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August Newsletter

Please read below for a chance to win one of three $10 gift cards

As many of you know I am looking for full time work. Once I find a full time position, I will continue to run my business. In the mean time I have been keeping myself busy with volunteer work and in September I will be riding in a 500 mile bike ride from San Diego to Phoenix to support mental health awareness (visit: to find out more or to donate). Having a monthly newsletter is a perfect way for me to stay in touch with my clients. I will include a variety of computer related elements in these newsletters.

If you have a friend that would like to sign up they can do so at my website: If they go to any page other than my home page, under "signup for newsletter"  there are a few fields where they will enter their name and email address. After they signup the will have to verify they did so or add my email to their address book so it's not blocked: As always I would like to thank my customers for not only using my services but for trusting me as a reliable source of information.

This month I am giving away three $10.00 gift cards. There will be one from Apple iTunes, the Sony PlayStore and Walmart.These items will be raffled this month. Below you below you will find the link to where your raffle numbers are. If you're receiving this email your on the list. Good luck!


Which fruit has been scientifically proven to have the largest amount of pesticides?

a. Blueberries
b. Peaches
c. Apples
d. Pears

*Click here to see the ANSWER

Want to start selling on eBay? Maybe you want to learn how to do some photo editing. Who knows maybe you've had that all-in-one printer and only used it for printing and would like to take advantage of some of the other functions. I offer tutoring services at half my regular rate. For $35.00 per hour not only can I help you with basic, intermediate and advanced computer concepts or in learning a new application. Remote tutoring is available. I can also help with most other electronic devices. Entertainment systems, mobile devices, phones, etc. Give me a call, I'd be happy to help - Matt 916.534.3245

To win check your name on the "Raffle List," write down your number to keep tract of it. I will be taking a video as I draw the raffle tickets randomly, The video will be posted on my Facebook page Monday morning:, if your number is drawn you will have 48 hours (by Wednesday morning) to send me an email with your shipping information and your preference in order of the three gift cards (Apple iTunes, Sony PlayStore and Walmart).

To see the list click here.

Windows 10 News
Last month I was encouraging my clients to hold off on the upgrade to Windows 10 and I am sticking with that idea for a while (to see why click here). The main reason is that once a user is upgraded to Windows 10 they are no longer in control of whether they install updates immediately or at a later date. Additionally, as of August 21st Microsoft has declared that it will no longer explain or detail the updates and patches it ships for Windows 10. Security updates will still be disclosed, but as far as bug fixes, new features, troubleshooting information, or kernel updates we will be left in the dark.
Don't be fooled!
A number of my customers over the years have been taken advantage of by misleading people. Mostly, these people will impersonate being a legitimate representative from a large company, when in fact... (To read the full article click here)

I never let my customers feel like their being ignored. I am qualified to answer all of your questions. In fact I encourage them, I really enjoy it when my customers are not just looking to get the problem solved but they are interested in how it happened in the first place or how they can avoid it in the future.
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