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Place of Balance
During the fall, our thoughts turn to expressing gratitude. The energy of both giving and receiving are part of the natural state of the world and are required for it to be in balance. If you are a natural giver, you may find this is easier to do, rather than receiving. Part of reaching an inner and outer harmony requires us to take part in both exchanges of energy. In this season, we can contemplate what it would mean for us to find a new “recipe” for balance during our rituals to express gratitude.
In addition to giving to the world and those we care about, we must consider what we need to give to ourselves, in order to maintain our vibrancy. It is a beautiful cycle, the perfect exchange needed, to create a world in harmony and a life filled with an abundance of things to be thankful for.
Wishing you a season filled with many blessings from Cyma Technologies!
The Place To Be

The Wise Traditions conference in Knoxville, TN was the place to be October 21st-23rd. The Knoxville Convention center was the site where more than 1500 participants came to have experiences that “nourish the soul.” The Cyma Technologies team took the conference by storm and introduced approximately 500 people per day to the power of sound.
CEO Mandara Cromwell was a guest speaker to an almost full house in the center’s auditorium, as she excitedly revealed the new Cyma Technologies instruments—the AMI 500 and the AMI 850—to many who were looking for natural ways of healing. Exhibitors included organic farmers, nutrition experts, educators, naturopathic doctors and chiropractors, who joined participants from communities all over the United States.
The Wise Traditions conference, held annually, operates on a platform of teaching participants solutions for health concerns, learning which foods truly nourish people and learning how to stay healthy in a toxic world.

Congratulations to the Wise Traditions organization and participants for a spectacular three days!
To see a replay of Mandara's presentation, "Achieve Optimum Health and Longevity With Acoustic Meridian Intelligence,"
click here
Why Our AMI System Works Best
With Mandara Cromwell
A woman once asked me, “Why do I need one of your devices, when I can purchase frequencies to listen to off the internet?”
The answer to this is very involved and yet very simple at the same time. Please allow me to share some very important information that I have gathered during more than two decades of sound research.
Sound is an all-encompassing topic. Highly scientific information about how it can be used therapeutically is being released almost daily. The AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices and the frequency patterns contained in them are the result of the work of countless researchers, doctors, sound therapy practitioners and the endeavors of my company over decades.
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Health Seeker
Hello Everyone! I’m Kate Holland. As Sound Education Director for Cyma Technologies, I hear many stories of what most people would call healing miracles. I am very excited to share with you the following story from Joyce Dillon. In it, she helps us to understand some of the reasons we may experience illness, but also the ways we can potentially avoid it. In her life, she showed great determination in seeking answers to explain what was happening to her body. She is the perfect example of how we are not destined to decline, as we have been taught to accept as part of aging. Instead, we can choose to live a vibrant life with purpose, and work each day to bring healing to our bodies and our world. Please enjoy Joyce’s story below:

Hi, my name is Joyce Dillon, RN, MN, BCC. I have been a nurse for thirty-plus years, a board-certified life, health and wellness coach and teacher of transformational intuitive painting and collage. My focus has been on helping people with challenging life transitions—particularly loss and grief. There are few programs in our society designed to help people with these important rites of passage. During recent years, this has become even more apparent.
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Coming in December…

What’s for Christmas? Very special sound imprinted products—to include videos, fabrics, frequency infused oils and more! Visit our website store for the full array of gift ideas!
Thank You For Helping Us Surround the World with Healing Sound!
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