D10 News: Mid-September 2015

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Dear Neighbors, 

Earlier this month our office said goodbye to staffer, Rayshelle Edmunds. Now I will take a moment to introduce Dora Gonzalez, the newest addition to our District 10 team, who will resume many of Rayshelle’s duties. Dora will be responsible for Transportation, Education, Environment, Newsletter creation, and our Webmaster.

Dora brings an immense amount of City of San Jose experience as she began her employment in 2007 under the Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services Department. Since that time, she has worked for the City in a number of different capacities: Aquatics, Therapeutics, Recreation, Early Childhood Development, Fitness, and At-Risk Youth Services. Dora then transferred to the Office of Economic Development in partnership with work2future.

Before officially joining our District 10 staff, Dora interned for City of San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and later became a Policy Aide working on Transportation, Economic Development, Environmental Services, Senior Issues, Emergency Services, and Intergovernmental Relations for District 5.

Please join me in welcoming her to the District 10 family!

Board of Supervisors may alter Sanctuary Policy 

Last Tuesday, the County Board of Supervisors approved a proposal from Board President Dave Cortese to modify the County's restrictions on cooperating with federal immigration authorities (ICE). The Board approved President Cortese's recommendation on a 4-0-1 vote and have referred it to the Bail & Release Working Group, chaired by Supervisor Cindy Chavez, for further review and input.

The members of the public may submit comments to the working group by emailing the Clerk of the Board at . Their next meeting will be held on October 6th at 9:00am in the Board Chambers of the County Building at 70 W. Hedding Street, San Jose, CA. The public is also welcome to attend and provide testimony in-person, in addition to submitting emails.

It is important that law enforcement have the appropriate tools to deal with people who commit serious crimes in our community. One of those tools is to notify ICE when non-citizens who have brought harm to people living within San Jose are scheduled for release, so that ICE can pick them up to begin deportation procedures.

Converting the remainder of the City's streetlights to LED Technology

Our office has received a number of constituent phone calls and emails asking when their street lights will be converted to the new, improved LED technology. Many of you have observed, as you drive around parts of the City, that many, 23,000 to be exact, of our over 60,000 streetlights have already been converted.

All of the lights that the City initially had funding to convert have been completed. The balance of 40,000 lights have yet to be addressed. On August 3, 2015, the City Manager’s office released the Innovative LED Streetlight Request for Proposal (RFP), requesting vendor bids to creatively complete the conversion of these remaining streetlights with little to no outlay of dollars by the City. The City of San Jose has divided the remainder of the lights into 4 “zones". Each potential bidder may bid to convert all of the streetlights in one or more of these zones. The lights that still need to be converted within District 10 fall under the “South” zone in purple
, shown on this map HERE.

The hope is to have enough interest and qualified bidders to close the RFP application period by the end of October 2015. Presuming this occurs and bids are awarded to all four zones, the City plans to have all LED conversions done by the end of 2018. It is important to keep in mind that this is one of the largest procurements the City has gone through in quite some time. The bidding process is quite time-consuming and the evaluation process will be rather involved, but City Manager Norberto Duenas and his staff feel that we can reach our goal of finding successful bidders.

For further information and more extensive background, please visit the Office of Economic Development website HERE .

For further questions, please feel free to contact Teri Killgore, with the City Manager’s office at 408.535.8102 or at  

Proposal to use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to fuel VTA's Transit Fleet Update

As a member of the VTA’s Transit Planning & Operations Committee (TP&O), where I now serve as Committee Chair, I have consistently advocated for VTA transit buses to run on CNG because I suspected it would save VTA millions of dollars. At my request, VTA staff conducted an analysis of CNG as a potential fuel for the transit fleet. That analysis was brought before the TP&O Committee earlier this month. The conclusion was that converting to CNG would provide VTA a savings of $2.3 million per year and an additional $150,000 per bus. However, the staff felt that while there is this substantial savings potential, the savings would be offset by other costs related to converting from their current diesel fuel to a fleet powered by CNG.

At this time, VTA staff sees it as too difficult to try and support three technology platforms simultaneously (diesel, electric, and CNG). Therefore, VTA made the final decision to not move forward with my proposal and focus efforts on electrifying their fleet to deal with the zero-emission requirements that must be achieved by 2048, as set forth by the state.

Apple and Google - on their  way to San Jose?  

We are excited to share that our City could potentially be the next location for a Google campus, bringing in thousands of new jobs. As they outgrow their Mountain View location, they are taking a good look at opportunities to locate within the growing North San Jose corridor.According to the Contra Costa Times, Google is currently in talks to lease more than 357,000 square feet in Mountain View and are expressing a large interest in 150,000 square feet or more in North San Jose.Apple has also been setting the stage for a huge expansion in North San Jose through various leases and property purchases that could amount to more than 2 million square feet, which would allow Apple to employ up to 10,000 technology workers in San Jose.

It is exciting to see San Jose living up to our "Capital of Silicon Valley" moniker and becoming the epicenter of Silicon Valley. In addition to the benefit of immense job growth in helping to correct the City's historical jobs/housing imbalance, these new facilities generate tax revenue to help us provide services to the residents of San Jose. I look forward to keeping you updated as negotiations continue!  

Mondays at Almaden Lake 

I’m delighted to announce that Almaden Lake is now open on Mondays! Many people have asked for this to happen and this year I was able to fund the extra park maintenance staff from the District 10 budget allocation. As this is also a priority for the Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services (PRNS) Department, they have assured me that they will be able to retain this employee past this year in order to keep the park open. Almaden Lake is one of four regional parks in San Jose, and PRNS hopes to open the others as part of next year’s budget.
We will be hosting a Grand Opening celebration on Monday, October 5, 2015, at 10:00 AM, near the Bocce courts on the Winfield side of the lake. You are invited to attend and I look forward to celebrating with you! Light refreshments will be served.

District 10 Internship Opportunities 

The District 10 Council Office is currently seeking responsible, civically-minded individuals for unpaid internship opportunities.  If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about public policy, city government, or community building, contact us about this great opportunity!  For high school students, this is the perfect chance to earn community service hours and it is a great resume-builder for college students.  For more information, email Shane Patrick Connolly at the District 10 Council Office at or call us at 408-535-4910. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding what you’ve read in this newsletter, please feel free to contact me at 508-535-4910 or email my office at  You can also check out my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. Continue reading for more important announcements and upcoming events throughout District 10 and the City of San Jose.


*Don't miss all of the updates in the District 10 mid-September newsletter. Be sure to check the side bar for articles from our Santa Clara VAlley Water District Board Representative, Linda LeZotte, and special events like this Saturday's STOP-IT Identity Theft Symposium

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