Issue 06, August 2019


  1. Welcome
  2. Editorial & Methods Department Projects
    - Editorial Management System update
    - Comments Publishing update
  3. Editorial & Publishing Policy Resource update 
  4. Cochrane Style Manual updates
  5. Messages from TaskExchange 
  6. REMINDER: updating or editing your website
  7. Warning about Elizabeth Royle's holiday: 9-23 August 2019 inclusive
  8. REMINDER: who to contact for issues/queries
1. Welcome

A warm welcome to Melissa Vercoe, Assistant Managing Editor with the Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility Group, based in Auckland, New Zealand.
2. Editorial & Methods Department Projects
  • Editorial Management System (EMS) update 

Cochrane is currently reviewing the EMS used by our editors and authors to prepare Cochrane Reviews, and the other content published in the Cochrane Library.

Cochrane uses several EMS to manage its content. The primary system used for Cochrane Reviews is Archie, which was developed in-house in 2003. Over the years Archie has fallen behind the technological curve and the system does not meet all the desires of our users; in addition, the EMS marketplace has evolved since 2003. Cochrane needs to find or develop a sustainable editorial management solution that will serve the needs of our audience and contributors and the time to evaluate our technical needs and options is now. Cochrane requires an EMS that meets user needs, accommodates different content types, and is sustainable.

Cochrane has engaged Origin Editorial to lead the analysis. Origin Editorial is conducting an analysis built with feedback from users and key stakeholders to understand the current and future requirements, evaluate current and potential systems against our requirements, and make a recommendation about a future approach. For more information about this project (Project EMS strategy) and for updates, see the project website and

  • Comments Publishing update

In March the Editorial Policy & Publishing Unit started a project to introduce a new system for publishing Comments on Cochrane Reviews, with the aim of speeding up and simplifying the publication of Comments. We have been working on an approach in which named people in the Editorial & Methods Department publish Comments in collaboration with Cochrane Review Groups. We are still working on the details of this, to ensure the system is reliable and easy to use. We have also taken the opportunity to refresh the full workflow from comment submission through to publication, incorporating the new publishing mechanism as well as clarifying some of the decision points, and incorporating Networks. We look forward to being able to share both the revised Comments workflow and the new publishing system soon, once we have completed testing and sign-off.

As a reminder, the new Cochrane Library platform launched in August 2018 included improvements to the way Comments on CDSR articles are submitted and displayed. Coupled with this was a new mechanism for publishing Comments that are submitted via the Cochrane Library. This functionality was in place at launch, but we were not able to make it broadly available to Cochrane Review Groups (which have responsibility for publishing Comments), due to the need for some further configuration work to ensure usability and security. We are keen for Cochrane Review Groups to make use of the new publishing tool, which avoids the need to use Archie/RevMan to publish Comments and enables the full set of improvements to Comment display.

Comments publishing team: John Hilton (, Liz Dooley, Toby Lasserson, Sophia Wheat (Wiley)

3. Editorial & Publishing Policy Resource update  
The Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) is being revised and updated, and will be released in August. The scope of the EPPR will now focus on the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews only, and all pages have been reviewed following a content audit, (and decision to keep, delete, update, or move each page). The structure has also been reviewed and, as part of this, all policy information from supporting implementation guidance information specific to Cochrane editorial teams. More information to follow when this is released later this month.
4. Cochrane Style Manual updates 
  • Software
    Updated contact details and lists of journals with agreements. 
    Updated GRADEpro GDT reference, to remove 'Date of publication' to make it consistent with other web-based software.
  • English language: regional differences
    Clarified that Cochrane Reviews must be in either UK English or US English only.
5. Messages from TaskExchange 
  • ME Talkback

This is the first of a regular Q&A series curated by Emily from TaskExchange, where she answers questions received from you, our wonderful MEs.

ME: It would be great if TaskExchange could assist in screening helpers for Conflicts of Interest specific to each task. Is that possible? 

Emily: Great question! Our next round of development is kicking off as I write, and soon we’ll be able to announce our new Conflict of Interest feature designed to do just that. We hope it will meet your needs!

ME: I’ve found someone to help on my review and I don’t want to receive more offers of help. How do I take my task off the task list?

Emily: Unpublish your task by logging in, then clicking on My Tasks / Edit / Unpublish. Please don’t delete the task or your helper won’t receive their credit for completing the task! 

ME: Is it possible to add another topic to the task posting template on TaskExchange? This topic area makes up about 30% of our portfolio, so we are likely to need it again in the future.

Emily: Yes indeed. Given the topic makes up a substantial portion of your portfolio we are very happy to accommodate the change, and we’ll be in touch regarding the details soon.

Email your questions to Emily on!

  • Task Exchange updated

The new features are designed to make the platform easier to use for both task posters and task responders. Highlights relevant for MEs are:

  • Task posters can easily assess applicants' conflicts of interest
  • An easier management system for task applications and correspondence
  • Send auto-emails to applicants you are accepting and to those you are declining
  • You’ll be reminded to unpublish your task once you’ve found someone, so you won’t receive more applications
  • Public chat forums allow task posters and potential responders to clarify task details

Scroll down and watch the 20-minute recording to find out about the updates and what they mean for you. We suggest watching the introduction (0-3mins) and then skipping to the section for task posters (9-18 mins).
Or head for here a high level summary of changes for responders and posters.

We can't wait to hear what you think! Let us know on

Best wishes   
Emily and Tari from TaskExchange

  • Migration to TaskExchange for Consumer Tasks

For some time, we have been encouraging the use oTaskExchange for those occasions where you are seeking consumer involvement in your work, by writing to the Cochrane Consumer Mailing list. 

We have encouraged the use of TaskExchange because there are advantages to the new system, including:
  • Adverts can be targeted to consumers’ preferences
  • There will be fewer emails to consumers
  • More opportunities are being posted on TaskExchange allowing a richer experience for consumer volunteers
  • TaskExchange links with Cochrane Membership journey
  • Better management information about consumer involvement

It has now been agreed that from 24th June 2019, the consumer mailing list will no longer be available for advertising tasks. From this date new consumer tasks will be advertised only on TaskExchange.

This is a change from the present process and we have prepared help for you in the form of information, a transition period and support from the TaskExchange and consumer support team.

Please find attached an infographic that explains the TaskExchange sign up process, if you are not yet using this platform. We also delivered two webinars recently and we have edited one of these which can be viewed (along with other information)

For a period of six weeks from the implementation date we will be writing to consumers on a weekly basis with information about current volunteering opportunities on TaskExchange and information about joining TaskExchange and offering other support to consumers.

Do get in touch if you need support or have any have questions about using TaskExchange for consumer tasks. Technical questions about TaskExchange can be sent to Emily Steele by email at, anything else to Richard Morley, Consumer Engagement Officer by email at

6. REMINDER: Updating or editing your website 
The best person to contact about website issues is Paolo Rosati ( Paolo is very helpful and supportive, and if he can't help with specific questions, he will happily refer on to others in the IT team. 

Webmasters user manual ("Group website guidelines and admin manual for webmasters") is available here:  
The same page provides information about accessing photos, but there is also a Dropbox folder of images managed by Muriah Umoquit. New users need to email Muriah to get access to the Dropbox folder (
7. Warning about Elizabeth Royle's holiday: 9-23 August 2019 inclusive 

Elizabeth Royle, the Copy Editing Manager, will be going on holiday from 9-23 August 2019 inclusive.Vicki Pennick, a member of the CES team will be sitting in for Elizabeth while she's away, and will receive and acknowledge submissions, and make assignments.  From 5 August onwards, it would be helpful if all emails about new submissions sent to Elizabeth could be cc'ed to Vicki too (

Half of the CES team will be taking holidays during August, so submissions may not progress as fast usual. If you have anything urgent that is likely to be submitted before the end of August, please inform Elizabeth (cc'ing Vicki) as soon as possible.

8. REMINDER: Who to contact for issues/queries
Contact ME Support (
  • For all pre-publication issues.
  • For all editorial issues that are not covered by the EPPR.
  • For all issues with Archie and Archie Workflows.
Cochrane Support (
  • Membership.
  • RevMan.
  • Cochrane Interactive Learning.
  • Data protection.
  • Other organisational initiatives.
Contact Wiley customer support
Contact us...
If you have any questions about any of the above items, or about any aspect of your ME role, regardless of your location, please contact us at
The Cochrane Managing Editor Support Team:
Anupa Shah | Liz Dooley | Sally Bell-Syer | Harriet MacLehose
Managing Editor Support Website
Managing Editor Support Website

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