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This Week's Bounty*:

peppers, hot & sweet
summer squash

* Saturday and Wednesday shares may differ slightly week-to-week, though we do everything we can to make them equal over the season.

tomato inspiration



pasta salad with arugula


tomato sweet onion salad

pico de gallo

Also, tomatoes freeze very well for later use in a sauce or salsa.  They can be prepared without any blanching - just core and chop them, put them into a ziplock bag, and throw them in the freezer. 
Farming is the perfect reminder that everything is in constant motion.  Freshly-tilled soil may look still, but we know that it's alive and active beneath the surface and beyond our perception.  A swath of clouds in the sky seems almost 2-dimensional, but has so much energy and movement behind it as it travels through the sky.  At any given moment, seeds are sprouting, fruits are ripening, the alignment of cosmic bodies is changing. Life and death and life made new again.  As biodynamic farmers, we do our best to tune into - and show reverence for - these cycles.  And we are consistently humbled and amazed by them.  

We're observing now that, though the calendar tells us we still have a month of Summer left, the farm is making a transition towards Fall. Our mornings are distinctly cooler and dewier.  The tomatoes and summer squash have certainly noticed this change, and have slowed down a bit over the last few days.  Meanwhile, our patch of brassicas (kale, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower) couldn't be happier with the reprieve from the 90 degree days.  We Michiganders have come to expect that each season contains a little bit of the other three; it looks like our last month of Summer will be no exception.  

As members, you've probably noticed that the shares have been weightier lately.  This is the height of the fruit season - melons and tomatoes and peppers, to name a few - and they are bountiful. This will transition to cabbage and sweet potatoes and winter squash over the coming months.  It's a good idea to bring some extra bags and boxes to distribution from now on  (U-Pick tomatoes are not far off!).  Take some time to walk around the farm and observe if you can, to celebrate all seasons in one.
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August 26 - 28: Hollerfest at Frog Holler Farm
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