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 Susie Talks About  New
Government Health Fund Forms

People have been asking me whether my business will be affected by the health fund changes coming in on the 1st April 2019

My answer is: I hope not! because we will be continuing to do what we have always done. That is to give our clients individual exercise programmes, that suit their specific needs and goals, based on assessment. Pilates studio exercise is an important part of our physiotherapy exercise rehab treatment, and part of our specifically prescribed exercises. 

This complies with recent government directives to health funds. The negotiations with the Australian Physio Association have lobbied successfully, to have 'Pilates informed exercises' included as part of treatment in small group exercise sessions.

Our clients are encouraged to learn self management techniques that you can take into your everyday life. Our aim is to help you to manage pain, postural strain and movement control problems and to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and just general enjoyment of life !

Our wonderful experienced skillful instructors love to help you achieve your health, injury management and fitness goals. We try to do this with deep care and good humour.

So what will you tell your health fund if they ask?

If you are claiming your exercise sessions at Evolution Pilates and Activate Physio.Ex Rehab with a health fund, you will be using a 'Group physiotherapy code '560', as you may have done over the years. 

You are doing ' Physio supervised exercise' with a programme that is individually designed for you from your assessment This is as part of management and treatment of specific health issues. Eg. Low back pain, shoulder issues, post operation or injury, 

Pilates exercise is a part of this management. 

If you say' I am doing Pilates.' You will not receive a health fund rebate from the 1st April 2019.

What we have done to make things clear.

  • I have re-branded slightly to make the business name and what we do clear.
  • Your health fund receipts will have the name ' Activate Physio. Exercise rehab.' logo at the top.
  • We are making sure your clinical records reflect what your treatment sessions involve.

Please be clear with us when we ask you 'how your body is today' , so we can accurately record your health management goals. 

  • We will never disclose elements of your health record to any outside party without your express permission, however health funds can request an audit of our notes. 
  • Assessment of specific injuries may need one on one re-assessment, which cannot be adequately done in the Pilates / exercise rehab studio setting. This will require a standard  private 1/2 hour treatment which gives you a '505' Hicaps code.

This re-assessment has been required at least yearly, although the health funds have not clearly stated how often they should be done.

I will continue to join with Pilates associations and other ' natural therapy' associations to lobby the government to allow health funds to re instate cover for effective, evidence based health management.

So please continue to enjoy your Pilates sessions! 

Give us feedback and make an inquiry about how to manage your health fund  rebates.

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Mindful Motion Postural Class

Physio, Kim Gerber is offering a Mindful Motion includes Pilates, tai-chi and relaxation. This class focuses on posture correction, balance, joint health and muscle tone. Great for those who have not been doing regular exercise recently or who are recovering from injury. Exercises are done lying or sitting on the floor. Exercise to music!
When: Thursdays 2:30pm

Expressions of Interest for new Garuda Class

Garuda stretch with Lisa
When: Starting 12/4/19 for trial class

Time: 6.30am

Neuro Strong
When: Thursdays  Time: 12pm – 1pm
Teachers: Physios Susie Bond and Amanda Chiu
Cost: $150 (5 classes); Casual: $27.50
Fitness = Cardio, strength, flexible, balance.
Especially designed to optimize and strengthen the central nervous system.
Inspired by PD Warrior exercises, Buff Bone Osteoporosis regimes.
Active Exercise follow up from evidence based 60+ and Active 
Bookings: or call admin 95185009
Look forward to enjoying a fun and challenging class.

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