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November 2015

A Note from Jessie

Happy November!

It's hard to believe November is already here. This is when many of us take time to see a clear, narrow focus of what we are thankful for. We love our family, friends, pets, and other people who have been or are currently a part of our life. We are grateful for our home, health, and material things that make life a little easier.

This year I want you to make a new list of what you are thankful for. Examine who you are and where you are at, at this moment, today. Are you here because of the path you didn't take? Are you doing what you are doing because of the job you didn't get? Did you get your heart broken this year? Believe it or not, these are also things we can have gratitude towards. It's easy to be thankful for the easy and joyful things in our life. This is what I call the enjoyment period. This is the place where we breathe and reflect and put into practice what we learn. This is where we are encouraged and we move forward to our goals and dreams.

But, it is the learning period that is the fuel that propels us forward. We do most of our learning when we go though the tougher situations. With every disappointment, rejection, and detour, we are challenged to see something differently or to take another path. If we did not have these experiences, we would most likely not make very many changes in our life. The changes are what guide us to what we are created to be. To the life we are meant to live with joy and peace.

Instead of seeing a disappointment as a bad day or a bad thing, be thankful for what it will show and teach you about yourself. Think of these moments as a boost to your future.

When we are thankful on the rough days as well as the good days, then we become a thankful person as a lifestyle instead of just thankful moments. You will find that a heart that lives a life of gratitude sees the world in an entirely different light. Lights in the world are something we can never have too much of. I also feel that way about pumpkin pie. Another reason to love autumn! 

Peace and love to you in this season of gratitude and growing. 
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Below are Your Monthly Prescriptions
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Good Stuff for Your Brain. 
Your selection this month of four songs to listen to at least once a week.
  1. This is Home - Switchfoot
  2. Unpack Your Heart - Phillips Phillip
  3. Sara Bareilles - Brave
  4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole
Body,Mind & Soul
Just as our bodies are constantly changing, we change in our thinking as we learn and grow with better understanding in mind and spirit.
Tips For Writers, Other Creatives & Fabulous You!
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  2. 10 Bonus Tips for Writing a Book
  3. Finding Your Muse: 8 Great Sources for Creative Inspiration
Book of the Month 

Accidental Lives by David Burger

Accidental Lives is the story of a man who is in a car accident which leaves him awake in the hospital with no memory of the past six months. Partially paralyzed, he struggles with not having the life he had planned. Tomorrow finds him in a strange apartment in New York City with no memory of the past six months. He cannot remember graduating college or his best friend. Every other day he finds himself waking in the previous world convinced that the day before and its world were merely a dream. 

Torn between what appears to be two dream worlds, he finds himself tortured for one to end. Eventually his New York world provides its own love. By chance, she is the exact same image as his love interest in the other world. As he falls for both, torment turns into fear that one will indeed end and prove only a dream.

Purchase Accidental Lives at

This is a perfect story to read by the fire and sure to warm your heart! Jessie

If you're like me, you have a lot of dates to keep track of, calendars in several forms, a smart phone with reminders and a full planner.
So how about a calendar that asks nothing of you but to make you smile?
That's what the JRLC Calendar is for! Enjoy and share. :) 

Few things bring as much joy as welcoming a new member to our tribe! 

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