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October Issue

Welcome to the October issue of MAGSAN!
During October the 100th Episode of the BlueCupTools Podcast was released!
Congrats Grundislav and Ben!

We've seen a lot of new games announced and games released this month! Even a couple commercial releases!
Peder Johnsen

Next months Monthly AGS Competition topic


Guidelines were set by: CaesarCub

All men must die (some more gruesomely than others) but the real question has always been "What happens next?"

This month in MAGS we explore the Afterlife.
Where do the dead go? Heaven, Hell, Limbo, Valhalla, Sto'Vo'Kor?
Must they bribe their way to reincarnation at the Divine Treasury?
Do they become one with the Force?
Or maybe our former-adventurers find themselves experiencing a never-ending loop of Christmases for the rest of eternity?

It's up to you to tell us!

There are no particular rules, except for the game to happen in the afterlife.

Golden Oldie with Dave Seaman
Professor Neely And The Death Ray Of Doom
by Nathaniel Oliveira (aka Sonicrumpets)

This wasn’t intentional but there seems to be a repeating theme for my Golden Oldie series... all 3 I’ve chosen so far have been the only game released by their creators. Perhaps they are good because a lot of time and care was spent on them, with the game’s author feeling they would not have time to do another one with similar care and attention... I don’t know. At any rate “Professor Neely” is the only game that “Sonicrumpets” ever released.

I don’t want to say too much about the zany plot or characters - really all you need to know about this game, released way back in December 2010, is that it’s the closed you can get to playing Day of the Tentacle without actually playing Day of the Tentacle. Beautifully warped graphics, a similarly warped plot and sense of humour, and some solid puzzling makes this a game any LucasArts fan should play. It was nominated in the 2010 AGS awards for Best Character, and both Character Art and Background Art. It still looks great today!

"A-Z Unrated" with Stupot
Join me as I work my way, month-by-month, through the A-Z of
'Games no one has rated.' This month: C.
by actualwiazrd

You'll be glad to know I am attempting to avoid all of the obvious cat puns and just talk about the game. And a charming little game it is too. Yes, it is just a training game. And yes, it is a basic default AGS affair with all the default text and GUIs. But, it has cats and it has puzzles and it even has bodily fluids.

The player character is a shoddily-photoshopped (but still cute) cat called Bowie, who can be controlled around four rooms with real photo backgrounds and another even shoddilier-photoshopped non-player-cat called Hazel. The purpose of the game is to get outside. It also involves a fetch-quest and some backtracking (by a whole two screens) for fans of those things. As training games go, this is charming little experiment. 

As a quick tea-break time-waster, this game is purrfect... oh, wait. Damn.
The Can
by springthoughts

"The Can" features some nice, clean line art and some good ideas, but I admittedly lost all patience with the sheer wordiness of it. You play as a robot who has been locked in a room with a bunch of different bots, all very different 
in character. You can talk to them about various topics which are accessible via the clunky 'thought-inventory' mechanic and you can combine ideas and thoughts given to you through your conversations with the other bots (though in reality, only two of them give you any meaningful conversation).

The author has clearly taken a lot of care in the writing of this game. Philosophy and poetry feature heavily. But while the readme denies any attempt at pretentiousness, I beg to differ. The trouble is, it's all really very long-winded and the dialogues can't be clicked past making it almost unplayable for anyone without inhuman amounts of patience.

There's probably a good game underneath all the verbage, but I couldn't find it.
That's all for today. I really want to abolish that list of games no one has rated but I can't do it myself. I'll be back next month with some reviews of games beginning with D, but until then, I need your help getting rid of these Cs:

CGA games screensaver
CHA Brett
CHA Cassandra
Chongo's China Adventure
Christmas Hunt
Chucksy in the Great (Demo)
Clash of Forces - Episode 2
CODERBATTLE - quest for the whole game -
Connect 4
Connect 4 v.2.1
Corner's Shiny (2013 edition)
CosmoKid 0.9
The Case (Demo)
The City Adventure

Mysterious "Blue Cup" Vandalism Continues
By Jack Lucy
Police in more than one country are baffled at seemingly coordinated events around the globe involving statues and landmarks being modified with the most unusual of items: A Single blue cup or mug.

The Lincoln Memorial (pictured above) is the newest addition to the altered edifices, giving Abe the appearance of taking a rest break with his favourite beverage in hand. On Goat Island, New York, The Tesla Monument now depicts the inventor having set aside his blue mug for a moment to study his script intently. Not even antiquity was spared these strange manifestations, as Marcus Aurelius can now be seen toasting Rome from the back of his mount.

Following the most recent "attack", as several news outlets have dubbed it, federal authorities have become involved. In a press statement, Special Agent Rusty Shackleford said that his office is at this time pursuing new leads on the recent vandalism of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota. The incident in question involved two strips of heavy shag carpeting being suspended in front of the ears of George Washington's likeness, giving him the appearance of having sideburns. Up until now, the only link these cases had was the colour blue, being that of the apparent police uniform shirt which Washington now also sports. Having studied CCTV footage of the recent Blue Cup events however, Agent Shackleford's office noted that the perpetrators in all observed cases wore the same disguise as Washington.

"No arrests have yet been made, but we urge all citizens to report anyone fitting this description." Agent Shackleford said.

AGS Fundraiser Profile
Dave Seaman a.k.a. CaptainD
Picked by Peder, written by Ibispi

He's the one - the only - the one you know by the name of... CAPTAIND!

He's been very enthusiastic about games his whole damn life.
He's been writing about them (
He's been developing them (Troll Song, Captain Disaster in Death Has a Million Stomping Boots).
Aaaaaaand, he's got a Patreon page!

So go out there and support him, will ya?

While you're at it, might as well play Troll Song: Verse One - Completely Stoned if you haven't already. It's free and just a peak at what the full game will be once it's finished. Oh boy, I can't wait!

Games announced this month
Just Ignore Them
You are an eight years old tormented by monsters living in your house. Are they real? Act swiftly or succumb to your premature end...
Sniper and Spotter serving the motherland!
Not tired of being patriotic, Comrade? Very good! Help resolute Olga and bungler Ivan to raid a town to the ground, before the Axis captures it.
Detective Gallo
Life if hard as a PI, especially if you grumpy, feathered one! You and your pal (a cactus) are out to solve a string of murders!
Polly and Lazy John
What's better than Pirates? Pirates AND Magic! Plus a trusty parrot to keep you company in those long ship travels. Adventure awaits you!
You are Calvin, you are good at nothing, your life is in shambles. Who is better suited than you to stop an Intergalactic War?

Games released this month
The Beard in the Mirror
Paul's life seems nothing but ordinary, but one night a mysterious woman saves him from boredom. Retro vibes in this adventure!
The Starry Sky Above Me
You won't find Kant in this one, nor moral laws: aim, shoot quickly, get rid of the infestation which is plaguing this world.
Agent Hudson
A string of murders is happening in town, the BI has called you, Agent Hudson, to investigate. Be careful not to catch the wrong man!
Oniric/eerie production about Ghosts and dreaming. A gloomy path on the other side is what is waiting for you, trying to come back to real life.
In a future land where everything is dark and the rest is for sale, you need to confront pure evil, and you are willing to do anything to prevail.
Space Rangers Ep 46 The Devil Within
The Star Fleet needs Space Ranger Yaz KreJonns once again! Miners went missing from a planetoid, something strange is happening. Help her!
Strategy? Tactics? Into the trash they go! In Chekken you have to use your trusty fist (and shins) to knock out the opponent piece! Fight!
Oz Orwell and the Exorcist
As an investigator of the occult, you contact the Exorcist to shoot a documentary. But it will turn out to be much more dangerous, beware!
A point and click game about a small, robot-like character, being lost in a place it doesn't know. Help him unlock the secret of Somewhere!
The Tale of Lonkey Island
Monkey Island fan game, with a touch of randomness: Guybrush now wants to become a... Firefighter! Tame those flames, save the governor!
Sonic and friends in: Club House
Enjoy copyright infringement in this adventure game populated with all your favourite platform games heros (Alex Kidd too)!
Scary Maze Halloween 2016
A superduperüber scary (or not?) Halloween game. Navigate mazes and get ready to jump in your chair, and ROTFL subsequently!
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