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Our hours for Australia Day Weekend are:

OPEN as usual on Mon 25th Jan 2021.
 CLOSED Tues 26th January 2021
Happy Australia Day!
We reopen Wed 27/01/2021

2021 and Covid 19

We are continuing to monitor the changing situation and Government Regulations regarding Covid 19, making adjustments to the running of the Studio as appropriate.  Thank you for your ongoing support.
Mask Wearing
We appreciate your assistance with Mask Wearing - at this stage mask wearing indoors is mandatory.  

Studio Capacity
In terms of studio capacity, the current arrangements still apply. We are well able to accommodate the 4 meter square rule and appreciate your assistance with social distancing.   When restrictions relax, we look forward to increasing the number of sessions available in 2021.  

Claiming with your Health Fund
We are also mindful that many of you are keen to recommence claiming your exercise sessions on your health fund and will have a physio on the floor for more session times.  Thank you for your patience and support last year.   Please contact administration to discuss your session preferences and we will assist you with your options. 

We will still be offering Pilates and Physio exercise sessions via zoom if this is your preference.

In order to ensure that contact tracing information can be provided to NSW Health in an efficient manner, we now ask that you sign in using our QR Code whenever you attend the studio.

Lost  Property
Remember to check that you have all your belongings with you when leaving the studio and please check lost property if you've left anything at the Annandale studio.  
We appreciate people bringing their clean towel, socks and small equipment eg. TheraBand, as this is a great assistance with maintaining our high level of hygiene.

Neuro Strong - Bone Strong Class
New Class with Jenna and Susie
Build Muscle, Some Cardio Fitness, Protect the brain, Improve balance, feel great.
Tuesdays 10.30am
To commence in February 2021.  
Eligible clients can claim on your health Fund.
$30.00 per class, $150.00 for 5 pack

Book Now! 

Call: 02 9518 5009. Email:

There is growing evidence for the benefits of resistance training for those of us over 50 years! You might have particular health goals or you might just want to look and feel more toned and buff!
Resistance training  plays a part in managing musculoskeletal knee, shoulder or spinal issues, neurological issues and  osteoporosis.
Some Benefits of Resistance Training 
Simulate Body Tissue maintenance 
  • Muscles and body connective tissues and bones respond to the stress put on them. eg. Tennis players have thicker bone and muscle on their dominant arm. Use it or lose it!
Build Strong Muscles.. Start with 'Motor' Control 
  • The Brain, Nerve muscle connection is an important part of building muscle strength. No nerve message, no stimulation of growth of new contractile elements within your muscle. The muscle patterning ('nerve message to muscle') part of exercise training is important to make sure the correct muscles are being recruited. No cheating with stronger over active muscles!
  • You need to progress muscle training, to keep progressing strength increments and not go backwards.
  • Ask your instructor or book in with your physio to discuss and fine tune the right exercises for you!
Resistance or weight Training for osteoporosis 
  • Ladies (and some men!) experience a sharp decrease in bone density as the protective hormonal influence decreases with menopause. Weight bearing exercise is part of managing healthy bone density. Walking is not enough to improve decreases in bone density and prevent risk of falls. Heavy resistance training at least twice a week is needed to assist in improving bone density. (Guidelines: Osteoporosis Aust.)
Strength for People with Parkinson's Disease (PD)
  • Resistance strength training is useful for people with PD, as they can experience significantly decreased muscle strength compared to healthy individuals (Lima et al., 2013)
  • High Amplitude Movement and Resistance training has been shown to improve quality of life and assists in controlling symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, especially in the early stages. 
Strength Training as Part of managing painful Arthritic Joints  
  • Muscle weakness and inhibition can be associated with Osteoarthritis and other Inflammatory joint problems. Some people experience decreased ability for everyday functions like balance reactions and getting up off low chairs.
  • Recent research has shown the importance of continuing regular specific strength training for knee quadriceps, lumbar spine back extensors and abdominal muscles and shoulder girdle muscles to name a few. 
  • Reference: Arthritis Foundation of Australia
Resistance Training 
  • People participating in specific resistance training for controlled studies reported feeling less fatigued, their appetite improved, they had better sleep, pain was decreased, and improved efficacy of daily activities.
If you have any questions on Specific Strength Training Ask your instructor or book in with your physio to find the right exercises for you!
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