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Physio Student 
Free assessments for practise

Thank you for making Ann Marie Brennan welcome over the last couple of weeks. Ann Mare is doing her physio degree in the Netherlands. She is doing her international placement with Evolution Pilates and Activate physio for 10 weeks.
Ann Maree needs to practise her physio assessments and some treatment techniques.
Is anyone available for a free physio assessment for about 3 sessions, under my supervision?
It could be a quick session before or after your Pilates session.
Please let reception know, and Susie can contact you to make arrangements.

Introducing Kate Chan

Kate graduated from the University of Sydney. She is interested in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, especially dance related injuries. As an ex-dancer with over 15 years of dance training and performing experience in Hong Kong, United States and Canada, Kate understands the physical, mental and emotional demands of dancers. Kate enjoys carrying out pre-pointe assessments and devising personalized injury prevention and rehabilitation programs through exercise therapy. In particular, she incorporates her clinical Pilates knowledge into her interventions from her training with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.
In her free time, Kate enjoys travelling, doing yoga and baking at home.
Languages spoken: English, Cantonese and Mandarin
New Tai Chi Class
Instructor: Edric Hong
Are you looking for a gentle, low-impact, relaxing movement class to try? 

Do you want to improve your physical balance, coordination and memory skills? 
Tai Chi could be what you are looking for! 
An ancient meditative system of physical exercise that has been practised for centuries as a conditioning form of martial art, Tai Chi is still being practised worldwide these days for improving health and well-being. In fact, in Chinese the term Tai Chi (Chuan) is translated as the Supreme Ultimate Martial Art and is widely considered to be the mother of all martial arts.
A fun and enjoyable 8-week 1-hour Tai Chi class will be starting here at Evolution Pilates Studio, taught by one of our senior Pilates instructors, Edric Hong who has also been practising and teaching Tai Chi for over 2 decades. 
Date: Wed 31 July 2019
Time: 10:30 am 
Venue: Barre room 
Cost: $20 per class, or $150 whole block
(For maximum health benefits, it is highly recommended to commit to the full 8 weeks of Tai Chi practice)
Please sign up at Front Desk.
Sharing Insights from the latest research about knee pain? Susie writes: 

You might have seen a recent publicity campaign talking about the use of Exercise as a way of combating pain and excessive reliance on medication.
We’re not surprised, as we see people benefit from targeted exercise prescription every day.
Many studies are now showing evidence that regular specific exercise benefits people, especially under supervision of a physiotherapist and exercise therapists.
Recent studies of groups of people in Denmark, suffering knee and hip osteoarthritis, showed benefits including pain relief and physical function improvements.
When I looked at the exercises offered in these groups, they  seemed very similar to the exercises we give to people with similar issues.
We have the added incentive of low impact leg work on reformers and other Pilates equipment.
I often tape a person’s knee for exercise in the short term. This is to take pressure off sensitive, irritated fat pads near the knee, so exercise can progress pain free.
Exercise helps you maintain joint range of movement, stretch tight muscles and build strength. Regular specific abdominal, gluteal and quadriceps strengthening exercises are important.
Australian research shows that even minor increases in quadriceps strength (front thigh muscle) can reduce knee pain and help reduce progression of knee osteoarthritis. 
This also applied to people with severe knee cartilage loss, waiting for knee replacement operation  benefited from exercise, some delaying their operation time by over 12 months.
Knee pain in younger woman especially is highly correlated with lateral hip muscle weakness.
Other advise about preventing knee pain is concerned with weight loss, checking leg and foot alignment and avoiding movements that irritate the joint eg. Full knee squat or kneeling on the fat pad under the knee cap.

We would be happy to help you devise the most effective program for you to manage any knee pain, so you can achieve your goals for a GOOD pain free life!
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