D10 News: November 2015

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Dear Neighbors, 
Before we get into this month's newsletter, we wish former Councilwoman Nancy Pyle a speedy recovery from a recent heart incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with her

Public Safety continues to be my #1 priority in serving my district. Since becoming a Councilmember, I have attended close to 100 neighborhood watch meetings and have assigned a staff member, Jose Salcido, to monitor crime trends.  Over the last three years we have seen burglaries fluctuate up and down depending on the time of year and the neighborhood being targeted. Captain Ed Schroder has been excellent in responding to our calls for service. He monitors the trends and moves his resources according to where they will be most effective. Those resources include Burglary Suppression Units, Truancy Abatement Units, and overtime cars. Since June 2015, the SJPD has arrested over 25 burglary suspects in the Southern Division, alone. Some of these arrests were as a result of good police work and some have been connected to vigilant residents who are keeping an eye out for their neighbors. We cannot encourage you enough to organize your neighborhood into Neighborhood Watch Groups.  CLICK HERE to find learn how to accomplish this.

Another reason we are experiencing an uptick in property crimes is the State’s realignment efforts under AB 109 and Proposition 47, which voters approved in November 2014. Both of these laws have pushed non-violent prisoners out of the state prison system and into our local jails. Drug charges have been reduced to misdemeanors, changing the amount of time inmates spend in jail.  On April 18th, our state representatives attended a Public Safety Forum, coordinated with my office, where we discussed the effects the changes in our laws are having in our neighborhoods.  HERE is the PowerPoint presented at that meeting.
On the City Council side, I have been pushing for initiatives that improve our public safety. A police sergeant had suggested placing License Plate Readers on the garbage trucks that operate throughout the City; I presented the idea in a memo to the Rules and Open Government Committee on August 19th: CLICK HERE to view. Even though I am not married to having this technology on garbage trucks, I am interested in using all of the technological tools available to us to make our police department more efficient, especially given the struggles we are experiencing in maintaining our number of sworn staff. I, along with my colleague Tam Nguyen, am also advocating for allowing owners and renters to be able to partner through a Crime Free Multi-Housing Program in areas where crime statistics are significantly higher than in other neighborhoods within the City. My memo made it out of the Rules and Open Government Committee and the concept is being vetted through a series of meetings to gain community input.  CLICK HERE to view.
Last, but not least, my staff and I organized a Crime Prevention Forum on October 22nd at the Almaden Community Center.  Over 50 District 10 residents attended and heard from Captain Schroder and Crime Prevention Specialist Sonia Azevedo as to the best practices to follow to avoid becoming victims of burglary and theft. HERE are the suggestions from our police department on maintaining our safety. In studying crime trends and historical data, burglaries increase over the holidays because people are distracted preparing for the holidays and shopping for their loved ones.  For this reason, we felt it was important to remind everyone how crucial it is to be prepared as the holidays approach.  Please get to know your neighbors and call to report all suspicious behavior to your police department!!!  Even if there are no units available at the time you call, all information is recorded and can be helpful in solving crimes in the future. The information you provide can also be used as probable cause to intercept criminals after they have left the scene of the crime. BE SAFE and don’t hesitate to call my office if you have any concerns about public safety.

$how Me the Money!

One of the goals I have had since taking office is to have the Employee Suggestion Program reinstated. When I discussed the idea with our new City Manager, Norberto Duenas, he immediately saw the value in the program. He worked with Joe Angelo, our new Director of Human Resources to bring forward a new, updated version of the program. I am proud to report that the first phase of the pilot program has just been completed! There was a very short window for submitting ideas this time around, but there were a handful of submissions, regardless of the short turnaround time. Now that City employees are aware of the program, they have a whole year to come up with new ideas for how we can save money, save time, or improve customer service. If their ideas are implemented, they are eligible to receive a reward of up to $5,000!

Another goal that we have recently achieved helps to make the City’s finances more transparent. I first asked former Mayor Chuck Reed to include this item in the 2014/2015 budget and on Tuesday, November 3
rd, we will be announcing the City’s new Financial Transparency Portal on the City of San Jose website. This new Portal, powered by OpenGov, will empower residents to engage more effectively in discussions of the City’s finances. It allows the public to see detailed information about where the City gets its money, where it spends it, and how actual spending is tracking against budgetary targets. The public and City staff will be able to view the City’s financial data in graphical form, and in table form, without multiple .pdf files or static, paper reports.
I encourage you to visit the site and get familiar with the data presented. The link to the Portal may be found on the Budget Office website HERE and is also linked on my website HERE.
Please join me in thanking City Manager Norberto Duenas, Human Resources Director Joe Angelo,  Senior Deputy City Manager/Budget Director Jennifer Maguire, Assistant Budget Director, Margaret McCahan, and Chief Information Officer Vijay Sammeta for all their work in implementing these two pilot projects!

Drought Strategies - Commercial Truck Fills 

In response to the historic four year drought, the City of San Jose has been implementing response strategies that will save drinking water in the region.  One of these programs is the Commercial Truck Fill Program, which was established by South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR), the City’s recycled water wholesaler for San Jose, Santa Clara, and Milpitas.  SBWR was established in 1997, and now serves nearly 800 commercial water users such as golf courses, parks, cooling towers, and energy centers.  The State permit to use recycled water is regulated by the Division of Drinking Water, and provides for commercial uses only.

As a condition of the City’s emergency regulations requiring a 30% reduction in the use of potable water , commercial users may no longer use potable hydrants in providing dust control and compaction on construction sites (San Jose Municipal Code 15.10.260). In addition, City departments such as DOT, Parks, and Fire have water reduction goals for services such as street sweeping, parks maintenance, and fire training that cannot be served by the existing SBWR infrastructure at this time. Due to these needs, and increasing amounts of commercial development, SBWR implemented an emergency response to provide recycled water truck fill access for commercial and City programs, who are large users, and require recycled water to maintain construction and City services, and support economic growth.

The State permit for these new recycled water access points limits use to certified commercial users, who undergo training, truck certification, and provide licenses and commercial insurance.  Commercial users also pay the industrial rate for the recycled water to cover some of the costs of the program.  These users have replaced an average of 8 million gallons of drinking water per month during the summer months, and were able to continue construction while complying with the City’s drought emergency ordinance. 

Residents who want to increase their long term water saving can find many ways to do so including:  replacing turf and water intensive landscapes, which make up about 50% of all home water use, put a bucket in the tub to catch water as it heats up and use that water to flush toilets or water plants, convert washers into grey water systems for outside landscaping, and use rain barrels to collect rain for outdoor irrigation.  Turf replacement, grey water conversions, and rain barrel purchases are even supported by incentive rebates from the Santa Clara Valley Water District.  The City of San Jose is offering a lawn conversion program called Lawn Busters and in November all residents of San Jose will receive Home Water Reports that will help them track water usage and receive customized tips on conservation actions they can take.  

“Every drop of drinking water still counts,” said Kerrie Romanow, Director of the San José Environmental Services Department which operates the South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) system. “We can save drinking water supplies, by making recycled water available to commercial contractors that have appropriate water trucks and that can comply with permitted uses for recycled water.”

County Board of Supervisors Considering Modification to "Sanctuary" Policy  

In other news, the County Board of Supervisors is considering a modification to the non-cooperation or “Sanctuary” policy that prevented County law enforcement personnel from cooperating with federal immigration authorities (ICE), even when it came to dangerous or violent felons. Board President/Supervisor Dave Cortese proposed a modification to the policy to allow for some limited cooperation, which consists of a notification to ICE when the County is preparing to release unauthorized immigrants convicted of dangerous felonies. There are some who have strongly spoken out against any common-sense changes to the county’s Sanctuary policy. Your voices must also be heard.

The Board of Supervisors is slated to vote on the proposed changes on November 17th. The Board of Supervisors meets in the Board Chambers at the County building at 70 West Hedding Street, San Jose. The Supervisors who support making some changes to the Sanctuary policy could use your support, so we encourage you to attend the meeting or to write or call them. To email the Supervisors, you can send an email to and ask them to distribute your letter to all Supervisors. Contact information for individual supervisors may be found HERE

The agenda for 11/17/15 will be posted online on the Friday before the meeting: To hear the discussion that took place at the County’s Bail & Release Working Group Meeting, to committee to which Board President Cortese’s proposal was referred, visit

Meet Your District 10 Youth Commissioner, Parniya Khosravi  

Among the many commissions that our City residents have the opportunity to serve on is the Youth Commission, where San Jose’s youth have served the interests of their fellow school-age residents for over four decades. Modeled on the City Council’s structure, there are 11 commissioners - one for each of the ten Council districts, plus one who serves as a Citywide commissioner. In our 10th District, I am proud to have nominated Pioneer High School student Parniya Khosravi to advocate for the interests of our youth. A bright and talented young lady, Parniya was appointed alongside the rest of her fellow district nominees during a swearing-in ceremony before the full City Council on May 12th of this year. Parniya has been actively engaging the youth of our community, as well as assisting our office with our in-district events.

The Youth Commission is currently planning a youth soccer tournament between youth in each of the City’s districts, and will be participating in the Light the Night walk coming up on November 6th. Within their respective districts, each youth commissioner is responsible for recruiting fellow dedicated youth to serve on a Youth Action Council, and Parniya is currently seeking out interested youth. She is also finalizing a work plan and brainstorming to identify events that would raise awareness towards issues facing District 10 youth. Some of the focus areas that they have discussed include underage drinking, drug abuse, drunk driving, and the availability of resources for youth. As of Monday, October 26th, Parniya is now the Youth Commission’s alternate liaison to the Parks Commission.

In school, Parniya is a member of the National Honor Society, and is active in educating others about her Persian heritage. She serves as the treasurer of her school’s Persian Club, which seeks to expose others to the richness of Persian culture. Outside school, she is a seasoned dancer of 12 years who has an impressive portfolio, having performed as a back-up dancer for Snoop Dogg at Levi Stadium’s first-season opener, at four Warriors halftime shows at Oracle Arena, and in a commercial for the VTA. Despite these heavy school and extracurricular commitments, Parniya still manages to fit part-time duties at Baskin-Robbins into her schedule to gain valuable work experience. After graduation next year, Parniya hopes to attend UCLA to study psychology, with plans to eventually obtain a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

If you are a school-age students, or know of any students who are interested in joining the District 10 Youth Action Council, please reach out to Betty Ramirez of the Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services Department at (408) 793-5559.

Holiday Tips   

The Holiday season brings us together with family and friends, over holiday meals and parties. All these extra activities bring with them more stress, more distractions, and many more demands on our time. When these commitments impact a caregiver’s regular responsibilities – the result can be overwhelming for both the caregiver and their loved one.

Pamela Spahr is a leading expert in the psychology of elder care and caring for those with brain impairments. She is also CEO and Founder of Inspired Caregivers.  Pamela has created the article, “Caregiver’s Tips for the Holidays” to minimize stress and maximize the enjoyment of the season for both caregivers and their loved ones.

Download your copy of the “Caregiver’s Tips for the Holidays” FREE at: Caregivers can also find helpful information, advice, and articles at the “Words of Wisdom” and “Caregiver Resources” tabs on Pam’s website at: .

For more District 10 information, visit or email us at



*Don't miss all of the updates in the District 10 November newsletter! Be sure to check the side bar for important upcoming events and other announcements

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Almaden Lake Park has been adopted!  Many thanks to the Almaden Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for adopting this beautiful neighborhood and regional park.
Will you consider adopting one of the 8 remaining un-adopted parks in District 10?  They are: Comanche Park, Foothill Park, Glenview Park, Parkview I, II, and III, Pfeiffer Park, and Waterford Park.  Find park locations on our website at For more information about the Adopt-a-Park program,email      or call (408) 793-4190.

Design Animation, Build Games, Create Interactive Stories. Build a love for technology that will last a lifetime!
Now Registering 7th-12th Grade Students for Code Writing Kids Fall Classes and Weekend Workshops. CLICK HERE!

Large Item Collection
Residents in single-family homes can have large items (such as mattresses, sofas, refrigerators, tires, and more) collected curbside by their recycling collection company. Through June 30, 2016, the first collection of up to three large items will be at no extra charge. Additional large item collections are available for $27 (up to three items).

Join Our City Forest for the Fall Plant Sale Bonanza on Saturday November 7th from 9am - 3pm the Our City Forest's Community Nursery. They will have free educational workshops on California native plants, drought-tolerant gardening, sheet mulching techniques as well as tree care demonstrations. 

Commission Vacancy!!!
You may apply online at:

Latest Happenings 

It was heartwarming seeing thousands of people on Halloween morning for the JDRF One Walk- Turning Type One Diabetes into Type None. They are a wonderful organization raising funds for diabetes research. Special thanks to colleague Paul Pereira, for letting me walk with his team. GO TEAM AARON!!!

 "Cut our Ties to Donald Trumpkin!"

This year my entry to the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits charity pumpkin decorating competition was the "Cut our Ties to Donald Trumpkin!" and although we did not win the "Current Event/Political" category,  I was proud of our TRUMPKIN! Thank you to my staff for helping put this together. 

Oct 28th marked the Grand Opening of Bass Pro Shop. This store looks amazing inside and out and will provide some great revenue to our City!

On 24th I stood with Evelyn Kendrix to honor her son Eric Wright as we dedicated a beautiful bench in his name located at Guadalupe Oak Grove Park. 

Everyone looked so SCARY at the 3rd annual Zombie Run to benefit San Jose City Parks!
Big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our District 10 Public Safety / Crime Prevention Forum on Oct 22nd. A special thanks to San Jose Police Captain Ed Schroder and Crime Prevention Specialist Sonia Azevedo for educating our community on how we can prevent crimes throughout our neighborhoods.


Oct 21st marked the grand opening of Carrington College's new San Jose campus. This wonderful school trains individuals for various high-demand jobs in the healthcare industry. 

Oct 20th was proclaimed as Polio Day in San Jose and my colleagues and I had the opportunity to honor Rotary Clubs all over the world for their work to eradicate this horrible disease.

I was delighted to stand with the Vietnamese community to honor the achievements of Do Thong Minh, a publisher, writer, and leader for democracy. 

 It was great to be able and show my support for local farming at the 2nd annual Taste of Santa Clara Valley on Oct 18th at Martial Cottle Park. 

Oct 16th was National Boss day! Thank you to my great staff for bringing me a sweet surprise!

On October 15th we welcomed a brand new hotel to North San Jose:  Aloft. We are delighted they chose to invest in San Jose and we know they will do well in our vibrant economy.

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