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November Issue

Welcome to the November issue of MAGSAN!
This month we've seen the release of a commercial title, and a bunch of freeware ones! Dig in!
Peder Johnsen

Next months Monthly AGS Competition topic


Guidelines were set by: Riaise

This month your game must be based around some kind of contest or competition. Whether an Olympic sprinter about to run their final race, a child attending their first spelling bee, or a baking competition at a country fair, the contest must be central to the story.

And remember, it's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts! :-D

The Imitation Game: The Solution by Creamy

1 - Skumring: Extra Noir Edition!
2 - The McCarthy Chronicles: Episode 1
3 - I Can't Sleep In Silence - It's Always Darkest
4 - Murran Chronicles 3: Lifedrinker of Landsdowne
5 - Blackwell Deception

"A-Z Unrated" with Stupot
Join me as I work my way, month-by-month, through the A-Z of
'Games no one has rated.' This month: K.
Kart Quest
by Realsalewa

Kart Quest is a simple idea. Go around finding the bits you need to build your own go-kart, that's all there is to it. There are no real puzzles other than finding all the bits you need to build a go-kart, but I already mentioned that didn't I?

There are five locations and in each location you can find various bits you need to build your own go-kart. Apart from one location, where there are no bits to find. This is the location where you build your go-kart using the bits that you found in the other four locations.

Once you have found all the bits you need to build your go-kart, you can go to the location and build your go-kart using the bits that you found.

The game ends when you have found all of the bits you need to build a go-kart, gone to the location where you build the go-kart using the bits that you found and then built the go-kart... using the bits... that you found.
That's all for today. I really want to abolish that list of games no one has rated but I can't do it myself. I'll be back next month with some reviews of games beginning with L.

Games announced this month
You are Josh, and together with your brother Frank you have a simple mission: survive the zombie apocalypse. Piece of cake!
Commissar's Contrapasso
A dark comedy set in Soviet Russia. You are a Commissar at the service of the Party, and now you are stuck behind enemy lines...
Game of Kings I: The Bracelet Of Titan
Intrigue, politics and magic in a Kingdom that does not seem to know peace. Will you or your step-brother Azid prevail?

Games released this month
Space Freakers
Tactics-based RPG in deep space. Explore, fight space critters, improve your spacecraft and find the 9 piece of a mysterious artefact!
The Aspirox case
Samuel was heading to a Job interview, but it ended up in... murder. The company seems to hide more secrets, help him out of this!
Joe's Miserable Life
You are an ageing man and you live in a crummy flat. Your only friends are a dog and a spider. And something bad will happen soon...
Unexpected at the Rising Star
Space, final frontier: will you survive... a very awkward double date? Keep it cool Starbuck, there is no room for error!
A very short, horror themed game. Halloween has come again and you are left alone facing your inner demons.
Moonlight Moggy
Your feline friend went missing! Overcome your plastic-bag fear, delve into the Halloween night and rescue him!
The frame on the wall
A small hut is your haven in a stormy night. As you enter you can't but notice a strange picture on the wall, it doesn't feel right...
Grizzly Goose of Gosse
Halloween themed game. You are on a quest to conquer your most deeply rooted, ancestral fear... backyard ducks. Quack on!
A Treat and Some Tricks
"Don't go trick-treating!", said your mum! But you disobeyed. And now strange stuff is happening around the house, help!
Game blurbs written by: Bicilotti
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