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 The 23rd Congress of Natural Medicine
 The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day
 The Soundflower Experience with Mandara
 Precious Gift
The 23rd Congress of Natural Medicine

Cyma Technologies was honored to be a participating sponsor for the Twenty-Third Congress of Natural Medicine, held March 19th and 20th, 2022. This event was attended virtually by healthcare professionals from all over the world.
The purpose of the conference was to organize people who hold the belief that healing techniques from all disciplines should be shared in order to benefit the health of human beings. Attendees were immersed in the combined wisdom of more than 25 physicians, scientists, researchers and inspiring spiritual teachers.
Distinguished speakers included Dr. James Oschman, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Beverly Rubik and Sayer Ji from the United States, along with other fascinating guests from many countries in Europe.
Cyma Technologies has been providing therapeutic sound devices to healing practitioners all over the world since 2004. Our ongoing efforts include working collaboratively with many doctors, researchers and scientists to further the knowledge and practice of using sound as a healing modality.
The AMI 750™, our most popular Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device, celebrated its Ten Year Anniversary in 2021!
The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

The very first Earth Day united everyone from elementary school students on anti-litter campaigns, to mothers who were seeking clean air, to protestors against pesticides—all under the banner of “a future worth living.”
The name Earth Day was chosen because it rhymes with birthday.
As we face the current challenges in our world, we are reminded how the people of the earth and their planet are inextricably intertwined. The health of one rests on the health of the other. It will take all of us in partnership to restore nature and build a healthy planet for the generations to come.
The 2022 theme for
Earth Day is “Invest In Our Planet.” One of the best ways to participate—whether you will be active in a live or virtual event—is to examine our behaviors regarding our own health and habits, and how this is affecting the world in which we live.
Preventative natural health that involves taking action before you become ill, is the most important step for the foreseeable future. A healthy immune system for our people, coupled with a plan for rejuvenating the healing elements of the earth we have lost, will help us to create the golden world we all envision.


Happy Earth Day
Mother Earth
Cyma Technologies is excited to announce our newest course:
 “The Soundflower Experience” With Mandara
Join creator Mandara Cromwell as she introduces you to the powerful healing aspects of both the visual and auditory aspects of sound—and how you can access them easily with The Soundflower Experience. You will learn the ancient technique of “dristi” or “soft gazing,” along with its adaptations for modern life.

If you are looking for a tool to help alleviate stress, a technique for deeper meditation and a chance to get an awe-inspiring glimpse of the universe, this new video course is for you!
WE anticipate a May RELEASE DATE for this inspiring new offering from Mandara, to help you experience sound healing!
Stay tuned for more information with our newsletters and website announcements at:
Precious Gift
One of the most precious gifts given to us by Mother Earth is the
rose. Many mothers on the earth cherish this flower and its fragrance. That is why we chose the rose to be the prominent ingredient in our organic essential oil product,

The scent of roses combined with the frequencies of love, the high harmonic of gold and spiritual radiance make it a most unique gift for mothers everywhere. The product comes gift boxed with instructions for its many uses, especially in celebrations of love! A one ounce bottle is $75.
For more information or the product and how to order, visit

Thank You For Helping Us Surround the World with Healing Sound!
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