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 Celebrating Fathers Everywhere
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Celebrating Fathers Everywhere
How it all began…Father’s Day did not start off as a celebration the way Mother’s Day did—rather it originated in a church in West Virginia in 1907, with a woman who wanted to designate a day of remembrance for several hundred coal miners who had died in the mines the previous year. This tragedy left more than 1,000 children without a father. Grace Golden Clayton first made the suggestion for a remembrance day for these fathers at her church.

While some fathers in our modern society were reluctant to adopt a special day, many of the mothers worked diligently to see to it that they would have their own celebration. Father’s Day is also considered to be a public holiday and is celebrated with great joy and lots of gift giving. These special traditions for both parents are going strong in our society today.

We look forward to celebrating fathers everywhere in the golden light of the summer sun.

If Dad has a little too much fun in the sun, make sure he does Channel Two for Musculo/Skeletal pain on the AMI 750 for a quick recovery!
The Jewel City
When we think of summer, we envision the brilliant light of the sun and lots of warm memories. Looking into our Ayurvedic esoteric studies of the energy centers in the body, there is one that is called Manipura—the Jewel City. It is linked to the fire element and is located in our subtle body between the belly button and the diaphragm.
The Greeks had also identified this sacred energy center. Plato called it our seat of ambition, power and drive. We know that energetically it creates the fire of digestion which consumes our food. When in balance, this all works perfectly. If we have an excess of fire or ambition, it can result in digestive issues or even what is known as “heart burn.”
With the AMI 750, we can calm the digestive fires with Channel Nine and continue to fortify the digestive system with our collection of frequencies known to bring healing at a cellular level. For optimum health and longevity during the hot summer months, we provide Channel Five to support the body in its Anti-Aging process.
With the use of Cymatherapy, the energy centers in the body can be harmonized and kept resonating with a more balanced energy. Then, our energy fields can sparkle with the fire of a thousand jewels and the joy of optimum health!
To read more about the AMI 750 visit our website at
The Time Is Now!
At Cyma Technologies, we have been excitedly awaiting the final editing so that we could release our new video course entitled,
The Soundflower Experience With Mandara.” We have been offering The Soundflower Experience short videos for quite some time, and they have been enjoyed as sound/visual meditations by many.
Now we can finally share with you this special course taught by Mandara Cromwell, the inventor of
The Soundflower Experience. It is designed to help everyone understand the multiple applications of this very valuable sound healing tool.  To learn more, watch this video:
Video: The Soundflower Experience With Mandara
This new course comes with an instructional video, manual and The Soundflower Experience bundle of three sound/visual experiences for the Introductory Price of $50. Available now at
Thank You For Helping Us Surround the World with Healing Sound This Summer!
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