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July Issue

Welcome to the July issue of MAGSAN!

Another month, another bunch of games released and announced!
Have a read and a play!
Peder Johnsen

Next months Monthly AGS Competition topic

The Bible

Guidelines were set by: xBRANEx

Make a game where:
The story relates in some way to the bible parables or characters.

Whether you want to make a game where Jesus needs to teach the aliens that have just invaded the earth or you want to make a sci fi story that flips the parable of the prodigal son or you want to keep to the book and make a point and click of Moses adventure is all up to you.

Theme inspired by Dostoyevsky's The Great Inquisitor, The Idiot, classical music, and the movies and pictures shown above.

I've always been intrigued and I've loved art that's bible inspired. It's probably the most used source in art ever and I feel that there is shortage of pnc games that's using it too. Let's change that!

Golden Oldie with Dave Seaman
Purity of the Surf
by Dave Gilbert

Let us hark back to the days of 2003. Believe it or not there was a time, long ago, when Dave Gilbert was not the all-seeing, all-knowing commercial AGS game maestro that he is today, but merely a budding amateur game developer and, dare I say it, merely human. Of course he’s gone on to greater things since then but I retain a particular affection for one of his RON games – in fact to me it is the best RON game ever made (and I know that I am not alone in wanting a sequel – I even mentioned it to Dave on Twitter again recently - although it will almost definitely never happen). The game in question is, of course, Purity of the Surf.

Take Josh Beachcomber on an epic adventure featuring all your favourite RON characters – this game is chock full of good puzzles, humour, and just general AGS and RON goodness. If you haven’t already played it then you should seriously evaluate your life choices as you have almost definitely made other grave mistakes that will have terrible consequences for you. Still, at least you can now put one of those mistakes right!

Games announced this month
Future Flashback
In a future where memories are shaped by a powerful drug, a surgeon starts recalling something which is not his. Will the dreams lead to his demise?
Robo Football
Champsionship Manager $CURRENT_YEAR meets Steampunk. Train your robots, shout from the sidelines, see that ball crossing the line. A Goal!
The Emmet Timeline
Three generations of detectives, a cold case which nobody could crack. Now, in 2017, it is your turn, Henry Emmet, to lift the mystery once for all.

Demos released this month
Noria hoped for a bright future; now that the machine took over and she has nothing. Surviving the carnage and her painful memory will be a challenge.

Games released this month
Terror of the Vampire!
Anthropomorphic beings, vampires, 19th century Europe. Nothing better for your new effort: Empirical Vampirical. One glass of blood, no ice, please!
The Midas Heist
Stealth game in black and white graphics made for the 114th One Hour Game Jam. Be careful, be quick, get those sweet sweet $$$.
The Rotary Club
A... roguelike-like. No Medallion of Yendor this time, but a bunch of improvident climbers to save with your 'copter. Fire your rotors and go!
The Robolovers
Yes, even robots have feelings and yes, even robots get themselves in messy situations. Help LO43R find his loved one, and get back home in one piece!
Bustin' the Bastille
An historical and humorous game based on the famous 1789 events. Go and seek liberty, fraternity, equality (with a side of chopped heads!)
Bury Me in the Sand
Humour, colourful palette and witty jokes in this stroll-on-the-beach game! Last day of summer, what can go wrong? Better yet: what can go right?
Haven - Episode 1
Haven was refuge from the collapsing world, but now is becoming a doom for its inhabitants. You have been warned, will you be able to save yourself?
Got a Light?
Very short vignette inspired by Twin Peaks. Experimental, black and white, and entry for the Minimalist Jam 2017.
The Assassin
What's in the life of an Assassin? Talking with logorrheic doormen, fobbing merchants and games of chance. How well, beats your 9-to-5, I guess!
Heavy Metal Nannulf: The Strange Stage
A game about Heavy metal and Friendship. Help your mates overcome a scary superstition and save a magnificent concert! You can do it, Nannulf!
Guardians of Gold
Another adventure with Ally and Kyle, now heading to the City of Gold! Puzzles aplenty, humour and danger, make your way into treasure hunter history!
Text adventure game about, eh, a man and his marvellous bodily functions. You enter a restaurant, your quest: reaching the restroom, like 25 years ago.
Game blurbs written by: Bicilotti
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