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January Issue

Welcome to the January issue of MAGSAN!
This month has been quiet but still a few games have been announced and released!

You may have noticed we now no longer use the AGS Archives logo but one that's been specifically made just for this newsletter. A huge shout out to Ahmad Priabudiman for making it!

I'd still like to call out to any potential content writers that if you'd be interested in writing content for MAGSAN give me a shout! I can be reached via PM on the AGS forums or on the #clubgalen channel on IRC.
Peder Johnsen

The AGS Awards

It's nomination time! Select games you deem worthy in each category!

AGS Awards thread

Next months Monthly AGS Competition topic

As Time Goes By

Guidelines were set by: Mandle

The only rule is that the games must feature the same location in at least two distinct time periods.

This theme lends itself to a time-travel story, but it doesn't have to be: The character(s) could be completely different people in each era, or it could be a reincarnation story, or the main character could be an immortal, or...

Well, anyway, lets just see what you good folk come up with.

Golden Oldie with Dave Seaman
Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment
by Yahtzee

This lovely game combined space travel and combat with exploration and puzzle solving on the surface of different planets you can visit. Yahtzee’s Rob Blanc games were the reason I originally discovered AGS so I will always be in his debt for that, but despite a host of acclaimed game released, to me this is his best. Maybe some aspects of the game are very simple as a result of combining different parts, but I feel that this is very much a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts (even if you can feel agrevied perhaps at some repetitive puzzles).

In any case there’s nothing else quite like this made with AGS, so go and get a dose of fantabulous wonderment for yourself! (Perhaps needless to say but this is recommended especially to sci-fi fans.)

Games announced this month
Rat Channel
Join the exciting adventures of a rat hunter, deep in the swers of the city. Vermins are not only problem, as you receive a secret communication.
Penga & Obcster's Chirstmish Adventure
It's XMas time, and Santa Claus has a bit much of eggnog and everything went banana! Penga and his sidekick, Snowman Obcster, to the rescue!

Games released this month
Hyde and Seek
Disowned by your family, recluse in room, you finally decide to change. An old chemistry book might help you...
Pickpocket RPG
An educating adventure about... uhhh, well I guess it's better than being a NEET. Commit theft, avoid the cops, don't end up in jail!
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