Issue 07, September 2019


  1. Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update 
  2. Identifying Translators to assess and extract data of studies in different languages for inclusion in Cochrane Reviews  
  3. RevMan Web
  4. RevMan 5 and RevMan Web: troubleshooting and updates 
  5. Deleting person records from Archie
  6. Forthcoming webinars/training sessions 
  7. Farewell
1. Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update 

The Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) has moved to a new site and has been reorganized and updated.

The EPPR now focuses on the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews only, and in the new structure policies are separated into five groupspre-submissionsubmission to publicationafter publicationgeneral editorial policies; and general publishing policies. There is also a new section 'For Editors: editorial management' that provides guidance for editorial teams on how to implement the policies listed in the EPPR, plus other policies and information specific to Editors.

Most changes have been to update and revise the text for currency, but some policies have had more substantive updates. 

The more substantive content changes are as follows:

  • Policy for withdrawing Cochrane Reviews: updated to reflect that Cochrane Reviews should only be withdrawn under exceptional circumstances (i.e. for reasons other than those that can be described using the Updating Classification System), for example, if there is a concern about the conduct or reporting of the Cochrane Review.
  • Serious errors policy: definition of serious errors revised to include factual errors in describing one or more included studies; the process has been revised to direct notification to the Editor in Chief who will work with the Co-ordinating Editor and Network Senior Editor concerned.  
  • Peer review policy: all information relating to the implementation phase has been removed; and a new section on the process for exceptions to named peer review has been added.
  • Network Senior Editors are now included in policies: following the review of the EPPR content, we identified those policies and pages where Network Senior Editors (or Associate Editors) needed to be included, for example, to escalate issues instead of escalating directly to the Editor in Chief.
  • Review proposal forms: updated and revised to include information on conflict of interest declarations, data protection, and storage of forms. There are plans to update the Review Proposal Forms for the other Review types.

For details about the changes, and contacts for queries or support, see the blog post on the new EPPR site.

2. Identifying Translators to assess and extract data of studies in different languages for inclusion in Cochrane Reviews 

The Cochrane Handbook states that Cochrane Review authors should try to identify and assess all possibly relevant reports of trials irrespective of language, to ensure that all relevant studies are included, and that no language bias is introduced in the Review. This document describes how you can find a translator to help you with assessing studies and extracting data from reports in languages in which you are not familiar.

Any queries, please contact Translations Co-ordinator, 
Juliane Ried
3. Revman Web 

The Cochrane Training team have put together an online training collection on RevMan Web which includes a 'walk-through' webinar recording and a link to the RevMan Web Knowledge base containing 44 pages with step-by-step explanations of how to work with the software. 

FOR INFORMATION – for those wanting to use RevMan Web, here is a reminder of some useful documentation, e.g. introductory webinar and orientation guide.

4. RevMan 5 and Revman Web: troubleshooting and updates 
The Community Support team have recently been contacted by several Managing Editors reporting issues with RevMan 5 (desktop version). Here is a some general guidance about resolving RevMan problems. You might choose to switch over to RevMan Web for certain parts of the editorial process, for some/all reviews. Recent developments in RevMan Web are also summarised here.

What problems have you told us about?

  1. RevMan opening and immediately closing when a file is opened, whether checked out via Archie or directly in RevMan.
  2. Overwritten text in review files when viewed in RM5.

When these cases are reported, the Community Support team always try to check the review out and view it. In many cases, we cannot replicate the problem. This suggests that, if you are seeing these issues, the behaviour may be related to the settings on your machine and your local RevMan installation.

What can you try to resolve issues with RevMan 5?

  1. Back to basics: turn your computer off, restart it and reopen RevMan. Try to check out the document again.
  2. Try opening just one review at a time to see if the review displays correctly (we are not certain if RevMan’s behaviour can be affected by having several reviews open at once).
  3. Test if the review loads correctly on another computer.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall RevMan.
  5. If you are trying to access the review from a university or hospital, please try at home. Consult your local IT services if RevMan behaves correctly from a computer at home but not at work.
  6. If you try all the above and the issue persists, email noting the title of the review and include a screenshot of any error message, if you see one. If you are reporting a problem with the text, send us a screenshot and note the section or paragraph affected.

Are you working on a large review with a high number of included studies?

RevMan 5 is known to struggle to open very large reviews, due to the amount of memory needed to open the file. If you think this is the case, please contact the Community Support team at and we can suggest ways to reduce memory use in RevMan, and to increase the available memory.

Should you switch to RevMan Web?

RevMan Web has been developed to eliminate some of the software issues in RevMan 5. It can handle large reviews well. Why not try it and see what you think? The RevMan Web development team are very keen to hear from Managing Editors who use RevMan Web, with feedback and suggestions. Managing Editors can request that a review is made available in RevMan Web at any time, by emailing Just like in RevMan 5, if a review is in the editorial phase, authors cannot access it in RevMan Web.

You can move between RevMan 5 and RevMan Web as you choose, at different points in the editorial process.

What recent changes have been made in RevMan Web?

When did you last use RevMan Web? If the answer is ‘Never’, try a practice review. If it’s been a while, you might have missed some new developments:

  1. You can choose between Default view (text displayed by sections) or Full-text view.
  2. Full-text view now allows you to find content within all text sections, SoF tables and study characteristics using the browser search (Ctrl+F). There is a find and replace plug-in in Chrome that you can install for more advanced settings such as Match case.
  3. Navigation between study information and reference information in the Default view is improved:
  • You can now move to the next or previous study to edit the study data
  • You can now move to the next or previous reference to edit fields

What’s next?

  1. Risk of Bias tables are currently editable only in the Default view but will soon be added to the Full-text view.
  2. The option to run a Validation report directly in RevMan Web will be added. Currently you can run this from Archie or RevMan 5 after checking in the review in RevMan Web.
  3. Global spellcheck.

If you need any more information, or have any queries, please email

5. Deleting person records from Archie

Please be aware, if it looks like a person record no longer has any group activity, their record should not automatically be deleted from Archie. This person may have a paid subscription to Interactive Learning. If their Archie record is deleted, they will loose their access and Cochrane Account as a result. Please refer to guidance in the Archie Help file. Please contact for further information, and to find out if the person whose record you wish to delete, has activated their Cochrane Account.

6. Forthcoming webinars/training sessions 

Forthcoming webinars/training sessions 

Register now for the Peer Review Week Celebration Webinar! Engaging & Mentoring Reviewers to Support Quality Peer Review

(NOTE: Session recording will be available to members after webinar.) 

FREE FOR International Society of Managing & Technical Editors (ISMTE) MEMBERS! ($75 FOR NON-MEMBERS)

In celebration of Peer Review Week, ISMTE offers this FREE webinar: “Engaging and Mentoring Reviewers to Support Quality Peer Review”. Join us on Wednesday, September 18 at 12:00 pm US Eastern time. We are pleased to feature the following panel of presenters who will discuss:

·        A pilot project for training reviewers

·        A program for reviewer engagement and mentoring

·        A reviewer mentorship program and a PowerPoint training guide for reviewers.

Presenters Include:

Lisa Pelzek-Braun, Managing Editor, Journal of Palliative Medicine: 

Michelle Gaffney, Managing Editor, ASAIO Journal and member of the Peer Review Week Committee.

Stephanie Kinnan, Assistant Managing Editor of Clinical Publications, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.


Meghan McDevitt, Managing Editor, The Journal of Pediatrics and ISMTE Liaison to the Peer Review Week Committee.

Use this link to register for the webinar event:

For more information contact the ISMTE staff at or

7. Farewell
After many years with Cochrane, we farewell two very experienced and well known Managing Editors. Jani Ruotsalainen from Work in Finland for the past 9 years, and John McDonald from IBD in Canada for the past 17 years! These two MEs were very different; Jani often subjecting us to his wit and colourful observations over the years, and John quiet and extremely hard working in the background. We will miss them both, and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.
Contact us...
If you have any questions about any of the above items, or about any aspect of your ME role, regardless of your location, please contact us at
The Cochrane Managing Editor Support Team:
Anupa Shah | Liz Dooley | Sally Bell-Syer | Harriet MacLehose
Managing Editor Support Website
Managing Editor Support Website

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