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PEEX Arctic-Boreal Hub Newsletter

PEEX Science Plan
Russian translation

The Russian translation made by AEROCOSMOS, one of the main PEEX Partners in Russia, is now available for download at the PEEX website.
Russian Science Plan in pdf
Värrio 50 year Anniversay
Congratulations to the SMEAR I station who celebrated its 50th Year Anniversary this month! The SMEAR I station began running in 1991 to monitor air pollution. It has since become a comprehensive ecosystem monitoring station as part of the SMEAR network. See station details. (photo: Juho Aalto)
PEEX Special Issue
PEEX Special in the Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) includes the themes of climate change, air quality, biodiversity loss, chemicalisation, food supply, fresh water and the use of natural resources through mining, industry, energy production and transport.
See currently published papers at  ACP special issue website.
Upcoming conferences and meetings
3rd PEEX Science Conference & The 7th PEEX Meeting will be held in Moscow, Russia from 19 to 22 September 2017.

Conference Keynote Speakers:
Prof. Meinrat O. Andreae, MaxPlanck, Germany:
  “Changing climate and biogeochemical cycles of the North”.
Prof. Torben R. Christensen, Lund University, Sweden:
  “Challenges in extrapolating greenhouse gas exchanges across Arctic".

Prof. Ivan E. Frolov, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Russia
  "AARI complex studies of the Arctic environment"

IIASA Workshop
”Systems Analysis for the Arctic"
22.Sep, 09 am -15 pm

The aim of the workshop is to present systems analysis case studies applicable to the Arctic (invited presentations), and to discuss joint work on the Arctic within the workshop thematic framework. The Workshop is integrated to the PEEX Conference with session/s and presentations during the conference introducing the Workshop topic, and is open to all conference participants.  See program here.
UArctic Congress 2018
The science section of the UArctic Congress will start in Oulu Sept 5 and conclude in Helsinki on Sept 7, 2018. The call for session proposals is now open, deadline Sept 30, 2017. Submission form here

The themes of the science sections follow are:
1) Environmental protection;
2) Connectivity;
3) Meteorological cooperation;
4) Education.

Arctic Frontiers 2018- Connecting the Arctic
21-26 Jan 2018, Tromsoe, Norway
Abstract submissions deadline Sept 19, 2017. Submission form here

The themes are: 
1) Aquaculture in the High North in times of change;
2)The New Arctic in the Global Context;
3) Resilient Arctic Societies and Industrial Development;
4)Circumpolar Safety, Search and Rescue Collaboration.

PEEX events

PEEX at the InterCarto Conference
PEEX Program was introduced in the InterCarto Conference InterCarto (InterGIS-23), Geoinformation support of sustainable development of Asia-Pacific region territories in conditions of global climate change, June 26-28, 2017, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia and Hanna Lappalainen and Alla Borisova from the University of Helsinki jointed the conference. The event was hosted by Sakhalin State University.  In addition to conference program also the future collaboration on establishing SMEAR typed atmospheric and ecosystem measurements in Sakhalin were discussed. The scientific excursion introduced the extensive petroleum exploration and mining facilities by most large oil multinational corporations. Sakhalin is a Russian island in the North Pacific Ocean (45°50',  54°24' N) administered by Sakhalin Oblast and  is just off the east coast of Russia, and North of Japan.
Group photo of WS participants (Text: Hanna Lappalainen University of Helsinki).

Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) tour stop in Helsinki
PEEX Program and PEEX-China activities were introduced to Enge Wang, Deputy President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and his delegation at Finnish Meteorological Institute on 8.May. 2017. During the visit FMI signed a collaboration agreement with CAS. CAS phrased their interest to promote the young scientists collaboration and the student exchange between Finland and China. After the meeting at FMI, Helsinki the delegation continued their tour to Lapland and visited The National Satellite Data Centre (FMI), located in Sodankylä.
Text: Hanna Lappalainen University of Helsinki).

PEEX at the European GEO Workshop, 19-21 June 2017
European GEO Workshop took place in Helsinki between 19-21 June 2017. As a part of WS program we had a panel discussion on "Coordinated, comprehensive in situ data component of atmospheric and ecosystem measurements for complementing the space borne Earth Observation", which is a relevant topic to implement the PEEX Program research infrastructure component.

5th China-Nordic Arctic Cooperation Symposium
The 5th China – Nordic Arctic Cooperation Symposium was held in Dalian, China between 24- 26 May 2017. The host of the symposium was Dalian Maritime University (DMU). The event was co-sponsored by the Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC), part of the China-Nordic Arctic Research Center (CNARC). The Symposium theme was “Towards the Future: Trans-regional Cooperation in the Arctic Development and Protection”. Around 120 social and natural scientists, representatives of national governments (including former president of Iceland), organizations, stakeholders, and Greenland indigenous people from China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Norway and Russia took part in the symposium.

The symposium echo strongly to the “Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road”, also known as Belt and Road” (B&R) Initiative, proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in recent year. The (B&R) focuses on connectivity and cooperation between Eurasian countries. The symposium emphases the Arctic shipping route to be part of the B&R Initiative.

The discussions focused on Europe-Asian connectivity, in particular, the utilization of Arctic Sea route Safety and Synergy of Arctic shipping; Tran-Arctic Interactors and Compatibility of the Arctic Strategies and Policies; Geopolitical Development of the Arctic; Sustainability Arctic toward better understand climate change; better service for indigenous communities and Eco-Tourism; Exploring Arctic scientific cooperation and fishery Governance. The International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) flagship program, i.e. the multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the study of Arctic Climate (MoSAIC) was reported for the first time to the CNARC community.
(Text by: Cheng Bin, FMI)
Student Courses
Climate Forcing, Effects and Adaptations in the Arctic
February-April 2018
The objective of the course is for the students to obtain knowledge and understanding of the climate forcing and effects in the Arctic. They will obtain understanding of the sensitivity of the cryosphere (snow, ice and permafrost) to the climate change and the effects on the living conditions in the Arctic. Furthermore they will gain perception of the most important effects on the ecosystems and climate activated feedback processes and an understanding of how the natural environment changes and how this affect the society. The course takes place in Nuuk starting in end February and end in start April.
Aarhus University, 10 ECTS. See website here
aarhus university logo
Sea Ice Ecology in Nuuk, Greenland :
February 2018
The aim of the course is to give the students insight into and understanding of the most important physical, optical and chemical factors relevant for sea ice ecosystems and an understanding of sea ice as an ecosystem with its own specific matter and energy transport pathways. The course takes place in Nuuk and run in February.
Aarhus University, 5 ECTS. See website here

Contact Lise Lotte Sorensen at lls(a) for more information.

Enviro-HIRLAM research training course

EnvH research training photos
During 26 Jun – 1 Jul 2017 the research training course on seamless/ online integrated meteorology-chemistry-aerosols modelling with the Enviro-HIRLAM (Environment - High Resolution Limited Area Model) for numerical weather prediction and environmental applications was organized and carried out at the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU, St. Petersburg, Russia). This training is part of the Nordic–Russian cooperation within joint CRAICC–CRUCIAL project as integral part of the PEEX Programme (Pan Eurasian EXperiment) research and educational activity. Training was based on realization of small-scale research projects.

These projects included 3 main blocks based on the Enviro-HIRLAM model simulations: 1) Impact of metropolitan areas at fine scale on meteorology (with focus on Paris, France); 2) Impact of aerosols at regional scale on meteorology (with focus on St. Petersburg, Russia);
3) Operational meteorology and atmospheric composition forecasting for environmental applications (with focus on Shanghai, China). Training format included a block of lectures, aspects of modelling, visualization and data analysis of model results, discussions, student’s work under supervision and independently, synergy of results, students’ presentations.

Practical realization of research projects included introduction into exercises with background discussions; analysis of meteorological situations for selected dates; technical aspects of modelling and urban and aerosol modules implementation; analysis of Enviro-HIRLAM model runs for selected dates/cases and different modules; visualization of model output/ results; analysis of urban areas and aerosols impact on meteorology; oral presentation of results (project defence).

All necessary materials (such as lectures notes, workbook on SSRP, supplementary materials, etc.) were freely distributed among the participants.

(Text: Alexander Mahura, University of Helsinki)
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