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Mac Tip: Add emojis on your Mac 

In OS X El Capitan you can add emojis to emails, letters and even notes


When you click and hold Control + Command⌘ + Space Bar on your keyboard, It will Prompt you to a whole slew of emojis to choose from. Some of these emojis you can't even get on your iPhone or iPad. These exclusive-to-mac emojis can make any message or email POP for attention.


Apple's New MacBook 


Apple's latest release of the Macbook feels 20 percent faster and 100 percent more pink. Yes, Apple released a refreshed version of their last Macbook-which includes subtle changes that can make a big difference in performance.

It's no big surprise Apple always pushes for improvements when it comes to the battery life of its gadgets. This time, the Macbook gets TEN (10) hours of web browsing on a fully-charged battery- all thanks to the faster processor.

Is it worth it?

New sleek design
Visually stunning screen
Awesome improved speakers

Fewer ports on the side 
More expensive
Can be sluggish at times


Starting: $1299  |  Customized $1599



Attention: New iPhone Scam

Watch out! There's a new scam out there. It's a phishing scheme that involves a fake text message from "Apple" regarding your Apple ID or iCloud account needing attention. The message prompts you to click on the link below the text and address the "issue" by providing your personal information. Take a look below to see an example of this scam.

Having previously worked for the company, I can assure you that Apple Support will NEVER send you a text message let alone one that asks you to provide additional personal information. Solution? Mark that text as spam and delete it!


Touch sensitive home button could mean the iPhone 7 will be waterproof 

Rumors continue to flood the news and many of us are wondering if Apple's new iPhone could be water proof due to speculation that the iPhone Home Button will be touch sensitive; meaning, it will be dust-proof and water-proof, and have other cool hardware upgrades. 

If you think a waterproof iPhone sounds pretty sweet, it's nothing compared to the company giant's procurement of a recent patent (June 18th, 2015) for radio frequency-transparent materials with anodized metal appearance. This could be a HUGE game changer--and not just for iPhones, but for what all cellphones might start to look like in our future. This type of "transparency" on the iPhone would make it weigh less and possibly expose the internal antenna- allowing for even better reception range and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Hopefully we'll learn more about the iPhone 7 than just its super-speedy 10x processor chip in the press release later this year.  

But with seemingly unlimited possible enhancements, the wait to upgrade your next iPhone may well be worth it!


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