D10 News: January 2017 

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Dear Neighbors, 

Goals achieved in last six months of 2016

In the second half of 2016, the District 10 team delivered on several goals of importance to District 10 residents in cooperation with City staff, volunteers, other government staff, non-profits, and the business community. Following is a summary of these achievements, listed by priority:

Making San Jose a safer City

  • Added eight more license plate readers for the SJPD as part of the 2016-2017 budget.
  • Supported Mayor Liccardo’s budget efforts to expand the SJWorks program to keep youth out of gangs and get them into jobs to help them build important, transferable workplace and life skills.
  • Approved and launched, with SJPD, the Safe Communities Pilot Program to improve safety in the Hoffman-Via Monte neighborhood.
  • Completed training for the first new CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training group in years, working in cooperation with the volunteers from AVERT and the City’s office of Emergency Management.
  • Improved illegal fireworks enforcement, working alongside Councilmember Don Rocha to develop policies, adopted by the City Council, to strengthen enforcement against dangerous, illegal fireworks. This led to the issuance of citations and many warning letters going out to suspected violators.
  • Facilitated the creation of the Blossom Valley Neighborhood Association to help improve safety by building stronger neighborhood connections.
Making streets safer and fixing pavement

Three pedestrian safety projects were completed within the July 1 to December 31, 2016 timeframe. These projects included ADA ramps, concrete bulbouts or medians, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, striping, and signage. The following locations were completed:
  • Redmond Av and Silberman Dr
  • Blossom Av and Shawnee Ln
  • McAbee Rd and Peralta Dr
Several pavement sealing projects were also completed:
  • Sealing of Calero Ave from Blossom to Cahalan
  • Sealing of Almaden Rd from Almaden Expressway to the City limit
  • Sealing of Branham Lane from Vista Park Drive to Almaden Expressway
Cleaning up San Jose
  • Advocated for the State’s transportation agency, CalTrans, to renew their contract with the City’s graffiti eradication vendor, GPC, to ensure faster removal of graffiti vandalism from along the State’s transportation corridors like Highways 85 and 87.
  • Wall painting projects completed at Campton Chase and Orchard Creek.
  • Held a special neighborhood clean-up in the Del Roble neighborhood in conjunction with County Supervisor Mike Wasserman and State Senator Jim Beall.
Educating San Jose
  • Approved, as part of the 2016-2017 budget, Mayor Liccardo’s SJLearns program to provide homework centers for youth.
  • Launched District 10 YouTube channel “Johnny Khamis on the record” to inform people of the Councilmember’s views on issues of importance to San Jose residents.

Improving Parks and Trails
  • Encouraged the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority to continue to make strategic investments using taxpayer-funded Measure Q dollars to bring properties in the Santa Teresa hills into the public domain. They acquired one large parcel and continue to pursue other plots that would allow for the creation of a Santa Teresa Ridge trail connecting the Guadalupe River and Los Alamitos trail systems to the County parks at the southern edge of San Jose.
  • Celebrated the first Viva Parks! event for District 10 at Chris Hotts Park where PRNS staff had plenty of activities for children and for those young at heart.
Holding Public Agencies Accountable
  • Drove the effort to shed light on the VTA’s audit of Outreach which led to the termination of the contract with Outreach and a Federal investigation.
Other Activities
  • Collaborated with volunteer leaders to successfully advocate for the historic preservation of the Mt. Umunhum radar tower.
  • Held the fall Youth Job Fair at Westfield Oakridge mall to match youth and others with employers ready to hire.
  • Hosted another successful July 4th Family Fun Fair and Fireworks Show attended by a crowd estimated at over 20,000 people at Almaden Lake.
  • Presented a Blessing of the Animals to kick off a City Council meeting and to promote Pet Adoption with help from adoptable rescue animals from the San Jose Animal Shelter and their human helpers.
  • Held the first Halloween costume drive – Kostumes for Kids to benefit children in the Hoffman-Via Monte neighborhood.
  • Partnered with Councilmember Oliverio to expand church shelter program for the homeless to allow the flexibility to provide necessary care year-round.
  • Hosted the District 10 Faith Leaders Luncheon for faith leaders to collaborate on community solutions and which led to the idea from one of the faith leaders to create a District 10 Clergy Association to assist with this collaboration.

I and the entire District 10 team are busy working on a whole new set of objectives for January through June of 2017 and I’ll be sure to keep you informed as to opportunities for you to help in moving initiatives move forward that benefit District 10 and the entire City of San Jose!

Emergency Preparedness Information for the Stormy Months
We are currently experiencing the most severe winter weather we have seen in 15 years. While it is going a long way to relieve the severe drought conditions we’ve been experiencing, it can create hazardous conditions for us and our property. To help keep you safe and informed regarding this stormy weather, I am providing the following websites for you to visit and share with friends and neighbors:

Santa Clara Valley Water District: Flood preparedness, sandbags, etc.

California Office of Emergency Services: Storm preparedness information

City of San Jose: El Niño Checklist
For issues with City streets – big new potholes, debris on the street, and the like - email

As always, in case of an Emergency, dial 9-1-1 (or 408-277-8911 from your mobile device).

Increase in Minimum Wage Update 
On November 15, 2016, my colleagues and I on the San Jose City Council voted unanimously for an accelerated timeline to implement a higher minimum wage in San Jose. This puts the City on a faster pace than the implementation timeline for the State's new $15 minimum wage, raising it to $15/hour in San Jose by 2019. The State Legislature phased the statewide minimum wage increase to achieve $15/hour by 2022 for large businesses, and 2023 for small businesses. Given all of the other new burdens that businesses and non-profits are facing, I voted against the initial proposal that took an even more hurried approach and provided no exceptions for youth in job training programs. Instead, I supported the compromise for a somewhat more gradual phase-in, taking place over a period of three years, with a training exemption. 
The three-year implementation timeline for employers within San Jose is as follows:
Jan. 1, 2017 – minimum wage went up to $10.50/hour from $10.30/hour
July 1, 2017 – minimum wage goes up to $12.00/hour from $10.50/hour
Jan. 1, 2018 – minimum wage goes up to $13.50/hour from $12.00/hour
Jan. 1, 2019 – minimum wage goes up to $15.00/hour from $13.50/hour
Jan. 1, 2020 – All further minimum wage increases are tied to the Bay Area Consumer Price Index, with increases capped at a maximum of 5% in any one year.

Similar to the State’s model, there are off-ramp procedures in place to allow a pause to the minimum wage increase in case of a recession during the initial, three-year ramp up period. Finally, as of the start of this year, the City of San Jose has a minimum wage exemption in place for youth and the disadvantaged in job training programs, with the lower wage lasting no more than 120 days.

 Business Tax Modernization Gets Thumbs Up
In November, San Jose voters approved Measure G, the Business Tax Modernization ballot measure. The new provisions will take effect on July 1, 2017. The Business Tax is what many business owners commonly refer to as their annual business “ license” fee.  What do the changes to the Business Tax mean for businesses? It means higher taxes for most but more generous exemptions for those with the smallest businesses or most modest business income.
Measure G made a number of significant adjustments to the Business Tax, including:
• Increasing the base tax
• Increasing the incremental tax and making it more progressive
• Increasing the cap        
• Updating the application of the tax
• Incorporating inflation-based adjustments over time (COLA)
• Adding a new financial hardship exemption for small business owners that have a household adjusted gross income that does not exceed four times (4x) the poverty level established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ("HHS").
Businesses will pay higher taxes in two ways:
(1) Businesses will pay a base business tax of $195 instead of the previous $150.
(2) For businesses with employees, the per-employee tax will increase. For example, businesses will pay $25-$55 per employee with a cap of no more than $150,000 in total tax. The per-employee tax will now be indexed to the cost of living, with a maximum annual increase of 1.5 percent of the base rate per employee.
The Business Tax includes those who own property and rent that property to generate income. These folks include mobile home park owners, water companies, and commercial and residential property owners. The City of San Jose is extending the tax deadline from July 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017 for residential landlords of 1 or 2 units – which includes those who rent out a room in their home or an accessory dwelling unit on their property. These small-scale landlords will register with the City and pay the Business Tax owed as of July 1, 2017. As long as they pay by December 15th they will be subject to no interest or penalties.
The City of San Jose Business Tax was first adopted on July 15, 1963. The methodology used for calculating the City's current Business Tax (Chapter 4.76 of the San Jose Municipal Code) was adopted in 1984, and the current tax rates had remained unchanged for 30 years - since 1986.
For more information, please click on the link below:
**Please note— The City of San Jose Finance Department is still developing content for their outreach efforts which will include a refreshed business tax webpage**

Measure E - "Opportunity to Work" - passes, takes effect in March
Voters also approved Measure E, which was referred to by its supporters as the “Opportunity to Work” initiative. The new law requires businesses and non-profits with more than 35 employees to offer additional work hours to existing part-time employees before hiring new employees or contractors. Measure E takes effect March 13, 2017.
The new law imposes new regulatory and record-keeping burdens on employers.  Employers are required to retain the following records for four years:  those related to any new hires; documentation showing the offer of additional hours of work to existing employees prior to completing the hire; employee work schedules; and any other records the City requires the employer to maintain to demonstrate compliance. Another feature of the law allows for anyone to bring an employer to court if they feel that the employer is not in compliance.
The City’s Office of Equality Assurance is responsible for administration and enforcement of the new ordinance. Enforcement of the ordinance will be exclusively complaint-drive, just like the City’s Minimum Wage Ordinance. The Office of Equality Assurance is currently working on Frequently Asked Questions and developing proposed regulations to bring to the City Council for adoption. Once the FAQs and proposed regulations are available, they will be posted on the City’s website – Until then, please direct any questions to the Office of Equality Assurance at 408-535-9430. 
I wanted to be sure my newsletter readers – especially those of you who own or manage businesses – aren’t surprised by these new rules when they go into effect in March.

Mobilehome Conversion Proposed Ordinance Meetings 
The proposed Mobilehome Closure Ordinance is now available for public comment. There will be a series of public meetings that you may find by clicking on the link provided. I hope those interested in this issue will take part in one or more of the upcoming meetings. Your input is helpful as we craft changes to our existing policies. If you cannot attend one of the meetings, please feel free to provide your comments, suggestions, and concerns to members of the City of San Jose Housing and Planning staff listed on the flyer.  
Link to proposed Ordinance:
Link to Flyer:


Secondary Dwelling Units Update 

On November 15th, 2017 the City of San Jose updated its Secondary Unit ordinance to comply with a new State law that allows homeowners to build Secondary Dwelling Units, or Accessory Dwelling Units, per the rules and process proposed by the City Council.
Secondary Dwelling Units are living areas located on the same land as a primary home. This type of unit is usually located in the backyard area of a single family home. The size, design, and parking requirements are regulated by San Jose and the specifics depend upon the location, within the City, of the proposed Secondary Dwelling Unit.
The current, adopted City ordinance includes the following updates to the Secondary Dwelling Units policy:
  1. Allows the Units to be constructed in Two Family Residence Zoning Districts—often referred to by its acronym, R-2 Zoning
  2. Reduces the minimum required lot size to 5,445 sq. ft.
  3. Allows the units to be constructed with materials similar to, rather than identical to, the texture and appearance of the primary single-family dwelling unit.
  4. Per State law, if certain State-specific criteria is in place, an owner does not need to accommodate additional parking for the secondary units.
There were proposals made by various affordable housing groups and residents of San Jose that were not included in the current ordinance.  These suggestions will be reviewed by the City’s professional staff for further evaluation, then, brought back to Council for consideration.   
These proposals are:
  1. Eliminating impediments to the conversion of detached garages or other accessory units to residential use.
  2. Making changes that would increase the number of potential lots in R-2 zones.
  3. Studying an amnesty program that would legalize nonconforming accessory dwelling units to conform with the current City ordinance. 
  4. Establishing some kind of public information effort to help better inform and educate residents on the potential for secondary units.
I supported the City’s updated ordinance for Secondary Dwelling Units for a few reasons.  I feel it is important to allow for different living arrangements.  For example, if an owner wishes to build a Secondary Unit to allow a child attending college to live nearby or for an elderly family member, this updated ordinance allows them to do so. Another reason I support these units is that they allow for infill development to occur without triggering an increased need for City amenities and services. For example, those who live in the Secondary Dwelling Unit can use the existing park, trail, and grocery store - no additional parkland, trails, or retail services are required.

Teach Seniors Technology Provides Accessible & Kind Tutoring Services for Seniors! 
Teach Seniors Technology is a great resource for seniors who would like to learn how to stay connected in our technology driven world. Teach Seniors Technology welcomes you to their classes at the Almaden Branch Library every Saturday from 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM where a volunteer will provide one on one assistance with computers, cell phones, tablets and other technical devices.
Learning how to use these technical tools will help seniors stay in touch with friends and family using social media, email, and texting, taking advantage of the wealth of information available via the internet like websites, online magazines, San Jose Public Library services, and more.

Last year, I recognized Teach Seniors Technology at the State of the City Address. I honored this group not only for their community service, but also for their thoughtful and non-intimidating approach in helping seniors learn and navigate technical devices.  
This group has won many accolades, including the Jefferson Award. I hope that those of you who would like to learn more about computers, smart devices, and technology in general, take advantage of this fantastic free program. This group of young adults are eager to help. If you know of people who may have an interest, please refer them and/or share this information with them.
To sign up for a class, please call the Almaden Branch Library at 408-808-3040. You may bring your own device or use one of the library’s computers. For more information, please visit their website:

Almaden Valley Senior Association 'Out to Lunch' Group Visits La Playita in D10
The Almaden Valley Senior Association (AVSA) hosts a monthly Out to Lunch group. Each month, the seniors patronize a restaurant in or near San Jose. Last month’s featured location was La Playita, locally owned and operated by Rita and her son, Juan. La Playita is located at 1169 Redmond Avenue, at the corner of Redmond Avenue and Almaden Expressway, and the phone number there is 408-997-7201.
The AVSA meet the first Wednesday of each month at 9:45 AM at the Almaden Community Center at 6445 Camden Avenue. The meetings are open to the public and everyone is invited to attend their Out to Lunch gatherings.

Other Announcements 

FREE Large-Item Pick-Up Program
The large item collection program now offers two free collection appointments per household per fiscal year. Each collection includes up to three large items.  For more information, please visit

Report illegal dumping in San Jose by calling the Customer Contact Center at (408) 535-3500. If you witness dumping in progress, immediately call the San Jose Police Department non-emergency line at (408) 277-8900.  

SJPD Hiring for Crossing Guards  

The San Jose Police Department School Safety & Education Unit is hiring for school crossing guards.  $21.39 Hourly (Part-Time/Un-benefited).

Minimum qualifications include ability to work 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon every school day during school start and end times, possession of a valid State of California driver's license, access to a motor vehicle, and other qualifications. To learn more, contact the School Safety & Education Unit at (408) 277-4553.

For questions, comments, or concerns you may reach my office at (408)535-4910 or

Councilmember Johnny Khamis 

**Have you ever wondered how I voted on a particular issue or why I voted a certain way? *Don't miss all the updates in District 10 January Newsletter! Be sure to check the sidebar for important upcoming events and other announcements!

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Latest Happenings  

Jan 21: Thank you to all that supported and brought a positive message to the Women's March San Jose last Saturday. 

Jan 19: It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to judge this year's Almaden Valley Rotary Club Speech Contest!

January 17: Thank you Venture Churches of Almaden for opening your doors to women in need as a daytime warming center. The D10 team had an amazing time helping serve lunch and getting to know some of the guests!

January 14: I was delighted to join members of Teach Seniors Technology in celebrating this year's achievement of an additional FIVE new branches! 

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