Empathy is an important skill for a manager.  Beware of becoming the accidental coach.
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Time is one of our truly limited resources.  Did you see the TL;DR video for last week's review of the book Boss Life?  The TL;DR videos of my articles give you the key point in about 1 minute.  This week's articles on empathy (1:14) and accidental coaching (1:21) are both available as TL;DR videos.

Earlier in my management career I was, I can now admit, a bit of an ass.  I was 100% focused on "getting things done" and anything in the way of that got swept aside.  I didn't have time for people who had "problems".  Problems slow you down and have no place in work, I thought.  This week's first article is about why I now think empathy is a critical skill for a manager (read, watch).

Once I learned to stop being an ass and embrace empathy, I had to learn that sometimes you teach your team behaviors you didn't intend.  I taught my team to avoid bringing data to me and created office hours mayhem.  The second article is about the danger of being an accidental coach (read, watch).

I want to help managers avoid the many mistakes I made as a manager.  I'm launching the Rookie Manager program to build the next generation of authentic, self-aware leaders.  The first 4 weeks teaches the basics of management.  The rest of the year long program helps managers put what they've learned into practice.

The FREE Rookie Manager Beta class starts the first week of May.  Sign up yourself or sign up your managers today!

Be your best self this week.


Rookie Manager Beta

Can you help me build my 10 to 15 person focus group and beta community for Rookie Manager?

I'm looking for people who are early in their management career who want to sharpen their effectiveness as managers.  Early participants get access to 6 hours of training materials and an always-on coach for 4 weeks.

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