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Final Issue

Welcome to the 24thfinal issue of MAGSAN
It's been 2 good years, but sadly it ends today.

I would like to thank all the readers for sticking around and the contributors to the newsletter helping deliver a content filled newsletter every month for 2 years!

Keep on adventure gaming!

Peder Johnsen

This months Monthly AGS Competition topic


Guidelines were set by: Hobo

Feel free to interpret the theme any way you want. As a guidline I suggest pushing a pro- or anti-censorship agenda, creating a world where someone or something is suffering from or forcing a censorship or simply censor some parts of your own game (which is also a good way to excuse any missing assets and unfinished work :))

PS! I totally added an awesome image to inspire and motivate you all, but sadly it was censored :(

· Pre-made and public domain assets are allowed.

Creamy replays Earl Bobby + The Robolovers

Golden Oldie with Dave Seaman
The Bum
by Gribbler & Parafia

This game pretty much epitomises everything about the golden age of point and click adventure games – beautiful retro graphics, mind-bending puzzles and lots of daft characters and dialogue. You play the “bum”, a homeless guy who uses an old sock to communicate with the world (yes you read that correctly!). He loves football but loses it to a random bully – can he find an ally, team up with them, defeat the bully and get his ball back?
Of course he can – with your canny puzzle-solving prowess, obviously.  Available in English, German and Polish. The Bum is a joy to play from start to finish.

Games released last month
Ice in the Air
Go outside they said, the sun is fun (if you get some) they said. But you long for a PC, since all your friends are gone!
Don't Ice Your Cool
Scant resources, piercing cold, a tiny ice raft and no means of locomotion. What will you do to escape this?
Escape the room?
A dark twist on "the escape the room" trope. You search for your hotel room door, but things are going very surrealist, very fast.
Commissar's Contrapasso
A dark comedy set in Soviet Russia. You are a Commissar at the service of the Party, and now you are stuck behind enemy lines...
The Guilt Eternal
Your life as a television fortune-teller is weird but happy, but then a scandal happens, which threatens to reveal your past...
My Dear Globalist Agenda
Comedy adventure about two blokes, both in crippling debt. A visit to their local KKK will give all the answers they are looking for!
Private Detective
A run-of-the-mill PI adventure game with an interesting feature: the cases are procedurally generated! Enjoy your infinite loop of "whodunnit?".
Stories of the unexpected: 'Until further notice'
Get in, find the safe, open it, loot everything, get out. Easier said than done, especially with George and Bert involved!
The Lighting Spell
You are a lowly Apprentice to a bas- I mean very stern (but for sure wise) Wizard. Your goal? Make rain happen. It won't be easy!
Game blurbs written by: Bicilotti
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