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August Issue

Welcome to the August issue of MAGSAN!
One year ago today, the first issue of MAGSAN was released with huge success!
Since then we've doubled the subs and thanks to my awesome content writers we've delivered a new issue every month with plenty of content!

I'd like to thank Baron, Stupot, Dave and Bicilotti for all their help keeping this going this long!
Peder Johnsen

Next months Monthly AGS Competition topic

Past And Future Collide

Guidelines were set by: DBoyWheeler

Basically, mix a past time period with the future in some way.

For example, something that's like Medieval Europe or pre-Islamic Arabia (i.e. Arabian Nights), or some other past time, but with sci-fi stuff (teleporters, phasers, etc.)  Heck, even the Stargate movie is an example of this (mixing ancient Egypt with futuristic high-tech).

Or maybe the location was futuristic, but a big war or other mega-disaster (natural, man-made, or even supernatural) made them try to start over, salvaging whatever high-tech is possible, and resembles something from a past era as well.  (The best example I could think of is the anime "Monster Rancher".  What is it?  Go forth and look it up on Wikipedia, my friend.)

Just try to mix some past historical setting (even if it's a fantasy-style setting of the medieval or whatever era) with the sci-fi future in some creative way.

Golden Oldie with Dave Seaman
Charlie Foxtrot & The Galaxy of Tomorrow
by Baron

Those of you who know me will be aware that I have a particular fondness for comedic science fiction.  If you share that fondness, then you will find a lot to enjoy in this game, which was released just over a decade ago, way back in July 2007.

It picked up 4 nominations at the AGS Awards that year (and was perhaps unfortunate to find itself up against the likes of Nelly Cootalot and A Tale of Two Kingdoms). Still it's very well worth playing, lots of humour and references to famous sci-fi characters, a million and one ways to die, and from what I remember, a rather huge number of locations to explore.

If you want a comedy sci-fi game to sink your teeth into before Captain Disaster in: Death Has a Million Stomping Boots is released (hint hint), you could do a lot worse than travelling the stars with Charlie Foxtrot. 

"A-Z Unrated" with Stupot
Join me as I work my way, month-by-month, through the A-Z of
'Games no one has rated.' This month: J.
Jacqueline White - Curse of the Mummies
by Grok

The first thing to mention is that this isn't a full game, only a demo, but its Author Grok has ceased production to work on another project. It's a pity because Jacqueline White - Curse of the Mummies seems to have the makings of a very enjoyable game.

The titular Ms. White, world-famous pilot, awakes in her hotel room in 1923's Egypt after an impressive cutscene of a terrifying World War One dream. There, she meets an archaeologist who invites her to visit his dig site. Before anything, she has promised the local hospital to help fix a broken windmill. Unfortunately, this is about as far as I was able to get before becoming seriously stuck. In the game you find an old car which clearly has gears and bits you need to fix the windmill, but no matter what I try the game won't let me pick them up.

That said, there are a lot of positives: the lovely intro cutscene I mentioned, some generally pleasing artwork, and a very well-implemented flying-sim-mini-game which doesn't seem to have much purpose other than to be a great way to kill time while mulling over the solutions to puzzles. 

Unfortunately, despite lots of mulling and even an email to Mr. Grok, I'm still unable to get the cog, so I've had to abandon play for now. However, I urge you to give this demo a try if you haven't already and if you happen to figure out how to get the gear (wink) and then tell me how you did it (nudge), that would be a bonus too.
That's all for today. I really want to abolish that list of games no one has rated but I can't do it myself. I'll be back next month with some reviews of games beginning with K, but until then, I need your help getting rid of these Js:

James Bondage
Jimm's Quest III, Lesko's Revenge
Jingle Bells
John Sinclair- Voodoo in London
Julius Dangerous 2

See you next time.

Games announced this month
Reptilian Adventure
An important politician gets murdered and the police is quick to chalk it off as a robbery gone wrong. But Richard knows there is more to it...
Simulation of the fantabulous life of a tadpole! Eat algae, avoid predators, get social with your pals (oops, poles) and win the game! [Download Demo]
The Witch House
Lovecraft inspired survival RPG in a urban setting. You have two months to prepare for the impending doom. On May 1st, everything will be over.

Games released this month
Earthling Priorities
Short sci-fi adventure on the lines of Space Quest. Dystopia and fun mix in this world. Your nemesis? A sliding door gone HAL 900 on you!
That Day
Short game about a boy and his recollection of an incident, and how reality and interpretation of events blend inside him and influence his future.
Don't Worry, I'll Bring The Beer!
It was such a simple task. In the end, you just needed to fetch a six pack. But you are trapped in a lsd-like trip. Escape, and don't forget the beers!
Noah's Quest
Boy, this ain't easy: pack all the animals in a very-large-ship (Ark®, for short) before the unspeakable happens! Enjoy your biblical farmville!
The House without Windows
Horror game. You control a girl who is investigating a haunted house. Retro vibes, minimal palette (3 colours), available in both English and German.
Julius Dangerous 2
Retro inspired Italian production: lots of point, clicking, silly gags, plenty o' puns and garish hair-colours. Keep it real, Julius! (Italian only)
Not easy being Jesus: everyone was meant to love you, or that is what you were told! Find the traitor before he can collect his 30 pieces o'ei- I mean, silver!
Game blurbs written by: Bicilotti
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