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September Newsletter

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Hope your computer has been behaving through these warm Summer months, now it should get a chance to cool down. Please feel free to forward my newsletter to a friend who may find it helpful, if they send me an email I can add them to the list. Soon I plan to create a space on my website where previous newsletters can be accessed.  Please see the coupon at the bottom of this document.
Ride to Awareness

The week of the 14th I began a challenge unlike any other I had ever done before. I left San Diego, CA on Monday on my bike rode over 400 miles and climbed over 14,000 feet arriving in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday. Some of the group of riders I was with will be continuing on to St. Augustine, Florida. Ride to Awareness is a non profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of mental illness and helping to remove the associated stigma. To view more pictures and video I captured on the trip click here. Please check them out on any of their social media accounts below.

They can be found and followed at, Instagram @ridetoawareness, Youtube, Facebook: and Twitter @ridetoawareness

My goal for this year was to bike more miles than last year which was a tad over 3,200 miles. This ride put me just shy of my goal, and I still have three months to go!!

My next Planned challenge in the books will be a Double Century in May.


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On my Facebook page I offer computer tips, how-to videos, virus alerts, computer news, etc.

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What day and time is the official start of Fall?

a. Tuesday September 22nd at 2:36 A.M.
b. Wednesday September 23rd at 4:21 A.M.
c. Wednesday September 30th at 4:21 P.M.
d. Wednesday September 30th at 2:36 P.M.

                                     *to see the answer click here


Is free anti-virus really free?

Did you know AVG can sell your browsing and search history to advertisers? AVG's potential ability to collect and sell browser and search history data placed the company "squarely into the category of spyware", according to Alexander Hanff security expert and chief executive of Think Privacy.

For the price of free you can download and install full version of legitimate antivirus from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) (in most cases). If you need help with this I can provide help remotely. Right now you can take advantage of the coupon in this newsletter and have me do this for you for $56.00. All I will need is the login email and password for the primary account holder on your ISP and 10-15 minutes of your time to setup the remote connection. Just give me a call 916.534.3245.

Although not often advertised, your monthly payment partially contributes to your right to download and use this software. ISP's provide this in hopes that less viruses will be spread through their servers.

-Comcast offers Norton Antivirus Free
-Consolidated offers Kaspersky Free
-AT&T offers McAfee Free (if you have Uverse)

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What is a cold/hard reboot and when do I do it?

Normally with a computer for example when you reset it there are processes it goes through before it shuts down. When you do a cold reboot you are avoiding these processes. Sometimes a computer or device will freeze, often this requires a cold reboot. Each device may have a slightly different way to do this, on a PC for example you can hold down the power button for 5 - 8 seconds, on a modem you can just unplug it from the wall for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

There are several reasons your device may freeze and need a cold reboot. There may be bugs in applications which reference a spot in memory that causes some kind of conflict, a power surge, etc.



From time to time I will be offering specials on my services in my newsletters. These discounts WILL combine with any other discount. For example through my referral program I already offer a friend of yours 25% OFF for first time services. If you were to forward them this email and they scheduled service before the end of October they would get 45% off their initial service!


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