and unloaded). This way we can help to ensure that everything matches up and will work on your carbine.

We consider having an optic of some kind on the carbine as a mandatory item. Being able to use an optic for sighting is a force multiplier during the day and a true game changer at night or in a low-light situation. Optics today are exceptionally durable, reliable and easy to use to the point that there is no good reason to only run irons on a carbine.

Red dot optics are the easiest optics to use. To sum up using them, you put the dot where you want the bullets to go. They are parallax free and generally focused at infinity. Battery life runs from a long-time to nearly 5 years. The Vortex SparcAR or Sig Romeo5 are good options for a home defense gun or 3 gun competition at $200. Moving up, the Aimpoint Pro and Trijicon MRO are both duty grade optics at $449.99 and $560, respectively, with mounts. The Aimpoint H2 and T2 are the industry standard for red dot optics and run $692 and $751, respectively, without a mount.

Low power variable optics combine the capabilities of a red dot optic with that of a traditional magnified optic. They provide the ability to better identify targets at a distance along with keeping things quick up close. These optics weigh more than a red dot and have less forgiving eye-relief than a red dot. There is also some work to do in understanding how to use the reticle/point-of-aim vs point-of-impact across the magnification range. The Vortex StrikeEagle is a great entry-level option at $330 without mount. For a duty grade option, the Trijicon Acupoint should be considered.

A home defense gun and/or duty gun need a sling. Today's carbine is best equipped with a two-point sling as it offers the best trade-off between retention and ease of maneuverability. Quality-slings today offer a quick adjust feature that allow the tension to be increased or relaxed extremely quickly. Slings are best attached in at least one point with a quick-detach (QD) mount. We recommend the Vickers Sling from Blue Force Gear or the Magpul MS4 sling.

There needs to be a light on a home defense gun and especially on a duty gun as bad things happen at night and also inside structures during the day. That light should be as bright as possible (minimum of 320 lumens with an LED "bulb") and mounted where it is easily accessible. We all highly recommend a Surefire X300Ultra A or B mounted at 12 o'clock right front of the front-sight on a rail. A Streamlight TLR1 HL also works well mounted in the same spot. This is the best setup that we have found during extensive training at night and during low-light conditions.

Other options are Surefire Scout lights, 6PX series or G2X series lights (or other tube lights) mounted at 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock on the rail. These options work well, but not as well as the 12 o'clock option.

As 2017 draws near, traditional triangular hand-guards mounted to the delta ring create a liability on the AR15 and make it hard to mount a light and/or quality sling to the carbine. If you have a standard front-sight, the Magpul MOE series hard-guards are a much needed upgrade. These high-quality polymer hand-guards feature the M-LOK attachment system making it easy to mount accessories to the carbine. They run between $30 and $40 depending on the gas system of the rifle and length of the hand-guard.

If you have a low-profile gas block installed or are installing one to remove a standard front-sight, the options for hand guards are nearly endless. We recommend looking for a light-weight hand-guard as it is easy to add a considerable amount of weight in this area. It is hard to go wrong with a Key-mod, M-LOK or picatinny rail mounting options. It is generally wise to get the longest hand-guard possible as it provides additional options for holding the rifle or for mounting needed gear. Options here include rails from Midwest Industries and Bravo Company Mfg.

One of the most noticeable upgrades you can make to the AR15 is upgrading the standard Mil-spec trigger. For a home defense or duty weapon, we recommend the ALG ACT, Bravo Company Mfg PNT or Geissele SSA trigger. These options are all exceptionally reliable while offering a clean, crisp break with minimal grit/slop in the trigger pull. We recommend staying away from "match" triggers or adjustable triggers as these options tend to self-adjust into a non-working spec when they are needed most. Also, avoid a trigger below 4.5 lbs as it is dangerous to operate those triggers with cold hands or while wearing gloves.

Stocks help to provide solid points of contact at both the shoulder and the cheek-weld. It's important to get a stock that enhances the ability to build and maintain those two things first and foremost. Additional stock features include storage compartments, QD sling mounts and rubber pads. We carry a variety of stocks from Magpul, Bravo Company Mfg and Daniel Defense.

Vertical Grips:
A vertical grip, angled grip or grip stop help to provide a consistent "index point" on the front end of the AR15. We recommend using one that matches to the rail system (Picatinny, Key-mod or M-LOK) and that generally stays out of the way. It is important to still grip the hand-guards for maximum control of the rifle. There is a selection of options from Magpul, Bravo Company Mfg, Daniel Defense and others to choose from.

Meeting Mil-spec:
This is probably the least exciting category to discuss, but also the most important. The AR15 is designed to work with components built in specific ways from specific materials to specific tolerances/dimensions. Using components that deviate from this will cause problems ranging from the gun not working to premature parts failure to an in-ability to upgrade certain components without also upgrading additional components. 

The most critical area to address is the bolt and bolt-carrier group. Using substandard materials or improper assembly here will likely cause the gun to fail within 1,000 rounds due to a broken bolt or non-cycling carrier. This is an easily upgradeable component with options available from Noveske, Daniel Defense, Bravo Company Mfg and Spikes Tactical.

The buffer tube is another area that may need upgraded if your rifle has a commercial spec tube that will not allow a "mil-spec" stock to mount. In addition, a mil-spec tube is made from 7075 series aluminum with cut threads creating stronger rear-end to the gun. This is important if you ever need to "mortar" the rifle to clear a malfunction as commercial spec tubes are known to fail when subjected to stress.

Class 3/Suppressors
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