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April Issue

Welcome to the April issue of MAGSAN!
This month has seen several games announced and released, even a new commercial game! Check them out below!

During the last month there's been talks about AGS and it's future, creating a new DEMO game, and updating art assets for the game templates with a competition started to update the gIconBar gui for the "Sierra" template. All this talk and new wave of discussion/contributions is making us all excited and filling us with hopes that AGS will continue to develop further and live on!

I'm still looking for any potential content writers interested in writing content for MAGSAN, if this is you give me a shout! I can be reached via PM on the AGS forums or on the #clubgalen channel on IRC.
Peder Johnsen

Next months Monthly AGS Competition topic

The Fickle Hand Of Fate

Guidelines were set by: Mandle & Blondbraid

The theme is fully open to interpretation in any way: Fate may play a hand in the game's outcome, the entire game could be on rails driven entirely by Fate, Fate could betray the player, or we could discover that there is "No fate but what we make."

One particularly intriguing idea Blondbraid had was a game where a self-fulfilling prophecy, as in "An Appointment In Samarra" pictured above, could be the core story of the game but, given the interactive nature of games, this could lead to some very interesting situations: Every branch created by the player's actions could still somehow end up delivering them into the hands of inescapable Fate, or they could find ways to avoid or somehow trick Fate along the way.

Hoping for some fateful, fatalistic, or even just plain fatal entries...

Golden Oldie with Dave Seaman
A Tale of Two Kingdoms
by Crystal Shard

It’s hard to believe that this game is virtually a decade old. Everything about it oozes quality, from the intriguing storyline to the beautifully drawn graphics. It describes itself as “A Tale of Two Kingdoms is an epic faerie tale, in the classic style of the famous Sierra and LucasArts graphical adventure games. It is a full-length game with an atmosphere of fairy tales, magic, and intrigue.” You know what? It lives up to those promises, every last one.

This was perhaps the first game that showed me just how well AGS could be used to recreate a full-length adventure game to rival established classics. That is, in fact, how I would describe “A Tale of Two Kingdoms” – as an established classic, not just in terms of AGS games, but in terms of adventure games in general.

(Of course what’s even better is that there is talk of a deluxe version... but it’s still well worth giving the original game a play while you wait!)

Games announced this month
Football Game
A local high-school football star life can't be too bad, can it? But tonight is different, something is afoot in your playground...
Agent Hudson - ch. 1: Eye of Newt
After solving the last case, Agent Hudson and the Bureau need your help again! A notepad and an eye for little details is all you need!
Project Beach House
Retro survival horror, with a dash of roguelike to it. It just started as Valentine's day, it will end as a massive carnage. Now kiss!
The Clockwork Labyrinth
A puzzle-oriented adventure game, which mixes many background themes: Steampunk, Gothic, Medieval, the enigma of the Labyrinth encompasses it all.
The usual stuff: you will run lots of errands for socially challenged people. The new stuff: you just lost your work, and cat, and house. Oh well...
The Dollhouse
A madman abducting strangers and putting them in a weird dungeon. Nobody escaped alive. Now he watches, now it's your turn.
Julia's Canadian Mystery
Inspired by SCI games, play a Museum Clerk in this text-parser based game. A diamond discovery will lead to a long investigation, you can do it!
Trapped: The Neighbors Basement
You remember trying to help your neighbour and being knocked out cold. You wake up, in a basement, trapped. Time to use stuff on stuff and escape!
Science Fiction adventure Search and Rescue in Rebel territory game. Eleven Senators are missing, get to them before the rebel leader does!

Games released this month
Just Ignore Them
An eight-year-old kid is afraid of darkness and monsters creeping in his house. Is this real? Can he make it through the night?
The Snaplock
A historical game narrating the danish guerrilla against the Swedish troops during the 17th century occupation. Available in Swedish and English.
Remake of a famous Atari ST game. Robots are chasing you! Maneuver carefully to make them crash on themselves and clear the path home
The Smallest Points
You are a yet-to-be-famous author and are writing a letter (a love letter!). It will change your destiny, will you finish it?
One spy too many...
James Bond, Russians, bugs, double agents, double-double agents and so forth. Is he a plant or just an existential crisis? Find it out, 007!
Illumination Diminishing
In a future where the sun is slowly burning out, something ominous is hidden in the darkness. A flickering candle shields you, but for how long?
Slay the Dragon
Extremely short game about a man and his quest to subdue a dragon. It will teach you an important lesson about violence and social living.
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