Issue 1, February 2017


  1. Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update
    - republish requests
  2. Workflows
    -  Standard workflow task emails

    - Reviews without workflows
    - Pending, Not Started workflows
  3. Recent changes to Archie, v. 4.13
  4. Queries to the Funding Arbiter
  5. Updating Conflict of Interest declarations in Archie
  6. Tips and Tricks: Email link for LfP forms to authors
  7. Welcome/farewell and other news
1. Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update
The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews now uses RightsLink®, the automated, online permissions clearing system from the Copyright Clearance Center. Requests to re-use or republish figures, tables, extracts and entire reviews can now be cleared online and a license providing details of the permission and the terms and conditions of the re-use is available for immediate download.
There is a section in the EPPR on reusing material from Cochrane reviews. Please go to
2. Workflows

i. Standard workflow task emails

ME Support have been working to generate some standard workflow task emails to help you when customising your workflows. The following task email templates have either been updated or uploaded to Archie:
  • UPDATED: PD-A1 Confirmation of title registration (this has been updated)
  • NEW: B5 Confirm receipt of Conflicts of Interest forms
  • NEW: C5: Review and comment on draft
  • NEW D2: Prepare comments for presentation to authors
  • NEW D6: Submit revised protocol/review for editorial approval
  • NEW E4: Decision: Protocol/Review ready for final copy editing?
  • NEW F2: Assign Wiley Copy Editor
  • NEW F5: Copy Edit protocol/review
The task email templates can be found in Archie by right-clicking your CRG name and selecting Edit Task Email Templates. As the above templates are system wide ones, you will need to make a copy of each one before you can edit and use it.
Further information about task emails and how to edit them can be found in Archie Help.

ii. Reviews without workflows

Late last year there were 1006 active reviews that did not have a 'Protocol Development', 'Review Development' or 'Review Update' workflow. To see if any of your reviews do not have a workflow, go to the Resources tab in Archie and click on the ‘Workflows (In Progress/Pending)’ column (11th column). If the numbers are 0/0, it indicates there is no workflow for that review.

iii. Pending, Not Started Workflows

Back in 2011 when we started using workflows, we had the option to set up a workflow but not start it. One reason for not starting a workflow was ‘stable’ reviews, as we felt a workflow would not be used in this instance. However, all workflows should be started, with an appropriate date for the next In Progress task, as explained in the ‘Roll-out of Workflows to all CRGs’ document.

As of September 2016, there were 285 Pending, Not Started Workflows in Archie. Of those, 152 Pending, Not Started Workflows require action by MEs for a variety of reasons, e.g.: 
  • the published protocol has since been withdrawn but the Workflow has not been aborted; 
  • the draft protocol has changed to Inactive but the Workflow has not been deleted; 
  • a Workflow is already ‘In Progress’ but a duplicate Workflow has been selected, and not started.  
To check if you have any Pending, Not Started Workflows, open your Workflows folder in Archie and click on the Pending folder. The Pending, Not Started Workflows have a light blue exclamation mark through the Properties icon, which indicates that you need to click on the ‘Start’ button within the Workflow.
3. Recent changes to Archie, v. 4.13
Listed below are some new/improved features as well as bug fixes that are of interest to MEs.

New/improved features
  • Workflows: When assigning a copy-editor, the default option in the Select Person window is the new generic 'Copy-editor' role. Previously it was ‘Copy-editor (CRG)’.
  • Cochrane Account: The login screen and related screens have been updated for clearer indication that existing Archie accounts are now Cochrane Accounts. Furthermore, the link to the account Help page has been moved up on the page for better visibility.
Bug fixes
  • Deleting an unpublished Updating Classification now actually deletes it
  • Unpublished review could not be set to protocol stage due to a problem related to the newly introduced Updating Classification system
  • Find by name in Select Person was not working for some characters
  • Existing License for Publication forms should not be updated when a new form template is published
  • Fixed an error in DTA review template, which made wrong text box appear under Characteristics of included studies/QUADAS 2
4. Queries to the Funding Artiber
Some of you will have already seen the news item about the new Funding Arbiters’ page in the latest issue of the Reviews and Methods Digest.
There is a new
online form which you should use for submitting all queries to the Funding Arbiters. The page also gathers together a range of resources relating to conflict of interest and Cochrane’s Commercial Sponsorship Policy.
5. Updating Conflict of Interest declarations in Archie
This is a reminder that Editors and the Editorial team of each Cochrane Review Group must update their conflict of interest declaration statement annually (between 1 January and 31 March). These statements are published here Cochrane Review Group editorial team.
What if you have more than one role?
If you have more than one role or belong to more than one Group, there is no need to edit more than one form in Archie: regardless of a person’s editorial role(s) and Group(s) they belong to, only one form per person needs to be completed. 
6. Tips, tricks and questions
Can we email links to License for Publication forms to authors in the same way as Conflict of Interest forms?

To get to the License for Publication (LfP) form link,
  • Right-click on the title of the review
  • Select Reports > LfP forms.
  • Navigate to the author who wants the link and click on the Open button.
  • When the form opens, click on the web address at the top of the screen.
    You can copy and paste that link in an email to the author so they can access their LfP form.
7. Welcome/Farewell and other News
Congratulations to Gail Quinn who will be one of the two ME representatives on the Cochrane Council. Gail is the ME for the Cochrane Gynaecological, Neuro-oncology and Orphan Cancer Group based in Bath, UK. Gail will be joined by Jordi Pardo, ME for the Cochrane Musculoskeletal Group based in Ottawa, Canada.
Contact us...
If you have any questions about any of the above items, or about any aspect of your ME role, regardless of your location, please contact us at

The Cochrane Managing Editor Support Team:
Anupa Shah | Liz Dooley | Sally Bell-Syer | Harriet MacLehose
Managing Editor Support Website
Managing Editor Support Website

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