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January Issue

Welcome to the January issue of MAGSAN!
Happy New Year everyone! 🎉 I hope all our readers have had a great Christmas and New Years celebration!

Here's to another great year of MAGSAN!

Peder Johnsen

This months Monthly AGS Competition topic
This months MAGS Competition topic is a bit delayed, keep an eye out in the Competitions & Activities board for the MAGS January thread!

The AGS Awards

It's January which means the AGS Awards 2017 are about to start in the AGS forum. It's a community based event where every player can nominate and vote!

Go, check out the AGS Awards 2017 thread to be informed when the nomination phase starts.
Did you make a game in 2017? Promote it in the For Your Consideration thread and tell us why it deserves an award.

See you there!

Golden Oldie with Dave Seaman
Baldey's Adventure
by Hernald

Don't be deceived by the simple graphics, this is a highly enjoyable romp through a mad game world with plenty of puzzles and laughs. The plot is engaging enough and there are a large variety of different puzzle types to solve, all integrated well into the game world. With plenty of zany characters to meet and talk to along the way, this is well worth your time playing. (I helped beta test this one and I simply cannot believe it was almost 5 whole years ago!!)

"A-Z Unrated" with Stupot
Join me as I work my way, month-by-month, through the A-Z of
'Games no one has rated.' This month: M.
Two games this month:
Maaikes Elektrokit
by Spook

Maaikes Elektrokit is a game that has somehow managed to escape player ratings for 14 years despite nearly 3500 downloads. The artwork is simple and the English translation of the game is, in the author's own words, "somewhat crappy". The English isn't actually that bad; it's just not finished so about a third of what I played is it the original Dutch.

That said, it's a fun and educational game made to teach highschool kids about Ohms and volts and resistors and all that. The electrical parts are the best part of the game. First you have to fix a broken lift, and then you have to light a bulb in order to see your way around.

Unfortunately, that's the point at which the game crashed.
The Midas Heist
by Kees Sommer

A more recent offering from the list, now. The Midas Heist is a clever little stealth-em-up type game made all the more impressive by the fact that it was apparently made in one hour. Make your way through a series of randomly generated screens turning items into gold an reaching the exit without getting caught by the little guard blobs.

It's really well done, considering. If it hadn't been made for a one-hour game jam, I would have a lot of problems with it: sometimes the items are outside of the physical reach of the player blob, sometimes when a new screen is generated, you fall instanly into the path of a guard blob (this is basically how I kept dying) otherwise it's far too easy to dodge the guard blobs.
That's all for today. I really want to abolish that list of games no one has rated but I can't do it myself. I'll be back next month with some reviews of games beginning with N, but until then, I need your help getting rid of these Ms:

Maniac Mansion Mania - Halloween 2005 Episode 3 - Day of the Dead
Marshmallows Of Everalasting Realms
Marty aus dem All
Matilda and the Curse of King Stephen
Matt and James Amazing Game For Everyone
MAYAK: lost way game
The McReed Case: Interrogation BETADEMO
Memories of a Snake
Mid-Town Shoot-Out
Mike Lechey (short demo)
Mimis the rat
Mon Cul!
Ms Pingu
Murder in the Mansion
Mysterious House
Mythical Gambit Flawless Fatality
Mythical Gambit Tales of the OceanSpirit[Demo]

See you next month!

Games announced last month
Castle Yadrin is the dark dwelling place of a vampire, and you have been chosen by your village to get rid of it. May God watch over your soul...
Trapped in a haunted house, with your memory obnubilated, you are in danger. A little girl is guiding you, who is she? Download the demo!
Escape the room? New Rooms!
This escape-the-room is going to be difficult, as every successful egression is met with more room. And weirder ones!
Carl ended up as a guinea pig in evil Professor X' experiment. Time to sharpen your stealth skills and beat this cruel simulation!
Crispian de Foe: Ghost Man...
London, 1905. Or London 2012? Crispian de Foe has to fight crime lord "The Mask", now as back then. It is revenge time!

Games released last month
Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots
Captain Disaster is back again! A small parcel is getting our Galaxy in big trouble, can the Captain save the day once again?
Dungeon Hands
A two-player card game, inspired by a fantasy setting. Choose Monster Overlord heroes and vanquish your enemy (either human or AI).
Joe's Horrible Hell
Sequel to Joe's Miserable Life, with our character testing his (lack of) luck in a most picturesque place: Hell!
I Want Out!
A little boy is trapped inside a weird room, help him getting out in this LucasArt-looking adventure game.
Willow House (German)
(German language) You wake up in a strange mansion and begin to investigate where you are and what happened to the old inhabitants.
Dark Times: Merry Christmas
Your brother went in the forest but hasn't returned yet. You decide to search for him, but something distressing awaits for you in the night...
Fake the Moon Landing RELOADED!
A historical game depicting faithfully the fake United Stated moon landing: contains mild violence, lots of swear words and assorted weirdness.
Gnome's Homebrewing Adventure
Help a friendly gnome brew some alcoholic beverages. Your house cat may or may not know some ancient distilling recipes...
Lunar Lander
One switch game with a simple mechanic: fire the engines, resist gravity, land like a feather on the ground. Tank is near empty, be careful!
It's a Bugs Life
Bert Bug got divided by his family in the shed, ouch! Solve puzzles and manipulate other animals to get back home, in one piece.
Kanji Gakusei
An instructional (and fun!) game which teaches you to write a number of Kanjis (Japanese logograms) with mouse gestures.
Hidden Plains
Survival game. After crashing on a desert planet, your first goal is staying alive, but there is something more happening here...
Game blurbs written by: Bicilotti
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