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BIG INNOVATION CENTRE's Scale-up Party, Spring 2015 with Rt Hon David Willetts, Birgitte Andersen, Chuka Umunna (MP) & Sir Vince Cable. 

At our Scale-up Party in March 2015 we celebrated our digital platforms and corporate ventures in the areas of markets for intellectual property, entrepreneurial finance, big data, open innovation corporate labs, and innovative business models.

Together with our partners we democratize access to knowledge, ideas and creativity globally.

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Using features of Amazon, dating sites, and eBay, we have now launched the world's most automated B2B marketplace. It's a platform where organisations and people can buy and sell new technology and intellectual property. The goal is high speed and low cost trading. 

If you are a growth company, university, large corporation or individual, join the IP EXCHANGE.
Mike Warriner, Mike Davies, Gerard Allison, Andy Wright & Will Hutton at the Disruptive Forces: Digital Transformation event, held in conjunction with Juniper Networks Summer 2015. 


We regularly run Disruptive Forces events to bring those with innovation and strategy roles together with technology specialists and to consider how cutting edge technologies may impact on different sectors. On 23 October we ran our latest Disruptive Forces session in conjunction with HACKMASTERS, looking at the impact that machine learning and AI will have on businesses. View our online gallery here.
Do androids dream of electric sheep? Read more on the event with HACKMASTERS, and what Andrew Grant had to say on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Big Innovation Centre at the Conservative and Labour Political Party Conferences 2015 
We debated with our industry and political leaders around the provocation “The New Gold! What are Britain’s real treasures?” If you want to get involved with our events at the conferences for 2016, contact Helen Lawrence.
Upcoming Events 
Birgitte Andersen speaking at the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development: Innovation Open Day - 26th January 2016 - More info

Birgitte Andersen speaking at the Westminster Higher Education Forum Keynote Seminar - 1st March 2016 - London - More info
Big Innovation Centre's Thought Leaders:
When it comes to thinking about disruptive technologies and business models of the future, it's all about robotics, artificial intelligence and ethics. It's the same story for buildings, the military, computer networks and so on. This was the essence of our
Thought Leadership meeting chaired by Will Hutton. Participants included Richard Rogers, Martha Lane Fox, Professor Birgitte Andersen, Professor Margaret Boden, Professor Noel Sharkey and Pradeep Sindhu.
Taskforce on Intangible Gold: Productivity in the 21st Century meeting, 2015
Let's make it happen!


Entrepreneurial Finance Hub

Entrepreneurial Finance Hub is now a reality. We provide a financial springboard for some of the world’s brightest entrepreneurs to make their business ideas a reality through phases of business growth. Working in partnership with local and international governments, accelerators, and financial service providers we will provide a step change in entrepreneurial finance support. Hundreds of technology and IP rich companies can now join the journey. To get involved or if you want us in your accelerator or region visit or contact Matt Johnson

Big Innovation Map

Based on feedback from your employees, we can calculate your organisation's Innovator Profile.
Piloted by Juniper Networks, our framework is drawn from the combined wisdom of thought leaders within strategic management, business innovation and entrepreneurship. It builds on our Innovator's column in The Guardian. Why not find out what type of innovator you are? Visit our website:, or alternatively reach out to Philip Roussos.

Environmental Challenge Hackweek
How can we take a new and highly ambitious approach to predicting water availability? Big Innovation Centre is bringing together new combinations of skills and data to do just that. With datasets from the
Natural Environment Research Council built up from extensive environmental research projects, and scientists from Unilever's Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre, we are working with HACKMASTERS to find new solutions.
Academics and PhD students with relevant skills will be invited by NERC to participate in the hackweek which HACKMASTERS will run next year in March, forming mixed teams of data analysts, developers and designers. We look forward to updating you on the practical solutions the teams come up with during the hackweek.
Got your own challenge you would like to tackle through a hackweek? Contact
Helen Lawrence if your organisation is interested in commissioning your own hackweek.
Open Innovation Placement Scheme
Many companies and Research Councils have their own placement schemes for PhD students or Postdocs, and many companies are exploring innovation in their business models. But what if we could extend our open innovation practice into these placement schemes? The idea of the Open Innovation Placement Scheme is to create open innovation leaders through placing PhD students or Postdocs with a series of Big Innovation Centre partners where they will help solve shared innovation challenges.
UCL Advances have agreed to pilot an 'Open Innovation' version of their successful placement scheme for Big Innovation Centre partners. If your organisation would like to co-host an open innovation placement, contact
Helen Lawrence.
Intangible Gold: Productivity in the 21st Century
Intangibles such as computerised information, data, technology, brands, business processes and networks is the
Intangible Gold of our time. Working with our partners such as EDF Energy, Innovate UK and Oxford University; and with involvement from the Bank of England, the Office of National Statistics, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and HM Treasury, we aim to solve the productivity puzzle in a practical way. This is done through use-cases in living labs alongside thought leadership. We think this is the most valuable approach for government, business leaders and stakeholders.
Our Taskforce consists of a Management Board, Roundtables, and Living Labs providing the use-cases where we prototype, test and assess alternative forms of productivity measurement. We plan to initially focus on construction, energy and digital platforms for retail and manufacturing. Other sectors proposed for Living Labs at our December Roundtable were health, finance and transport.
If you want to get involved, or have a proposal for a Living Lab, contact
Birgitte Andersen.
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