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Police body-worn camera (BWC) video footage is an untapped gold mine for agencies. Every day, thousands of hours of BWC video footage is recorded. But nearly all of it remains in storage, unused unless it becomes part of a public records request, personnel complaint or lawsuit.  

It’s time to change how we think about BWC footage. In this webinar, Dr. David Makin and Dr. Rudy Hall will explore how your agency can use BWC video to enrich your training program, improve officer decision-making, and support better adherence to agency policy.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why BWC video is much more than footage—it’s data waiting to be mined. 
  • How a unique program at Washington State University analyzes and codes BWC footage for agencies—for free! 
  • Ways to incorporate BWC video in various training applications, from the academy and FTO to skills maintenance. 

Registration is free.
Can't make it? Register anyway and we'll send you a recording after the event. 
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