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Belated July Issue

This months Monthly AGS Competition topic


Guidelines were set by: fernewelten

Make a game in which energy or electricity must play an important role. (Might mean power stations, might be in Paris, France (town of the light) or Vegas, USA, might mean cops with tasers chasing thugs, might be a quest for energy in a distopian world...)

Pre-made assets are allowed.

Chance of the Dead by Creamy

Games announced last month
The Funny Boneyard
A lazy millennial, lack of motivation, an uneventful day: time to save the world! "What?" you say? Everything will be explained at the local pub!
Echo in the Clouds
Double shifts, no sleep, your colleague sick, and you are starting to hallucinate. What is happening? What is the company withholding to you?
Trails and Traces
Your case started as "missing person". Now you are investigating a 17th century shipwreck, pirates and... you are not alone, James Labbett.
Indiana Jones and the eye of destiny
Mr. Jones (not CJ) discovers a secret diary: an ancient realm, the Eye of Destiny, are those real things? Time for an adventure!
Private Detective
A run-of-the-mill PI adventure game with an interesting feature: the cases are procedurally generated! Enjoy your infinite loop of "whodunnit?".
The rat pack
Forage, breed, evade traps and build tunnels in this strategical simulation of a rat colony! Reach 1000 rats to overrun humans and win the game!

Games released last month
The Burgomaster
A plague is leaving a trail of sorrow in the town. You are tasked with investigating. You will find the truth, but will you find a cure?
The Clockwork Labyrinth
A puzzle-oriented adventure game, which mixes many background themes: Steampunk, Gothic, Medieval, the enigma of the Labyrinth encompasses it all.
Cassandra, missing daughter of a wealthy man, seems an easy enough case. But upon reaching the mansion, you know this case is up for more...
Lab Rat Maze!
A simulation of a rat maze! Enjoy (for the sadistic pleasure of researchers) long corridors, dangerous jumps and a tiny hope of freedom.
MAGS game (theme was: "Ice"). Get all inquisitive with a girl you fancy, guess what she likes and win a date.
Rat Playing Game
A mix of action/rpg on the sad life of a sewer rat: fight other rats, and don't fall for baits: you will be rewarded with delicious human food!
Going in the woods with the kids is a nice idea. That is, until your 11 year old decided he wants to capture Bigfoot!
Game blurbs written by: Bicilotti
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