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Moving Into Mastery

One of the ways we will move into mastery as human beings is by learning to care for ourselves.  During the initial time of Covid, we were all forced into situations that made us slow down and actually examine our lives and how our time was spent.

Now that we have been a part of a great “life shifting” in the way we live in the world, it is a good time to ask questions about our path forward, both singularly and collectively. It is clear that we will not be able to operate effectively if we don’t have a plan for caring for ourselves and creating the kind of structure that allows for everyone to do the same.
Our expectations may have to change in order to accommodate a healthy life and planet.

Moving into mastery suggests that we can be on the path, even now, to remembering the beauty of the earth and the absolute necessity for renewing it. This path would also include embracing some of the old ways and the wisdom that has brought us to this point in life. It would include self-study so that we could begin to acknowledge and share the wisdom of our own generation.

Even with unique differences for each individual, a masterful life would contain the things that matter—
loving relationships, vibrant health, and a real desire to dialogue with one another. Being able to share the knowledge and innate wisdom we all hold to solve the world’s problems, would help us to learn about and have an appreciation for each individual’s unique gifts. We could bring our lives into coherence with the natural world.

One of the tools that the natural world offers us is the
healing power of sound. The sounds of nature, the sounds of music and the sounds of healing frequencies can all help us move toward mastery. With the healing frequencies in the AMI 750™, we can quell our stresses, increase our vitality and support the major systems of the body, while fortifying our energy fields to help protect us during all the days ahead.

One masterful use of the AMI 750™ would include choosing a
Body Balancing session as a gift to yourself, once a week, to show your body that you are putting aside everything else and focusing on it.  No computer, no phone, no other duties--just a thirty-minute sound blessing on your way to mastery.
The AMI 750™ offers five
Body Balancing Channels to support the major systems in the body. Take the time to experience each one for your vibrant health.

For a consultation with one of our advanced therapists, contact us here:
Listening To The World

At Cyma Technologies, we hear from practitioners, private owners and heath care professionals daily who utilize our devices. People are observing what is happening with their health and the health of those around them. There are many
virus variants reported which seemingly hit the population in waves. These may be new health challenges that practitioners are unsure of how to treat, due to the intensity or the length of the illness. Many of the symptoms “hang on” and seem unresponsive to traditional or natural approaches.
This month, we are going to focus on reports from many that there are digestive challenges that have been linked to a virus variant that have proven difficult to resolve. Recent reports are about the following symptoms:

If you have digestive system challenges that include abdominal pain, cramps, inability to eat, diarrhea    or constipation and fever that continues for more than 5-7 days, there are three AMI 750™ channels that can be used, singularly, or as a two-part protocol.

Here is the protocol that has proven to be effective for many:

Begin with Channel Six. This will help to boost your immune system and fight any pathogens that are existing in your digestive tract.

If this has become a long-term chronic condition, you will need to add
Channel Three for inflammation.

These two channels make up what we call a protocol. (Two Thirty-minute sessions per day). Our protocols are best used for a full six weeks to resolve health issues.
The Digestive System channel will need to be added to help rebuild your body, once you have calmed some of the symptoms. You can begin to alternate part of your hour-long protocol with a half-hour of the digestive channel. For example: The Channel Six and Three protocol on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then change Channel Three or Six to Channel Nine, the Digestive Channel on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Our research shows that the channels
continue to work for 24-72 hours after you do them, so it is not necessary to do every channel every day to receive the benefits. The combination of the three channels have proven to be beneficial, when other protocols have not been effective.

For additional information on this protocol, contact us here:

We always encourage you to investigate using your food as medicine and add meditation or other forms of contemplation to your plan for improving your health. If symptoms linger, make sure to contact a healthcare professional for your optimum health.
The Soundflower Community
Since the release of “The Soundflower Experience With Mandara” course, we have been receiving comments from many people who are finding it extremely helpful to use the Soundflower Experience short videos for stress relief—and also to help them improve their meditation practices.

We are now organizing our very first, FREE “Soundflower Live Experience” which we will be offering in September 2022. Creator of the course and Soundflower Experiences, Mandara Cromwell, will be on hand with Sound Education Director, Kate Holland, to launch this new group.

Creating an opportunity to take part in the power of many people practicing “sound experiences” together is one of the goals of our new online community. We look forward to hearing about your practices using the tools in “The Soundflower Experience With Mandara” course. We will also be offering new “group experience tools” in our connection with the Soundflower Community members.

If you are interested in taking part in this exciting new event, (which will meet monthly), please submit your request to be included in our new community:
contact us here:

Stay tuned for the announcement of the September date for this great new grouping!

We look forward to sharing lots of insights and heart connections with all of you!
Sound Impressions—End of Summer Sale

Many people have their list of favorite things. At Cyma Technologies, our list is topped by Illuminate—the first frequency infused organic rose oil, imbued with the high harmonic of gold, the energy of love and spiritual radiance. 
Also great favorites are our luxurious silk scarves imprinted with the resonance of the etheric body healing frequency.

We have two beautiful choices: 
Since it’s the end of the summer and time for a sale! Here’s the deal:
Buy two or more items and get 10% off at checkout.

You may be wishing for a luxurious silk scarf and a bottle of Illuminate….
Or you may prefer two scarves,..
Or you may want two bottles of

Whatever your favorite combination is, you will receive 10% at checkout!
when you shop at
We look forward to an exciting fall with lots of new experiences for everyone!
Thank You For Helping Us Surround the World with Healing Sound!
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