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March Issue

Welcome to the March issue of MAGSAN!
Apologies for the slightly delayed release of this months issue, but March flew by so quickly we didn't get around to making this in time for the usual release time!

This month has seen a decent amount of games released including a commercial one!

I'm still looking for any potential content writers interested in writing content for MAGSAN, if this is you give me a shout! I can be reached via PM on the AGS forums or on the #clubgalen channel on IRC.
Peder Johnsen

Next months Monthly AGS Competition topic

Mistaken Identity

Guidelines were set by: Riaise

I've been arrested for a crime I didn't commit. How was I supposed to know the painting I took wasn't the one I'd bought? The owner of the gallery was fine with...what do you mean that wasn't the owner?! And this coffee tastes awful. Wait, this is coffee, right?

Your game must include a case of mistaken identity, whether of a character, an object or a place. You don't have to use any of the scenarios above, they're just examples, but you can if you want to.

Golden Oldie with Dave Seaman
Masters of Sound
by LeWoltaire

I was looking through the database to see what caught my eye for this month’s “Golden Oldie” and was absolutely stunned to see that it was released waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2004 (although from a brief recon of the forums themselves, it seems that I only discovered the game in 2009, when an improved version of the game was released). It’s a short game – about half an hour’s worth – but it is, I feel, very worthy of that half an hour of your time. The plot rather reminds me of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, while I commented at the time that it reminded me of Zak McKraken (particularly the cut scenes), and someone else commented on the game page that it reminded them of Loom.

So... weird and reminiscent of 2 LucasArts classics and a plot that wouldn’t feel out of place with a young Keanu Reeves going “whoa, dude!” and a young Alex Winter replying “ Awesome - It’s totally bodacious!”. The puzzles are a bit easy but satisfying, and the humour is excellent.

In summary - try it, dude. It’s totally righteous.

"A-Z Unrated" with Stupot
Join me as I work my way, month-by-month, through the A-Z of
'Games no one has rated.' This month: G.
The Granville Cronicles
by Matthew Brown

There isn't really much to say about this one apart from that there are four rooms, a handful of interactive hotspots, three inventory items, one puzzle, and only the bare hint of an interesting storyline to come (his house seems to be suddenly floating in space). There's even a "I guess the dev was too lazy to include this animation" joke, which is old now, but to be fair when this game was made maybe it was a relatively original gag.

Considering that this demo is 14 years old, I doubt there will be a full version now. Which is just as well because despite the song playing in the background being a nice choice and quite a cool touch with the semi-photorealistic head on the main character, there isn't really much else worth looking forward to.

There's also no hint as to what the 'Granville' in the title refers to.
That's all for today. I really want to abolish that list of games no one has rated but I can't do it myself. I'll be back next month with some reviews of games beginning with H, but until then, I need your help getting rid of these Gs:

Gateway Remake
Generation Fun
Gil: The Trillion Dollar Journey DEMO
Go North 3
Gone Boat Fishin'
Gone fishin'
Good Evening Totti - Episode 2
Grandfather's Treasure
Guyver 1D
Guyver Quest II: Cronos

See you next time.

Games announced this month
The Scuminator
When the city is forced on its knees by ruthless criminals, the Scuminator appears: his justice is swift and bloody, and there is no appeal.

Games released this month
A human outcast in a hybrid civilisation, you are drawn in a sordid conspiracy: nobody's friend, investigate what could be the doom of the entire city.
Rat Channel
Join the exciting adventures of a rat hunter, deep in the sewers of the city. Vermin are not the only problem, as you receive a secret communication.
A werewolf is feasting on the blood and soul of villagers, you are the hunter. Your time is limited to one night, don't waste your arrows.
A man's battle to save his garden: your water supply has been cut off, you must be cunning and resourceful to save your little green friends.
Masks of Nyarlathotep - New York Chapter
A game set in the universe of H.P. Lovecraft: a message from an friend spurs you to probe what happened in a tragic expedition, but you will find more
Tao Through Space and Time
A "Doctor Who" spin-off. You are Tao, and together with your partner Missy you travel through time to help folks and hone your chameleon skills.
the Elevator
Very short game: you are trapped in an elevator, with your memory failing you. Someone doesn't want you to leave, what the hell is happening?
Durov's code
Trapped in a maze, each room has a code and a puzzle to solve to progress. How did you get stuck there? Who's behind this intricate structure?
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