At Last!

Cyma Technologies is shipping devices again—at last! Many people were placing orders as far back asMarch 2022 for the AMI devices. When it was clear that no more AMI 750s could be manufactured, our company began to search for answers. Mandara quickly brought to the forefront her plans for new devices and new protocols that she had been working on previously.
We are thrilled to announce that the devices ordered back in March are now beginning to ship. Purchasers will be receiving their final invoices for payment in the next few weeks, as their devices are in queue for delivery.
For more detailed information on your device shipment and the Three Free Hours of Consultation that you will receive with each new device, please contact Sound Education  Director, Kate Holland at 
Speeding Through The Universe
As we approach the
Winter Solstice, we are attuned to the length of the days and the early darkness we often associate with winter. This is accompanied by the many celebrations of cultures around the world which have been practiced for thousands of years. Traditions include lighting candles in the time of the greatest darkness, taking walks in nature to connect with the evergreens and observing the alchemy of nature, such as watching water transform to ice.
The other interesting perspective is that even though we assume that each day is 24 hours in length; as it turns out, hardly any of our days hit this number exactly. Because of the earth’s quirky rotation, that both speeds up and slows down, we are often adding or shaving off milliseconds to our days.
Interestingly, June 29, 2022 was the shortest day ever recorded! Scientists did not find this surprising, as for more than a century the earth’s rotation has gradually been speeding up. So, we could say that the winter solstice is the day of least sunlight, which results in the longest night, but our shortest day was actually just prior to the summer solstice.
The 8 Motions of the Earth

This holiday season, when you look at the stars, enjoy every moment of lightness and dark as the earth continues her travels through the heavens and orbits the center of the Milky Way at 140 miles per second.
Happy Holidays From The Staff at Cyma Technologies!!
The Soundflower Community is Blooming
October 5th, 2022 the Soundflower Community was formed! Mandara Cromwell, inventor of the Soundflower Experience, joined with Sound Education Director, Kate Holland, to welcome participants to the first zoom meeting. The purpose of forming this community was to create times for participants to practice the Soundflower Experience as a group, and also offer helpful tools and techniques for meditation and contemplation practices.
In this first meeting, Mandara shared how she had created the concept and
Soundflower Experience videos and practices. Kate taught the group the “earth mudra” and an affirmation to be used with it. These tools can combine with the practices, and be a means of connecting the group during the times they were not involved in the community sessions,
A second meeting was recorded in November and sent to the group, as the usual meeting time of the first Wednesday had not been available. The intention is for the group to meet live
whenever possible, and to connect for practices once a month
We love hearing from our new community about their practice experiences and providing insights into the ways the
Soundflower Experience can be helpful to everyone. 
Sound Imprinted Gifts For The Holidays
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Here are some of our most popular items:

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The Soundflower Experiences:

3 Soundflower videos allowing you to immerse yourself in their beauty and healing potential. Available separately or as a bundle of all 3.
New Sound-Made-Visible Videos From Cyma Technologies:
“Beyond The Sun” and “Sacred Sound Images From Beyond The Sun”
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Our offices will be closed on Thursday December 23rd through Sunday January 3rd. We will be checking emails periodically December 27th-30th.
Thank you for helping us
Surround the World with Healing Sound!
Thank You For Helping Us Surround the World with Healing Sound!
We at Cyma Technologies
Wish you a Restful and Peaceful Holiday Season
Filled With the Golden Light of a Brand New Year!
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