Issue 7, July 2018


  1. Q&As from the 'Policy surgery' are now available
  2. REMINDER: Publishing embargo for Cochrane Reviews and translations from 00:01 BST Tuesday, 7 August to BST 00:01 Thursday, 9 August
  3. REMINDER: Cochrane Library launch
  4. REMINDER: Changes to the Cochrane Library Comments system
  5. New PICO annotated tasks now included in workflow templates version 1.5
  6. Call for a clean-up of the Group Role 'Staff' in Archie
  7. Expressions of interest that do not fit the scope of your Group
  8. Module reminder
  9. Farewell
1. Q&As from the 'Policy surgery' are now available

Q&As from the ‘Policy surgery’ held on 15th May 2018 are now available from the Cochrane Training website: Questions asked covered peer review, conflict of interest, authorship for review updates and the rejection policy.
2. REMINDER: Publishing embargo for Cochrane Reviews and translations from 00:01 BST Tuesday, 7 August to BST 00:01 Thursday, 9 August

Dear Managing Editors and Translation Managers,

The new Cochrane Library will launch on Tuesday, 7 August 2018. To ensure the transition from old to new site runs smoothly, no new Cochrane content will be published for 48 hours between 00:01 (UK) on 7 August 2018 until 00:01 on 9 August 2018.

When will the publishing embargo start and end?
Start: Tuesday, 7 August 2018 00:01 BST
End: Thursday, 9 August 00:01 BST

How long will the embargo be in place?
For 48 hours.

How will Managing Editors and Translation Managers be affected?
Managing Editors: Managing Editors are requested not to publish reviews or protocols, during the publishing embargo period. MEs will not receive a publication notification until the service is restored. We also ask that reviews and protocols are not marked for publication during the embargo period.
Translation Managers: We ask that Translation Managers do not mark review translations as complete in Memsource (the translation project management software). This is because marking translations as complete triggers the publication process.

End of embargo
If there is a change in the embargo timeframe, I will email with an update. Otherwise, the embargo will end on the date and time specified above.

Will the date of publication in Archie and in the CDSR match?
Yes. A protocol, review, or translation marked for publication during the maintenance period will not be delivered to Wiley, and the date of publication will therefore not be recorded, until the maintenance has ended and the review is published.

Further notifications
There is also a notification in Archie to remind users of this embargo. You will also receive a reminder before the embargo starts.

Our apologies for any inconvenience, and you are welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

David Hives

3. REMINDER: Cochrane Library launch
Dear Cochrane Community colleagues,

I am delighted to inform you that the redesigned and enhanced Cochrane Library will launch on Tuesday, 7 August 2018. 

Our colleagues at Wiley are communicating this news direct to customers separately and have also contacted users who have saved searches.
To ensure the transition process to the new publishing platform runs smoothly, we strongly recommend not using the saved search function from 00:01 GMT on Monday 6th August 2018 until 23:59 GMT on Tuesday 7th August.  Changes saved during this period may not be transferred to the new site. During this period all other search function in the Cochrane Library will remain available. All previously saved searches will be transferred onto the new search platform with no action required on the part of users and customers. 
All aspects of the Cochrane Library have been redesigned to improve the Cochrane Library user experience including:
  • Improved article design for Cochrane Reviews, CENTRAL records, and all content.
  • Search expanded across all content types, including Cochrane Reviews and Protocols, CENTRAL, Editorials, Special Collections, Cochrane Clinical Answers, and other systematic reviews from Epistemonikos, via a new federated search feature.
  • A new Spanish language portal and discoverability of translated content in multiple languages via basic search. 
  • Cochrane Clinical Answers now fully integrated into the Cochrane Library.
  • Improved search results display, including new filters for all content, and multiple record export options. 
  • Advanced search tabs better integrated, and MeSH search feature improved.
  • Linking CENTRAL records to Cochrane Reviews.
  • Easy navigation from Cochrane Reviews to related podcasts, Editorials, and Cochrane Clinical Answers.
We will announce full details of launch to Cochrane Members, users, and stakeholders on Wednesday 8th August via external communications together with Wiley and our technology platform provider, HighWire.
If you have any queries or concerns about anything else, please contact Wiley customer support team (

I am delighted to share this exciting news with you today. This complex project has been all about improving user experience; we have ambitious plans for future development of the Cochrane Library and these can only be delivered by this move to a new publishing platform.

With best wishes,
David Tovey
4. REMINDER: Changes to the Cochrane Library Comments system
The new Cochrane Library platform, launched on 7 August, includes a new system for the submission and publication of Comments. Cochrane Library users can (as previously) submit Comments on Cochrane Reviews and Protocols, and Cochrane Review Groups continue to receive notification of relevant new comments by email from Wiley. The new system for publishing comments is not available to Cochrane Review Groups immediately at launch. We need to make some further changes and carry out some further tests after the new site is live.
We will be in touch again in due course with details of how and when to use and access the new Comments publishing system, along will full documentation and training videos. Until then please continue to handle Comments as before
current guidance). You will notice some small changes to the emails that you receive once the new comments submission system starts being used.

More information in the
Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource.

A reminder that the new Comments publication system, when introduced, involves three important changes:
  1. Comments will be stored and managed in
    a new system that forms part of the Cochrane Library.
  2. Comments will be published as
    independent items directly from the new system. There will be no need to
    republish the associated Review or Protocol in order to publish a Comment.
  3. The Feedback section of Reviews and
    Protocols will no longer be used for new comments, although existing content
    will be retained in that section.
If you have any questions please contact John Hilton ( or Sophia Wheat
5. New PICO annotated tasks now included in workflow templates version 1.5
Please note, when completing a Protocol Development, Review Development, or Review Update workflow, Archie will automatically start one of the new workflow templates (version 1.5).

If you wish to continue using your customised Review Development or Review Update workflow templates (version 1.4), please Delete or Abort the workflow template version 1.5, and select your customised workflow template.

Currently, your ‘In Progress’ workflow templates are using version 1.4. It is not until you complete a Review Development or a Review Update workflow that you will have the option to use the new workflow templates (version 1.5).

To see the version number of the workflow template you are using, open Archie, click on the Resources tab, and open the Workflows folder under your Group’s name. Click on the 'In Progress' subfolder. In the main screen in the Workflows column (third column), you can see the version number of the template you are using. 
Before adding the PICO task to your customised template, first discuss with your Information Specialist where the best milestone point in your workflow template is to add the PICO task. Once this is agreed, right-click, and select ‘Insert Task(s) Before…’ or ‘Insert Parallel Task(s)… In the pop-up box, click on the drop-down box next to Task Name. Select ‘Other’ and give it the task description 'Check PICO annotation for the Methods section', or 'PICO annotate included studies'. Assign the task to the appropriate workflow role.

Alternatively, follow the guidance in the Archie Help file under Workflows > Editing workflow templates. There is also a training video on how to customise workflow templates in Archie:
6. Call for a clean-up of the Group Role 'Staff' in Archie
Please could you conduct a quick check of people in Archie who have been assigned the Group Role ‘Staff’ in your CRG. Staff members in your Group include Administrative Assistant, Assistant Information Specialist, Assistant Managing Editor, Co-ordinating Editor, Deputy Co-ordinating Editor, Editorial Assistant, Information Specialist, and Managing Editor, and they should have the Group Role ‘Staff’ in addition to their other Group Roles.
Other people working in the editorial office may be eligible to be assigned the Group Role ‘Staff’, for example, systematic reviewers or statisticians, who are paid members of the editorial base team.
Having the correct roles makes it easier for Cochrane to manage access to resources such as automatic membership for Group staff or free access to Cochrane Interactive Learning modules.
7. Expressions of interest that do not fit the scope of your Group
Expressions of interest (EoI) forms are sent to CRGs when the potential author team completes certain categories. Only ‘umbrella’ categories, e.g. cancer, are manually screened centrally before being sent on to CRGs. The Community Support Officers (CSO) team are currently reviewing the process of forwarding these forms to CRGs, so if you feel that this process should change, the CSO team would appreciate your input.
If you have received an EoI form that you feel has been wrongly assigned, please simply return the email to
Membership indicating that the review proposal is not within your scope, and they will reassign it. You do not need to send forms on to another CRG. Similarly, if you feel the topic suggested is entirely unsuitable, a quick email to Membership with the subject ‘Decline’ is sufficient and the CSO team will contact the potential author team.
8. Module reminder
As a reminder, the 'About The Cochrane Collaboration' database (referred to as the "About Database"), which contained the Cochrane modules, was published for the last time on 29 March 2018. Following this change, all functionality related to the editing and publication of modules has now been removed from Archie. The modules themselves, which were previously stored as a custom document type, have been converted into plain HTML files and moved into the groups' generic Files folder. For instance, for the Hypertension Group, there is now a document under Files called "Hypertension Group module.htm". On the Properties sheet of this document, under History, you will see a list of all the published versions of the module. You cannot view the document versions in Archie, but you can download any version and view it in a browser. The Informatics & Technology Services (ITS) team has only maintained published versions and the latest draft (if it existed), all other draft versions have been discarded in the conversion process. Since the converted document is likely to contain valuable information about the history of your group, we strongly suggest that you do not delete it, but you are welcome to move it into a different sub-folder.

How to access your saved Module in Archie
9. Farewell
We bid a fond farewell to Karin Dearness, who was the ME of the Upper GI and Pancreatic Diseases Group for the past 10 years. Karin worked tirelessly on behalf of the MEs community as an MEs' Exec member since 2011, and as ME Representative on the Steering Group. Her contributions on our behalf have been enormous and she will be missed.
Karin has taken up the role of Library Director of a local hospital network, a position to which she is very well suited. 
Contact us...
If you have any questions about any of the above items, or about any aspect of your ME role, regardless of your location, please contact us at

The Cochrane Managing Editor Support Team:
Anupa Shah | Liz Dooley | Sally Bell-Syer | Harriet MacLehose
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Managing Editor Support Website

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