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One of the reasons we work regularly on the range, doing dry-fire, and in the gym is so that we can perform as advertised cold and on demand. The threat of getting called to "meet qualification standards" on any given day is not something that gives us pause. It's just another box to check or a means of benchmarking current performance vs historical performances.

However, for many the idea of having to "meet qualification standards" is the cause for sleepless nights or puking the bathroom before a range day. Chances are this person knows that their regular training has led to having a barely passing performance previously or does not have the confidence to execute cold and on demand.

The means of changing the later perspective on quals/standards to the former perspective is to over train the skills and capabilities needed to the point where a personally acceptable performance is achieving the maximum score for the qual/standards. Training to this level provides both the confidence needed to perform cold and on demand and also the familiarity with the tasks to be performed that they are not surprises or puzzles to be solved. The tasks become simply task executions that can be performed at the subconscious level allowing the thinking part of the brain to focus on any other tasks or to simply relax for a moment.

Making being on the range and/or doing dry-fire a regular part of the daily/weekly routine will help make the weapon system an extension of the hand vs an unfamiliar/semi-familiar tool. Likewise, being in the gym on a regular basis makes one comfortable with doing hard work vs dreading the need to do hard work. Being comfortable and familiar with doing hard things makes it much less mentally taxing to do hard things.

While it is relatively rare for most us to get randomly called to meet qualification standards, an in extremis scenario is the ultimate real world challenge for performing as advertised cold and on demand.
Summer Weekend Hours
We are open 10a-3p Saturdays through Labor Day Weekend.
Transfers/SBRs/Class 3/Suppressors
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CCO Podcast
We've started a podcast to bring you more of what we are thinking about. Listen via our website, via the Apple Podcasts App/iTunes, or through the SoundCloud app.

Episode 178: Chris and Bryan discuss "Gun Store Math" and why we discourage customers selling guns to us.
Louie's Fusion Grill
If you are looking for tasty food, consider getting takeout from our friends next door at Louie's Fusion Grill.
1/2 off your first month at Endeavor Defense & Fitness
Our friends over at Endeavor are offering CCO customers 1/2 off your first month at their gym/dojo. Download this flyer for more info.
9mm Price Drop! Now 115gr 250 rounds/$99
We've shot a large amount of Stand 1 Armory reman ammo ourselves over the past year. It has been very reliable and clean.

9mm 115gr 250/$99
9mm 147gr "Chubbies" 250/$129.99
.223 55gr 250/$149.95
Shield Arms G43x/G48 restock
15 round magazines for your G43x/G48 are back in stock $39.99. Mag release $26.99 or starter kit including a magazine and mag release $60 are also available.
IWI Zion AR15 5.56
This AR15 features a free-floated MLOK rail and a 16" 5.56 barrel. $899
Glock MOS Pistols in stock
We have optics ready Glocks ready to rock
G19 MOS $745
G17 MOS $745
G45 Stealth Flag MOS $798
G43X MOS $575
HM Defense Stealth 556 Integrally Suppressed Upper
This integrally suppressed "One Stamp" upper gives you suppressed SBR performance with only having to get a tax stamp for the suppressor. $1495
B&T SPC9 9mm Sub Gun
This used/like-new-in-box 9mm subgun has very AR centric controls. Runs on B&T mags and includes tri-lug adapter for a suppressor. $1999
New stabby, shanky, slicey goodness
A big shipment of new blades from ZT, Spyderco, CRKT and Kershaw arrived. 
Rite-in-the-rain Notebooks back in stock
These weather proof notebooks are ready for adventure, duty, range use and more.
Geissele Trigger Restock
Installing a Geissele trigger in your AR15 is a dependable upgrade you will enjoy with every shot.
Surefire SOCOM Cans in Stock
7.62 MINI 2 DE for $1061
7.62 MINI 2 for $999
5.56 MINI 2 for $1079
Sig P365XL Back in Stock
The little gun that shoots like a full size gun. Includes night sights and is optics ready from the factory. $649
Streamlight TLR7A Flex
These single cell weapon lights have very good switching. On a G19 size pistol, they don't extend past the muzzle and are very comfortable for concealed carry. $169
Daniel Defense DDm4V7 16" Carbine
The reference AR15 in 2022. This rifle features a cold hammer forged barrel, MLOK rail, ambi charging handle and safety selectors. $1870
Fox 5.3 OC "Big Boy" cans
Less than lethal Fox 5.3 OC spray is all kinds of "GTF" away from me. $21.99
Black Rifle Coffee Resupply
Pick up your favorite blends including Murdered Out, Blackbeards Delight, and more.
Volund Gearworks Aesir Concealed Carry belts back in stock
We got a good size selection of one of the best concealed carry belts on the market back in stock. These nylon belts are made here in Central Ohio and feature a Cobra buckle for easy on/off. Worn daily by Chris and Bryan. $66
Bawidamann Holster and Mag Carrier Restock
The Gotham holster is a very comfortable way to appendix/AIWB carry a double stock firearm with a Surefire X300 or Streamlight TLR1-HL light attached. The horizontal mag carriers provide a low profile/discrete means of carrying an extra magazine for a number of popular firearms.
Sidearm Solutions Holster Restock
We have locally made holsters from Sidearm Solutions and Bawidamann Industries. Options for G43, G43x, G48, Sig 365, Sig 365XL, Sig 320 series pistols, S&W M&P, S&W M&P Shield and more.
Less than lethal self-defense options
Pepper spray for back to school, campus, and other uses.
Trijicon Sights for Glock
Trijicon HD XR and Trijicon HD sights both feature the "orange ring of death" front night sight and two dot rear sights. $149.99 for HDs, $159.99 for HD XRs.

Sight install is $20 for Glocks if you buy the sights from us.
USPSA Targets back in stock!
We are now carrying VTAC paper targets featuring an IPSC outline overlayed on a skeleton on the front along with 4 B8 repair center targets on the back. $.75
Paper vital zone target with colored shapes are $.50

IDPA and IPSC Target cardboard backers are $1.25/target. Improve your training by using quality targets.
AR15 Parts
We stock all of the small parts you're looking for to build the AR15 or AR10 pattern rifle of your dreams. Choose from BCM, Daniel Defense, Aero Precision, CMMG, VG6, Troy Industries, Geissele, ALG, LBE, Spikes Tactical and more.
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We are located at 4465 Cemetery Road in Hilliard, in front of ALDI, across from the Klean-a-Car, and next door to Louie’s Fusion Grill. We have easy access coming and going from the Brown Park Drive traffic light on Cemetery Rd, less than 1/2 mile West of I-270.

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