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February Issue

Welcome to the February issue of MAGSAN!
This month has seen much more activity than the previous month! There even was a 24 hour of AGS competition over the weekend!

We've also seen the launch of a new Kickstarter for an AGS game, read more about it below!

I'm still looking for any potential content writers interested in writing content for MAGSAN, if this is you give me a shout! I can be reached via PM on the AGS forums or on the #clubgalen channel on IRC.
Peder Johnsen

The AGS Awards

It's voting time! Pick from the nominees and we get a winner!

AGS Awards thread

Next months Monthly AGS Competition topic

Size Matters

Guidelines were set by: selmiak

Size matters. And where it gets interesting is the difference in size.

So the theme for this months MAGS is:
Have the difference in size be a key element in the game.

No matter if in story or gameplay. From uneven twins to people looking in telescopes and microscopes and discovering or entering different sized worlds, the huge oppressive government against the small group of rebels that also grows in size or just the usual tiny aliens conquering a huge plant, everything goes.

Golden Oldie with Dave Seaman
by Duzz

The first DuzzQuest game was rather crazy, but the sequel ramps things up to a wonderful level of complete chaos. If it had been a terrible game it would still have been worth it for the laughs, but it’s a pretty good adventure game in its own right, the graphic style, using graphics with sometimes intentionally outlandish scaling, gives it a unique aesthetic, and generally it’s just a fun insane ride from start to finish. Perhaps a little too easy but hey, you don’t notice too much when you are giggling so much it’s a struggle to breath. There’s even a plot in there somewhere.

If you haven’t played DuzzQuest2 yet... do it. Do it now. I really can’t believe this was released 8 years ago...

"A-Z Unrated" with Stupot
Join me as I work my way, month-by-month, through the A-Z of
'Games no one has rated.' This month: F.
Frasier Crane: Seattle Rampage
by MUFFINinc

Of all the unrated F games, I chose to review this one out of guilt. This is a game I actually played back when it was first released as part of the two-week Adventure Jam 2016. I neglected to rate it then, so this is a chance to rectify.

If you're familiar with the sitcom Frasier, you will know the background. Well-to-do, psychiatrist radio host, Frasier, lives with his down-to-earth, ex-cop father, Martin. They argue about Martin's ugly armchair. Hilarity ensues.

Any fan of the show (as I am) will love this game (as I do). The dialogue and tone of the characters, although only available in text form, sounds like it came straight out of the Frasier writer's room. And the lo-res graphics, while simple, are an accurate and charming representaton of Frasier's iconic Seattle living room.

However, when the aforementioned arguments about Martin's beloved armchair start to take a turn for the murderous, the tone shifts from high-fallutin' situation comedy to something darkly delicious that actually made me wince and go "ooooooohhh" out loud at one point. If wincing is your thing, give it a go.

For a two-week effort, this game is quite impressive, but of course isn't without its downsides. I would have loved to have seen some more of the shows main characters (Niles and Daphne are conspicuous by their absence). And the lack of sound and music is a shame. But it's packed with good jokes and the ending is well worth the 15-20 minutes it'll take to play this game.

Wishing you good mental health. Goodbye.
That's all for today. I really want to abolish that list of games no one has rated but I can't do it myself. I'll be back next month with some reviews of games beginning with G, but until then, I need your help getting rid of these Fs:

Feuersturm - Chapter 3: Where Forest Begins...
Flophouse Hijinks (Deluxe Edition)
Fractal Creator
Frank Further: The Further Adventures of Stanley
FSi's Million Dollars Quest!
FSi's PowerCow From Uranus!
Fur Balls 1 - evil be thy name: Bundles of mayhem!

See you next time.

Guard Duty is a point and click adventure game taking place across a rich and diverse fantasy setting. Take control of two protagonists living thousands of years apart, with locations ranging from enchanted forests to dystopian cities of the future. Guard Duty is a game rooted in a Medieval setting, but featuring a unique story where past events drastically influence those of the distant future.

The game will be released as a stand-alone title with hundreds of animations, full motion cutscenes and a charming variety of British voice actors.

We started this project with one focus, to create our dream adventure game, one that draws influence from all the best bits of our favourite games and movies. We've taken the humour of Discworld, the charm of Monkey Island and written a game with the scope of a Hollywood blockbuster, gluing everything together with what we feel is a fresh approach to the puzzle adventure genre.

We really wanted to create something that felt right at home next to the great LucasArts and Sierra games of the 90s, whilst also improving on the foundation built by these titles by introducing a more user friendly gameplay progression: more logical puzzles, less lengthy dialogue and a healthy dose of fun.

No Expense Being Spared for Adventure Game Awards
By Jack Lucy
In the depths of the internet, a community is preparing for a gathering where considerations of cost and social mores fall by the wayside. Each year, members of a collective centred around adventure games come together for the AGS Awards, and give each other prizes for having excelled within the standards of the community.

The proceedings would appear almost normal to any outsider, until it comes time for the ceremony to be held, which has had a tradition of demonstrating the lengths to which the organisers will go. This year is no different, in fact it has seen a marked escalation. Perhaps most conspicuous is the usage of the world-renowned AGS Grand Hall, reserved at an expense that could not be repeated here, out of regard for the reader. Numerous other communities, like the Advanced Grappling Society, the Alien Gyration Swarm and the Association for Green Socks have had to place their conventions and conferences on hold to accommodate the adventure game community's usage of the Grand Hall.

Even more troubling is what goes on in the hall after the completion of the ceremony, a congregation of core constituents where non-members are strictly forbidden. The details of this are a closely-guarded secret, as this reporter could find no one willing to speak specifically about it. Only one Australian member, speaking only after repeated assurances of anonymity, made the following statement: “This year I'm bringing thigh protection.”

At the time of publishing, the date for the ceremony has been set at the 11th of March. The reader is warned to take their own health in consideration before attending, as last year at least five were admitted to hospital for over-excitement.

Games announced this month
A worker in the Sumatra jungle, you find yourself stranded in the deep forest. To survive you must escape, meeting its many inhabitants on your way.
A series of five short vignettes reveal a bigger plot. Find your way in a futuristic capital and put the pieces of the puzzle together.
Last Contact: Planet of the Blue Balls
Dumb aliens, political satire and a healthy dose of puzzles in this traditional p'n'c adventure. What can go wrong in a first contact scenario?
Reality On the Norm production, with improved graphics and nice 3d models. Punk Allen doesn't like the 70s, help him crash Cairo Disco and survive it!

Games released this month
Devochka Quest
Beautifully watercolour drawn adventure game, help a little girl preparing for the New Year. Novel gameplay will charm children and adults alike!
Black Morph
As a Black Morph you can turn himself into living things which surrounds you. Use this power to make your way through the enchanted forest!
Gateway Remake
GUI remake of the brilliant adventure by Legend Entertainment: you are visiting alien planets in search for alien technology, but something is not right...
In a dystopian world, Lydia, a young woman, can switch her surroundings at will. Help her escape the world and the nothingness that surrounds it.
A zodiac sign calculator for 7 system: Roman, Chinese, Native American, Celtic, Australian, African and Egyptian. May the stars bless you!
Chilling psychological horror game, investigating the relationship between us and our emotions and memories. To save yourself you must not panic.
Spoons III
Reality On the Norm production. Ouch, Richy is hospitalised and all his money evaporated! Help him and his band back on their feet!
The Adventure of the Hero
Potty-mouth witches, job counselling villagers, wood-crafting: being a hero was never so much fun. And don't forget not to get stuck time-travelling!
Memories Fade
After losing his wife, as old starts forgetting about her. With the help of a black and white photo, you can bring back good memories to him.
Easter Island Defender
Demons are loose on Easter Island! Run, hide and fight back to avoid the doom looming from above in this fast paced adventure game.
Smooth Hide
Your girlfriend knows you like adventure games, so... she locked you out off her house! Lovely blender backgrounds and animations, get that pesky key!
Like a Fox!
Stealth game: pass unnoticed through guarded corridors, pick the right time to sneak through doors, or suffer ultimate tazing!
Where Be Dragons?
Oh well, 10.000 dragon suits need to be delivered, the king won't wait... and who is tasked with slaying the dragon? Yeah, your life is a mess!
Oh crap, you pissed off Master Foo and now he sent his minions to take care of you! Time to plan a smooth escape from your underground lab.
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