Issue 8, November 2017


  1. Editorial policy update: rejecting Cochrane Reviews and the appeals process
  2. New standard workflow emails for peer review process
  3. Tips and Tricks
    - What is the CD number of a review and where do I find it?
  4. Information about search and browse issues in the Cochrane Library
  5. Next steps for Cochrane Membership: an update for Cochrane Groups
  6. REMINDER: Copy Edit Support (CES) Christmas 2017 closure details and what to do about URGENT submissions
  7. Welcome 
1. Editorial policy update: rejecting Cochrane Reviews and the appeals process webinars

Cochrane Reviews and Protocols for Cochrane Reviews, and the appeals process have recently been included in the Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource.

Two webinars were held on 28th November. The webinars highlighted the changes and discussed how to apply them in practice with practical examples. A demonstration on how to implement decisions in Archie and RevMan was also included. 

The primary audience was Managing Editors, Assistant Managing Editors, Contact Editors of Cochrane reviews, Co-ordinating Editors, and other Editors. Authors were also invited to learn more about the updated policies.

The webinars were recorded and one will be available shortly on the Cochrane training website. We will announce this in our next Digest.
2. New standard workflow emails

Standard workflow emails

The following TICKET email templates for Workflows have been uploaded to Archie: 
CORRECTED: C5 Review and comment on draft protocol / review. This email template is now for draft protocols and reviews only.
NEW: C7 Review and comment on draft review update

The following INFORMATION email template for Workflows have been uploaded to Archie: 
NEW: C2 Decision: Agree to serve as referee on draft protocol / review?
NEW: C4 Decision: Agree to serve as referee on draft review update?

Workflow email templates can be found in Archie by right-clicking your CRG name and selecting Edit Task Email Templates. As the above templates are system wide ones, you will need to make a copy of it before you can edit and use it.
Further information about task emails and how to edit them can be found in Archie Help.
3. Tips and Tricks
Question: What's the CD number of a review and where can I find it?
 Answer: The CD number is an internal identifier given to a Cochrane protocol or review when published.

If you look at the advanced tab of a protocol or review in Archie, you will see it. It begins with CD, - for example CD003870.  Alternatively you can find it on the Cochrane Library under the published article.

When referring to Cochrane Reviews you are encouraged to use the Digital object identifier (DOI) rather than the CD number. The DOI can also be found on the advanced tab of a protocol or review in Archie. For CD003870, the DOI is 10.1002/14651858.CD003870.pub6. For more information on DOIs, please see here.
4. Information about search and browse issues on the Cochrane Library
Customer feedback on the functionality of the Cochrane Library is welcomed; see on how to contact Wiley customer services. Wiley and Cochrane monitor the feedback, and from time to time, significant issues are raised. There are three issues at the moment that may particularly impact users, including the Cochrane community, and we are providing a summary of these issues. Should you have any questions or concerns about these, please do contact David Hives, Cochrane Production Manager, Wiley (

1. Search index problem for some Cochrane Reviews
There is a search index problem on the Cochrane Library, affecting some Cochrane Reviews (not CENTRAL records) published since April 2017 or any that have a 3-digit year date instead of a 4-digit year date. This results in some newly published reviews and protocols in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) not being returned in search results and/or the links go older versions of the article. All Cochrane Reviews and protocols are available via the browse options or via the table of contents. More details are available at: 

2. Review group filter not finding all reviews
There is an issue with the Search Limit “By Review Group” in the Advanced Search of the Cochrane Library. This means that new citation versions of Cochrane Reviews and protocols (not CENTRAL records) will not be found using a Review Group Search Limit. More details are available at: 

3. ‘New’ tag removed for CENTRAL records
Since the publication of Issue 10, 2017 (31 October 2017), it has not been possible to use the ‘New’ filter in Advanced Search for CENTRAL records (other databases in the Cochrane Library are not affected). More details are available at: 
5. Next steps for Cochrane Membership: an update for Cochrane Groups
 Dear Managing Editors,

I want you to be aware that over the coming weeks we are undertaking a very large mailing of almost all contacts we hold in Archie. This mailing combines two primary purposes:
  1. Informing people they are eligible for membership where appropriate (which includes all CRG staff).
  2. Getting us ready for the changes to data protection laws which come into effect in May 2018 by asking people to ‘opt in’ to future communications.
We have put together an overview and some FAQs to give more details on what we are doing and why and you can read this here:
You are all eligible for membership, so please activate your membership as soon as you receive the email.
If anyone gets in touch with you following the mailing with questions you cannot answer, please forward the queries on to
Best wishes,
Chris Champion
Senior Programme Manager
CEO’s Office | Cochrane Central Executive 
6. REMINDER: Copy Edit Support (CES) Christmas 2017 closure details and what to do about URGENT submissions
Message from Elizabeth Royle, Copy Edit Support (CES) Manager

CES closure over Christmas 2017 and New Year

CES will close at:     17.00 h (GMT) on Thursday 21 December 2017
CES will reopen at:   09.00 h (GMT) on Wednesday 3 January 2018 
The last day on which I will be assigning copy-editing over this period will be Tuesday 19 December 2017: assigning will probably be completed by 10.00 am, so please ensure that I know about any urgent submissions well before then (see below).  If you are not going to be available to put permissions in place on Tuesday 19 December, and have submissions waiting to be assigned, please let me know when you intend stop work well in advance and I will take this into account in my planning. Assignments allocated in the run-up to Christmas and New Year will have at least 14 days allowed for completion.
URGENT submissions with publication deadlines before 12 January 2017
If you intend to submit a review that needs to be published before 12 January 2017, please would you make sure that I know it is required urgently now, and why (reason for urgency and provision of a specific deadline date would be helpful), so I can put it on my ‘expected’ list.  Reviews with funding-related deadlines, or that are contributing to guidelines will take priority, but please do alert me if your search is due to pass the 12 months point too.  At all times, I am happy for you to use capital letters, colours, sound effects etc. to draw my attention to the urgency – polite messages tucked away in the text are easily missed.  Please mention the urgency clearly and obviously in EVERY message concerning that submission.
At present the availability of the CES team is pretty good, and submissions are moving along at a reasonable rate.  As we approach Christmas the availability of the team will reduce and, depending upon the level of submissions, some delays may develop, so I would encourage you to send in your submissions as early as possible, as this will give us the best chance of returning them to you in a timely manner.
7. Welcome
Congratulations to Anna Erskine on the birth of Mhòrbheinn (pron. Morven) Esme Erskine, weighing 6lb 4oz. 
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