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 Healing at the Speed of Sound
 Sold Out in Knoxville
Healing at the Speed of Sound
Cyma Technologies is releasing two new devices which will begin shipping on November 15th! We are excited to announce the AMI 850—the latest evolution of the AMI 750™—and also the AMI 500, our very first hand-held device. These new innovations will feature our foundational frequencies, found in all AMI devices, with new frequency patterning and patented delivery systems, to elevate you to the next level of health and longevity.

We have lots of new information on the devices and detailed channel descriptions on our recently re-designed website. We can’t wait for you to discover all the healing potential awaiting you with these brand-new Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices.
Don’t miss out on the introductory pricing by placing your pre-order now at

Sold Out In Knoxville!

Cyma Technologies is a proud sponsor of the Weston A. Price Foundation’s 22nd Annual Conference October 21st-23rd. While the conference passes are sold out for this year, the general public is allowed free access to the Exhibit Hall at 701 Henley St. Knoxville, TN 37902 during this event.
Please join us to be introduced to Mandara, Kate and the staff of Cyma Technologies—along with the exciting new Acoustic Meridian Intelligence AMI 500 and AMI 850 devices!
See more details about the conference here:
Level Up—The Next-Level Science of Sound Healing

Cyma Technologies is excited to announce the participation of Dr. Mandara Cromwell and Sound Education Director, Kate Holland in the new, advanced study of sound course, with long-time colleague, John Stuart Reid, entitled, “The Next-Level Science of Sound Healing.”

Produced by the Shift Network, one of the most dynamic organizations for empowering people on their journeys of personal growth, John’s course will be invaluable in teaching people about the advanced knowledge in the healing power of sound. This new offering is John’s follow-up to his previous beginning level course, which was extremely popular with the Shift Network participants.

Mandara will be a special guest in Module 2 on October 26. She will be sharing the latest developments in the use of therapeutic sound with the AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices. Cyma Technologies will be releasing two of her latest innovations—the AMI 850 and a new hand-held device—the AMI 500 In November! She will also be celebrating the astounding results of some of John’s recent research using the Cyma Technologies codes to increase blood oxygen.

Kate will premiere her latest choreography using sound-made-visible images in Module 9. Visuals of the body’s sacred energy center resonances, generated by the AMI devices and created in the Cymascope Lab in the UK, will be an integral part of this new performing arts video.

The dance, entitled, “Beyond The Sun,” was produced in Augusta, GA, USA with Holland’s group of performers “soulstar contemporary dance company.”  The title of the video suggests a place beyond our normal perceptions-- the realm of the Goddess--where there is no sickness, hatred or fear—only love.

The combination of dance, the sacred sound images filled with energy and light, and the excitement of capturing live performance will truly inspire those who love the beauty of sound made visible. “Beyond The Sun” will have its video audience premiere during John’s course on January 4th, 2023.

Don’t miss these two episodes in John’s amazing new The Next-Level Science Sound study! The course begins on Wednesday October 19th!  You can register now through the Shift Network at
Thank You For Helping Us Surround the World with Healing Sound!
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