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Hi from Susie

There has been lots going on in the back ground over the last few months!
For a long time I have wanted to make the name more steam line,
and it was hard to decide which way to go…. Evolution or Activate?
Certain recent challenges and changes in focus of the practice and studio
gave me stimulation to rethink our name.

I took over Evolution Pilates in 2008, from Vanessa Rigley, when she and her family moved to Munich. Prior to this Evolution Pilates was started by friends of mine, Sandy and Barry Bird, who now live in NZ.
We have continued their legacy of ‘full on’ conditioning Pilates workouts, however I have also brought more therapeutic Pilates, specific Physio exercise rehab and hands on physio treatments to the 63 Johnston St. Annandale practice and studio.
Now it is time for the ‘evolution of Evolution Pilates’!

‘ACTIVATE’ will be the main practice name now.


No! You don't really have to do anything, except give us some feedback.
Everything will remain as usual for our exercise studio and physiotherapy work, at the moment as our background business tra
nsition occurs.
You'll still see the name ' Evolution Pilates' around.
Our studio phone number will remain the same 02 9518 5009.

Our EMAIL address will be updated to:
Please update the email addresses. You will notified more formally through studio contact if you have given us permission to do so. Otherwise all emails will continue to come through '' for the moment as well, so we will always get your messages.

If you need to do any direct debit bank transactions you will need to update our bank account details. Please watch for any announcements from our admin staff.

We are excited about this slight change and look forward to sharing new updates with you as they ' evolve'!

Kind regards

Susie and the ACTIVATE team


Please Keep the DATE free
SATURDAY 30 JULY 2.00 – 5.00 pm
Venue: Activate Physio and Evolution Pilates 63 Johnston Street, Annandale 2038
We are delighted to welcome Sue Beecher to take us through 
an introduction to Meditation and mindfulness in a practical, realistic way.
Sue brings many years of experience to share with us, for an enjoyable afternoon.
I’m sure you will love Sue’s sense of humour and kindness!
TO REGISTER or ENQUIRE: Contact Sue 0405241710
Fee: $120              (Early Bird by 21 July: $100)     Concessions available

Physical Healing is important,
but we cannot underestimate the effect the mind has on our tension and stress levels.
Susie says: …’In these unprecedented times it becomes not only 'nice' but essential to learn practical ways to calm and align our minds...’
These practices aim to help you to come to feel:
·        Be less tense and reactive, feel calmer and more in charge of your life.
·        Relax more, worry less,
·        Develop resilience, better manage difficult situations,
·        Find balance in your daily activities, improve relationships
·        Bring more joy into your life
·        Think more clearly, sleep better
·        Find an inner space of calm to keep returning to
·        Feel more assertive, more confident, clearer about what you want,
·        Able to establish clear and appropriate boundaries
With time and practice, it’s possible to deeply transform old patterns and limitations,
and experience inner peace, abundance and fulfilment.
This workshop will give you a taste of some meditation and mindfulness practices.
About Sue:
Sue Beecher brings to her work a rare combination of wisdom and academic knowledge with practical experience.  She is a registered psychologist, social worker and lecturer with over 40 years’ professional experience. Sue has been a meditation teacher for more than 30 years.
Blending psychological and consciousness methods, Sue makes the theoretical accessible and practical, so you can apply what works in your own life.
She creates a safe space and brings a down-to earth approach to give you tools to feel empowered to find your unique path.


Are you experiencing hip pain or joint/ tendon clicking?
At Activate Physio we have developed a specific treatment programme to assist recovery for everyone, including dancers with hip injuries.

Many of you have benefitted from our exercises that are tailored for the specific area of hip pain.
.. front, side or back.

Our treatments include Hands on physiotherapy massage, trigger point or dry needling techniques, advise and exercises for you to do at home and in the Pilates studio.
The exercise programmes include research and inspiration from the Australian ballet medical team with Dr Sue Mayes and physio hip researcher Dr Alison Grimaldi.

Is Hip pain waking you at night? Want advice and treatment for that ‘clicking’ painful hip?

- Sleep with a pillow between your whole lower leg, if you sleep on your side
- Careful to avoid crossing your legs when sitting. ( This is hard for some of us!)
- Try sitting on a supported seat with the hips slightly higher than the knees
- Take care not to stand, ' sitting into one hip' forcing the hip and pelvis to the side.

Contact us to make an appointment to assess and develop the best management plan for you.
Susie and the team at Activate Physiotherapy. Exercise Rehab

Contact Us

Adult Ballet Class
with Nicola Rose

Wouldn’t you love to dance, safely, taking care of your posture and alignment,
AND for the sheer joy of it?

Come join me from June 6th! 
Mondays 5-6pm: Open Level Ballet Class
Do you want to revive some old skills?
Want to stretch, strengthen and move through space
with achievable steps? This class is for you!

Wednesdays 5-6pm: Remedial Ballet Class
Do you have an injury? Are you a complete beginner?
Want to improve your placement, alignment,
strength, gently? This class is for you!

Where: Activate Physiotherapy Ballet Studio
Cost: $20 / class
Booking Essential: TEXT 0402 299 592
Register your EOI by Weds, June 1st

Susie Writes: I met Nicola when she ran a ballet studio in Annandale and then Leichhardt. Many dance students who grew up in the area know her too! Nicola has always been very aware and skilled with taking students through a safe but thorough, uplifting experience of dance, in both ballet and lyrical contemporary styles. I am excited she has offered to run these classes at the studio. Please book with her and let your friends know.

Nicola writes: I taught my first ballet class at age 14, and after a contemporary and classical dance career I have used my gifts in communicating, to teach students how to both avoid injury and captivate an audience. Running my own dance studio 2009-2019 was the culmination of this journey thus far.
As a ballet teacher I know that I can quickly and effectively improve a student’s placement and technique to bring about rapid improvement (with a notable lack of injury). It’s very fulfilling to actively show people what they are uniquely good at and see them blossom in confidence!
Kind Regards
Nicola Rose 
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