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February Issue

Welcome to the February issue of MAGSAN!
A slightly smaller issue this month, with not many games announced/released. Still there are a few and even a commercial title!
Peder Johnsen

This months Monthly AGS Competition topic

Mix and Match

Guidelines were set by: Slasher

The rules are as follows:

A) Pick a Genre from below

B) Pick a setting from below
In the future

C) Pick a location from below
Old house
Spaceship or Space station
Underground tunnels
Deserted city
Under the sea

Your game must include a pet with an extraordinary talent/gift...

Once you have made your 3 choices then begin making your game and good luck to you all...

Golden Oldie with Dave Seaman
by Neil Dnuma

Now this goes slightly against my Golden Oldie ethos, in that although this game is very nice, I also found it to be rather buggy, so it's with some hesitation that I recommend it. However both of my kids absolutely love it and repeatedly ask to watch me play "the kangaroo game". If you don't encounter the bugs this is indeed a nice game with some funny moments and good puzzles, with terrific character animation. You play as Carla (in case you hadn't already guessed, she's a kangaroo) and must save your friends Kelvin the koala, Freddy the butterfly fish and Wilma the water rat from the zoo. To do so you must solve various puzzles. I haven't managed to complete the game yet because of some pretty major bugs (this may not be the game's fault, it sometimes happens running games made with older versions of AGS).

Basically it comes down to this - can you resist the charm of playing a well-animated kangaroo as she tries to help her friends escape from the zoo?


Thought not.

Games announced last month
Brick Jovian
2025. Brick Jovian tried to start a new life, but that did not work out. It is time to escape from Bitcoin Citadel!

Games released last month
Adventure: Welcome to the Genre
Thalia James is at it again! This third chapter features a potpourri of art styles, assorted strangeness and many many puzzles.
Fallen Hero
Your life is a mess and your luck ran out. But a diamond is being auctioned, maybe if you snatch it things will get better. Maybe...
You are... a vacuum cleaner and your goal is... to live your life to the fullest! Can you beat this existential crisis?
Symploke: Legend of Gustavo Bueno (Ch.2)
The adventures of Benito continue on in this second instalment. This time you need to fight corruption inside your university...
Carl ended up as a guinea pig in evil Professor X' experiment. Time to sharpen your stealth skills and beat this cruel simulation!
Game blurbs written by: Bicilotti
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