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December Issue

Welcome to the December issue of MAGSAN!
You might've noticed the confusing "wait did you skip October" name of the previous issue, after the mistake I've decided to continue that naming and the newsletter will now be sent out on the 1st of the month. This also brings some wording changes to each section to make it less confusing!

I'm still looking for more content so if anyone has any ideas or would like to contribute anything just let me know! You could tweet me, hit me up on #ClubGalen on IRC or PM me on the AGS forums.
Peder Johnsen

This months Monthly AGS Competition topic


Guidelines were set by: Pilchard

The power of invisibility is often encountered in mythology, fantasy, and science fiction, and regularly features in games - think of the Navigator's necklace Guybrush wears to explore the ghost ship in The Secret of Monkey Island, or the Cloak nano-augmentation used for a stealthy route through the cyberpunk dystopia Deus Ex. Beyond these more fantastical ideas, invisibility can also be a powerful metaphor, for instance in the title of Ralph Ellison's 1952 novel about the African-American experience, Invisible Man.

Interpret the theme in any way you wish, but here are some ideas to consider:
  • An item that can make the player invisible (e.g. a magic ring or potion)
  • Something that can only be seen by a certain character, or by using a certain item (e.g. using ultraviolet light or dusting for fingerprints at a crime scene)
  • A hidden path or entrance
  • A letter written in invisible ink
  • Feeling invisible to society
  • Feeling ignored by someone in particular

Golden Oldie with Dave Seaman
The Young Gabriel King Chronicles
by Steve McCrea

Released 3 weeks before Liverpool’s “Istanbul Miracle”, this is one of my favourite one-room games ever. Because it uses an outdoor location and tiny sprites, the one room feels like quite a large environment, and the small graphics are very nicely done. It packs in a lot of characters, puzzles and humour into this single location, and is most definitely worth a play.

"A-Z Unrated" with Stupot
Join me as I work my way, month-by-month, through the A-Z of
'Games no one has rated.' This month: L.
Lucid Lucy
by Lina Wu

When I came across this in the unrated games list, I recognised the images immediately. Turns out I was one of only two people who had commented in the Completed Games thread for Lucid Lucy. I then unfortunately went on to forget about its existence.

This was made as a school project by artist Lina Wu, whose Tumblr feed is well worth checking out and the art in the game is a good advert for Lina's stuff - an almost psychadelic blend of hand-drawn sketches and digital line art.

The story involves a young woman who is attached to some sort of lucid dreaming machine. The player is, I assume, some kind of scientist whose job is to sedate her and read her dreams. As it happens Lucid Lucy is is a very tiny game that should take you anywhere between one and three minutes to complete, depending on how long it takes you to figure out the game's only real puzzle. But there are at least two different endings which lengthens the gameplay (by about 30 seconds, but I'll take what I can).
That's all for today. I really want to abolish that list of games no one has rated but I can't do it myself. I'll be back next month with some reviews of games beginning with M, but until then, I need your help getting rid of these Ls:

La Cicuta
The Legend of Seth the Bard
Les Miserables
Let's Cook: with Koala
Lilly the Wizard
Lone Case 2: Scars
Lone Case 4 - Epitaph
the lord of the bytes
Lupo Inutile
Luther in the Hood

See you next time.

While Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots is getting closer to release, enjoy this teaser for the game:

Games announced last month
Maid's Misadventure
A shapely maid and a house filled with mystery, what can go wrong? Discover it in this point & click, get your duster ready!
A Monastery Mystery
Brother Stephen has not been seen since last night, something is afoot! The Abbot summons you: your deductive skills are needed...

Games released last month
Last & Furious
Get your foot on the gas ready! 5 computer opponents, 3 laps, a track ready to challenge you. Glory awaits you, win this!
The Chrysalis
A call from an old classmate of yours leads you to his apartment. Fascinating place, but there is something your host has not told you...
A Tale of Two Kingdoms: Deluxe Edition
A Tale of Two Kingdoms is an epic faerie tale, in the classic style of the famous Sierra and LucasArts graphical adventure games.
Get Food
A heroic, mesmerising, picaresque, thrilling, flashy adventure: you are in a fast food shop, get something to eat!
AGS Cycles
Tron remake in Adventure Game Studio. Control your bike, close down on opponent, keep your nerves in check and win the battle!
Yago, the Coquerrestrial
Nothing like filming a documentary on good ol' humans to get those ratings up again. And then everything goes wrong...
The Gourmet
A finely-tuned palate enters a food tasting contest. Or maybe it is just voracious appetite. And need for money!
Conspiracy: Below-Zero
A special agent gets his beliefs challenged by a crazy conspiracy. A letter from the FBI claim it is true, can you reach the bottom of this?
Every day you wake up, every day missing a sense! What's this witchery? Solve it in 6 days!
A Curious Silence
Something strange is happening in a recently abandoned factory, you and your team are sent out to investigate what lurks inside...
Trivial Pass You It
Non-adventure trivia based game. How much do you know about the AGS community and your fellow AGSers? Test yourself!
Stable Pete and the Joust
Pete has a simple life in a stable, but he wants more. A jousting contest is in town, and the prize would make him happy for life!
Game blurbs written by: Bicilotti
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