D10 News: September 2016 

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Dear Neighbors, 

Introducing, Johnny Khamis on the Record!  
Have you ever wondered how I voted on a particular issue? Have you ever wondered why I voted a certain way?

It is my pleasure to announce the official launch of District 10’s official YouTube channel: "Johnny Khamis on the Record". This channel will be updated weekly with clips from San Jose City Council meetings and Council committee meetings highlighting key discussions and important votes. Please subscribe to stay up-to-date and to be notified when new videos are posted!

To view and to subscribe to the channel please click here:

After following the link all you will need is a Google or Gmail account to subscribe for free!

Let's Welcome Tim Healy to the District 10 Family! 

Please welcome the newest addition to the District 10 staff, Tim Healy. Tim replaces Enrique Navarro-Donnellan who has entered graduate school in Southern California to pursue a Master’s degree in International Relations - we wish him all the best!

Tim is a lifelong resident of Almaden who began his education at Almaden Country School. From soccer practice at TJ Martin Park, to Little League Practice at Parma Park, Tim has fond memories of growing up in the Almaden Valley. Tim has always been engaged in the local community. Through scouting in Almaden, Tim dedicated countless hours to local community service. Tim began his scouting career as a Tiger Scout, moving on to Pack 294 for the Cub Scouts, and finally achieving his Eagle Scout from Troop 290 in 2010.

Tim studied political science at the University of San Francisco and De Anza College. Before joining District 10 as an official staff member, Tim spent eight months as an intern in the District 10 office. After a brief leave to manage a City Council campaign, Tim returned to our staff as a full-time staff member.

In his spare time, Tim likes reading, hiking and camping, and traveling the world. Tim also enjoys socializing with friends and exploring a well-know smaller city to the north of San Jose. 

Tim’s assignments include: Medical Marijuana, Immigration, Civil Liberties/Privacy, Minimum Wage/Wage Theft, International Affairs, Constituent Services, Website/Social Media Management, Special Event Requests, Grant Requests, and Ceremonials. He will also be the District 10 staff lead on the 2017 July 4th Family Fun Festival and Fireworks Show.

Coastal Cleanup Day Is Here!

On Saturday, September 17th, from 9:00 AM to Noon, residents from San Jose and other cities in the Bay Area will participate in Coastal Cleanup Day!  There are 18 locations set up in San Jose, and one of them is in District 10.  Please visit and register to join other concerned residents in saving our ocean and keeping our City creeks and rivers clean!
Trash in our City creeks and rivers flows to the ocean and poisons the fish and other sea creatures that we eat.  Keeping our creeks clean is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  Not all trash in creeks results from homeless encampments, most is from people who throw things out of their car windows, or is trash that flew out of trucks and other vehicles, or was left behind by careless or thoughtless individuals.
Help keep our creeks, rivers, our Bay, and the ocean clean and healthy – sign up today!

Important VTA Updates    

Outreach and New Paratransit Service Update: 
On June 24, 2016, VTA’s Board of Directors took action to end the contract with Outreach and Escort Inc. During a 12-month transitional period, paratransit service recipients will NOT experience any change to their service, policies, or pricing.

Over the last few months, VTA has received feedback from paratransit customers regarding their priorities for paratransit services. VTA Staff held community advocacy meetings, three public workshops, and received communication through VTA customer service by email and phone. With customer needs the top priority, staff has taken feedback and built provisions that will promote a contractor to better service its passengers through standard requirements such as training, uniform and grooming policies, and financial disadvantages for poor performance.

The next step in building a stronger paratransit program with greater oversight is to release a Request for Proposals by September 2017. Bidders are asked to submit proposals by late fall 2017 so that the selection process for a new provider may begin.

VTA Bus 256 Discontinued Update: 
In order to streamline service and improve efficiency, VTA has redesigned service to Levi’s Stadium for the 2016-17 season. Express bus service to Levi’s Stadium is available from Fremont BART, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and Vallco Mall. Bus Line 256 from the Ohlone/Chynoweth Station will be discontinued, but light rail service from the Ohlone/Chynoweth Light Rail Station is a great alternative for those riders wanting to take VTA to the game.

Bringing Change To Development Services & Helpful Links

During my past two campaigns, I advocated for, and promised to work with, the Mayor, my Council colleagues, and City staff to streamline planning and building processes, including looking at the possibility of having contractor-certification/self-inspection processes like those utilized in Phoenix, AZ. Additional improvements include:
  • Cutting the time and expense of small home-improvement projects (Completed! Fees were lowered and a small projects desk was established in the Customer Service Center at City Hall.)
  • Allowing developers to pay fees in payments instead of one lump sum
  • Streamlining the processes involved in opening a restaurant
  • Updating the current, dated planning IT systems
  • Finding other ways the City can improve its processes  
Most recently, Mayor Liccardo convened an Ad-Hoc Committee on Development Services. The Mayor invited me and my colleagues, Vice Mayor Rose Herrera, Councilmember Raul Peralez, and Councilmember Mahn Nguyen to participate with him on this committee. The goal of this committee is twofold: 1) To focus on efforts to speed up the process for very large projects so that they get completed during these good economic times. San Jose currently has permit approvals in the pipeline for over 7 million square feet of office, research and development, commercial, and retail space. We need to ensure that these types of job-creating, tax-generating projects get through the process quickly. 
The second priority is to focus on finding ways to help small businesses start, grow, and thrive in San Jose. I have provided a link below for the Small Business Allie Program, which provides information on the process of starting or expanding a business in San Jose. The City is also developing a program for restaurants so that they may navigate through City and County processes simultaneously.
The City is spending approximately $8 million to upgrade its current antiquated Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement Department systems with the goal of speeding up processes, providing online permit approvals, and allowing access to information to code inspectors in the field. We are also looking to ensure consistency around inspections so that information from one inspector is easily communicated to the next, and is stored in a central repository, so that each inspector knows what was shared previously.
The Ad-Hoc Committee on Development Services meetings are open to the public. I encourage you to attend – especially if you are a developer, builder, or have experience interacting with the City’s development services. These meetings are designed to gain constructive input that will help San Jose improve the customer experience in development services while holding both developers and City staff accountable for their respective roles in the development process. If you have any further questions, please contact Denelle Fedor in my office, who handles Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement for my office. She can be reached at or 408-535-4993.

Upcoming meetings of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Development Services:
  • Thursday              September, 29, 2016       9:00 am to 1030 am
  • Thursday              October 27, 2016             9:00 am to 10:30 am
  • Friday                   November 18, 2016         10:30 am to Noon
  • Thursday              December 15, 2016          9:00 am to 10:30 am
Helpful Links:
Frequently Asked Questions:
Online Permits:
Permits available online:
Electronic Plan Review (Eplan Review):
Business Coach: Starting or expanding your business:

Cahalan Square Shopping Center Update 
In my Mid-June newsletter, I shared the upsetting news regarding the devastating fire that destroyed the 40+ year-old Cahalan Square Shopping Center at the corner of Santa Teresa and Cahalan. The fire displaced 15 small, family-owned businesses and caused a tremendous loss not only for the business owners, but for their District 10 customers, as well.
The San Jose Fire Department (SJFD) is continuing to investigate the cause of the fire. There have been concerns expressed that arson could be a possible cause, so I am hoping that the investigation will be completed soon. I am told that it may be concluding by the end of the month. 
My office has been working with the SJFD to see when the two property owners could begin clean up. I was concerned that the fire damage could attract nuisances and that the smell of the debris would become pungent for the nearby neighbors. Due to the on-going investigation, clean up had to be deferred for a few weeks. I am pleased to share that the clean-up began in mid-August and should be coming to completion now. Both property owners have expressed interest in beginning to rebuild as soon as they are able to do so. The property will remain commercial/retail and will not become residential.
Since the fire, my office, along with the Office of Emergency Services, Office of Economic Development, Work2Future, and the U.S. Small Business Administration have been working with the displaced businesses. A loan program, relocation assistance, and other resources have been offered to the affected business owners. I and the other agencies involved are dedicated to ensuring that the small business owners receive the resources and care that they need. I will continue to keep the District 10 community updated as we move forward with assisting the business owners and the property owners in the coming days and weeks ahead.

WANTED: Mobile Home Park Owners & Mobile Home Owners For Opt-In/Stay-In Business Advisory Committee  

The City of San Jose has made changes to the City’s 1979 Mobile Home Ordinance. To read more about the changes, please click on this link:
One of the remaining issues is the Opt-In / Stay in Business proposal that would provide an incentive for owners to maintain their properties as mobile home parks – an important affordable housing option in our City – instead of converting their parks to other uses. I brought a memo outlining this proposal to the City Council along with Vice Mayor Rose Herrera, and the City Council approved moving our concept forward. The idea behind this was to get both owners of parks and those who live within the parks together to come up with a win-win opportunity to keep parks open by keeping them profitable for the park owners and well-maintained and affordable for the residents of the parks.
The memo from the Vice Mayor and I directed the Housing Department to create an Opt-In / Stay in Business Advisory Committee. The committee is to be made up of 14 people,  with seven seats reserved for mobile home owners/residents and seven reserved for the owner of the mobile home parks. Click the following link for details on the selection process and to view the application:
The first mobile home parks in San Jose were built in the 1950s, primarily by San Jose families who funded the construction themselves, without any subsidies from the City’s Housing Department. Unlike other rental property owners, mobile home park owners are responsible for the entire infrastructure within the mobile home park, such as  electrical, streets, and more. These property owners have not, and do not, receive subsidies like most affordable housing developers do, yet affordable housing advocates often include mobile home parks in the portfolio of properties they consider to be affordable housing. Due to the length of time the mobile home parks have been in existence, the costs for the upkeep of parks are increasing.
Some of the ideas that were shared at the community meetings held to-date include:
  • The offset of infrastructure costs by having the Housing Department provide funding.  If they were to do so, mobile home park owners would have to agree to keep the property as a mobile home park for a set length of time. This type of contractual agreement currently exists with affordable housing developers. The Housing Department provides millions of dollars to developers to build affordable housing with restrictions on the properties in place for a specific number of years.
  • One mobile home park owner would like to develop his park into housing that would serve more families than does the current mobile home park. The concept is that the owner would develop the property into another form of housing – condominium units, for example - in order to provide affordable units for more families while offering existing mobile home owners a residence at their existing rates, thus ensuring that mobile home owners would continue to live in the same location and pay the same rate. Also, existing rent control standards and rules would continue to apply.
It is very important for those interested in serving on this committee to have an open mind and to be objective to allow all ideas and options to be discussed in a friendly, non-judgmental way. We want this to be a win-win for all involved! The application deadline is September 9, 2016—no later than 5:00 PM. Please contact Denelle Fedor from my team at or at 408-535-4993 or Adam Marcus at (408) 975-4451 or for more information or if you wish to apply.
Finally, please share this information with anyone whom you think would be interested in this issue.  

Grand Opening of Rita's Italian Ice!  

Please join me for the Grand Opening of the newest business in District 10 - Rita’s Italian Ice!
When:                  Thursday, September 8th
Time:                    11:00 AM
Location:             5892 Santa Teresa Blvd. (corner of Santa Teresa and Snell)

I hope you can come and welcome owners, Annie and Humza Chowdhry to the neighborhood!  

For questions, comments or concerns you may reach my office at (408)535-4910 or


Councilmember Johnny Khamis 


*Don't miss all the updates in District 10 September Newsletter! Be sure to check the sidebar for important upcoming events and other announcements!

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Latest Happenings  

This week, I was so exited to board the first flight to Shanghai out of San Jose on Air China! 

On August 29th, I joined the new Consul General of Mexico, Maurico Tussaint, in celebrating San Jose's Labor Rights Week. 

I was honored to address the bright high school students from the Ivy Review on civic engagement.  

Thank you to everyone who supported the first Graffiti Night, with classic cars and an outdoor movie, at Almaden Lake Park on Aug. 26th. Let's make this a yearly tradition! 

August 24th marked the groundbreaking of our new San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility Digester and Thickener upgrade!

On August 23rd, my council colleagues and I recognized the contributions of the Small Business Administration, at City Hall. I am especially thankful for their efforts to help the displaced businesses from the Cahalen Square Shopping Center fire get back on their feet.

The Assyrian Food Festival is one of my favorite annual events to attend, filled with delicious food, great music, and a rich culture! It was also an honor meeting His Grace, Bishop Mar Awa. 

There was incredible musical talent showcased at the 9th Annual Mesopotamian Night at the California Theater last month! 

Once again, the Silicon Valley Education Foundation Fashion Show fundraiser was a big success, filled with the best public models in San Jose!

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