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As a concealed carry permit holder, it's important to have confidence in the ability to make the shot on demand. In the real world, there are no warm ups, mulligans, take backs, do overs or other means of a second chance. Additionally, the first shot needs to start solving the problem so that the second, third, fourth, fifth, or additional shots can finish solving the problem.

Building the confidence needed to make the shot is relatively straight-forward, but it is just as easy to wreck your confidence in the ability to make the shot. Here's some tips on building confidence through smart training program design. These are ways to maximize your range time and ammo into building the skills and ability to kinetically solve problems on demand.
  • Start with a drill you can own. The first few shots of a training session will set the tone for the rest of the day. Starting with a drill or exercise that you can complete to perfection will give good feedback on what the session should focus on. In the past we've done everything from draw and one on steel, a Mozambique drill, or a round of Dot Torture in a distance that we can score 48/50 or better on.
  • Have two plans for how to spend your time at the range. It's important to be able to flex to what you or your group is able to do on a given day. If things feel and score very well on the initial drill, it might be a good day to try to go faster, longer and more accurate. Or if things feel off during that initial drill, then it's probably best to slow things way down and focus on executing the fundamentals to perfection.
  • Generally focus on accuracy over speed. That doesn't mean take minutes between shots, but when your groups open up beyond a fist sized group, or wander outside the upper A zone on an IPSC target it's time to back it down a little bit. Work with a sense of urgency, but make sure you get your hits on a very consistent basis.
  • Get professional training. Professional training will correct your technique sooner and provide objective feedback on the areas you most need to practice/improve in. Additionally, it's an easy way to learn how to practice correctly so that your range sessions are most productive.
  • Shoot less rounds per string to put more focus on each shot. It's amazing how many times we see shooters step up to the line, load a magazine and proceed to shoot the entire magazine as fast as they can. Yes, going bang x15 quickly can be fun, but it's hard to learn from. Generally those targets look like a shotgun pattern vs a group. Shooting 1 to 3 rounds per draw stroke allows for seeing where rounds are impacting the target and gives the feedback needed to correct issues with stance, grip, sight alignment, recoil control, and other issues with shooting the pistol.
  • When you want to practice "burning it down" use a drill designed to improve that skill. The Bill Drill, Garcia Dot Drill, 2x2x2 and VTAC 1-5 drills are great for learning to run the gun hard and will provide the feedback needed to improve running the gun hard.
  • Score/mark your target regularly. Paper targets don't lie and that feedback is invaluable to knowing where your rounds are going.
  • Shoot less rounds. At a recent training event, we did some pistol work after some defensive shotgun work. One of our partners shot the drill once. The task was simple, 1 hit each on a 10 in, 8in and 4in steel plate at 10 yards. 3 shots and 3.37 seconds later he was done with full confidence in being able to run the pistol on demand. Some other people tried running the drill 15 or 20 times to varying degrees of success which did little to increase confidence.
  • End on a win. Finish your training session with a drill or exercise that delivers solid results. This means working inside your skill set with regards to target size, distance and time. End your training session knowing that you are capable of getting work done.

Carrying a concealed handgun brings with it the responsibility to know how to use that weapon. It's important to practice to the point where you are unable to get things wrong. Be able to do work cold, subconsciously and on demand.

Train regularly

Master the fundamentals

Practice with a plan and intention

Be fast and accurate

Be willing to do work

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Richwood Gun and Game Club is hosting Chris Cerino for his Combat Carbine course on 9-10 September. Register here for this great AR15 centric training opportunity.
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Pepper gel from Sabre and Pepper spray from FOX are both great options for when you or a loved one is unable to carry a gun for self-defense. We stock a variety of less-than-lethal options that are great for keeping on your own key chain or giving to your college student.
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Personal Defense Items
110 DB personal alarms and pepper spray make for a great every-day-carry (EDC) for when you either are in a non-permissive environment or for someone who doesn't want to carry a gun.
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We have your outdoor adventure gear including Mountain House, Wise Foods, Jet Boil stoves, CRKT, and more.
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