D10 News: May 2016 

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Dear Neighbors, 
Help STOP Graffiti & Illegal Dumping 
I am sure all of you are as frustrated as I am when you drive around our scenic district and take in the natural beauty of it, only to be disturbed by unsightly graffiti or a sofa lying on the side of the road. We need to put an end to this blight!

To that end, on May 3rd, my colleagues unanimously approved my recommendation that we begin the Report and Reward program to deter graffiti and illegal dumping. Mayor Liccardo, Vice Mayor Herrera, and Councilmembers Carrasco and Peralez joined me in authoring a memo that focused on ways to prevent the scourge of illegal dumping and graffiti vandalism in our neighborhoods, such as by offering rewards of up to $1,000.00 for each tip that leads to arrests or fines against graffiti vandals and those dumping illegally within San Jose. We also want to
expand the use of technology to make it as easy to report illegal dumping as it is to report graffiti and to help catch people who despoil our community.

Aside from offering rewards for those who turn in graffiti vandals and dumpers, the action we took this week authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a shared data agreement with Graffiti Protective Coatings (GPC) to make it easier for businesses and private property to easily report vandals to GPC for clean-up and to SJPD for investigative follow-up.  When it comes to illegal dumping there will also be a shared data agreement that will ultimately convey reports to Code Enforcement.

City staff will report back on progress toward the objectives spelled out in our memo in winter 2016.  In the meantime, I want to insure that all District 10 residents are aware of the tools available to us to fight this blight.  The City relies on each of us to report graffiti that we see and it is easy to do so if you have a smart phone! Just search the Android or Apple app store for the San Jose Clean app. Once you’ve downloaded the free app, it is extremely easy to photograph and report the graffiti, which generates a work order to get the graffiti cleaned up within 48 hours.  You will even receive a message after the clean-up is completed with a photo of the clean surface (fence, wall, tree, etc.).  If you don’t have a smart phone, you can instead call in the location and details about the graffiti to 1-866-249-0543 or send email the information (with photos, if you have them) to .

When it comes to illegal dumping, calls are made to the City’s Environmental Services Department. We are trying to bring the same efficiencies that exist in reporting graffiti to the reporting of illegal dumping, but, in the meantime, please visit this link to report any illegal dumping found in your neighborhood or anywhere else your travels may take you: 

Let’s keep District 10 clean so that we all may continue to enjoy our beautiful surroundings!!!

D10 Community Cares
On the weekend of April 16th & 17th, Beautiful Day projects happened all over San Jose and in surrounding areas.  District 10 residents joined with the Almaden Kiwanis Club and the Beautiful Day group from Westgate Church to do make-overs at Parma Park and Almaden Elementary School.  At Parma Park, the wrought iron fence was scraped by hand to remove rust, and old, peeling paint.  Then a fresh, new coat of paint was added.  Weeds were pulled, bark was spread, and the place looks like new again!

Almaden Elementary also received a lot of love that weekend.  The Kinder room was painted, the playground was painted with colorful 4-square courts, number boxes, USA maps, and counting caterpillars; the planted areas were refreshed; and teachers and staff each received a box of supplies and gifts to let them know how much they are appreciated.  Thank you Beautiful Day – WestGate for organizing and funding these fantastic projects!

This past Saturday, April 30th, was another exciting day in D10!  First, Frost Elementary received a much needed makeover, organized by Principal Manuel Villalpando and Comcast Cares. Approximately 900 people from Comcast, the surrounding community, school families, churches, and non-profits, showed up at 8:00 AM to get an early start on a very long and productive day.  Murals, walls, and doors were painted, bathroom plumbing was repaired, basketball backboards were replaced, the parking lot was restriped, trees were trimmed, and planted areas were refreshed with new bark and plants.  Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this amazing transformation possible!

Another wonderful project that happened on Saturday was an Eagle Scout project organized and completed by Jason Rauchwerk and his scouting friends and families from Troop 294.  They built a new fence in the dirt area at the end of Camden Avenue where it dead-ends into Harry Road.  This new fence is not only attractive, it will prevent bicyclists from cutting across the dirt and endangering pedestrians who are walking on the sidewalk.  Residents recently called my office to ask for this needed fence and I was happy to help bring together the Parks Department and Jason to get it done. Big thanks to Jason and Troop 294!

Thank You San Jose Elks
As many of you know, community service is very important to me.  I am an active member of the Kiwanis Club of Almaden, and my family and I participate in local park clean-ups and tree plantings with various neighborhood associations and park adopters. And so it is with great pleasure that I tell you about an organization that is doing a wonderful service for the community.

San Jose Elks Lodge #522 has been picking up trash along Highway 85 and Highway 87 since 1999.  Every month, their Highway Team goes out and picks up trash and other debris, and emails out a report of their efforts.  On March 19th, they picked up 23 bags of trash, 1 baby pool, a cooler, and a bag full of insulation that had been scattered down the highway and an off-ramp. 

Usually their efforts are mostly concentrated on the District 9 portions of the highways, but this month they included the Santa Teresa on and off-ramps to Highway 87, for both the northbound and southbound lanes, which are in District 10. Please join me in sending them a note of appreciation for all their hard work. To learn more about the San Jose Elks, visit

It's Time For A Neighborhood Watch

During the last two months, I have noticed a drop in requests for Neighborhood Watch meetings.  This concerns me, because whenever I see us become complacent burglaries start to rise.  Burglary is a crime of opportunity. Most burglars drive the neighborhoods before they decide to strike; this is called “casing the neighborhood.” If the burglar finds himself or herself on a Neighborhood Watch block, he or she is going to think twice before deciding to break into your house. The reason Neighborhood Watch groups are so effective in deterring crime is because the neighbors in those groups are watching out for one another.

As all of you know, our police department’s staffing is stretched thin and they are trying everything they can to keep us safe.  In the last 60 days they have arrested 10 suspects for burglary, but they can’t do it alone.  We must provide them the information they need to make their job easier.  Neighborhood Watch meetings are the best way to prepare our residents to do that.  They teach our residents how to be good witnesses and how to identify suspicious activity that warrants a call to the police.  If you have not participated in, or organized, a Neighborhood Watch group on your block, please contact the SJPD Crime Prevention Unit at or call at 408-277-4133. Let’s help keep our neighborhoods safe!

Santa Teresa Foothills - One Down, More To Go

One of the things I have been working on since 2013 is seeing that the various parcels of land in the Santa Teresa foothills are acquired for public open space.  In 2014, I successfully convinced the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (OSA) to include those parcels on their list of target properties for purchase with Measure Q funds. In November, 2014 voters passed Measure Q, a parcel tax of $24 per year for 15 years to be used to acquire, improve, and protect natural open space areas.

Last year, the OSA began reaching out to the property owners of those parcels. The Sanfilippo family was the first to engage in negotiations and reach an agreeable price. However, the OSA didn’t yet have all the funds they needed to complete the transaction.  This past March, my colleagues and I on the City Council unanimously agreed to allow the funds that the OSA sets aside for open space in the City of San Jose to be used for the purchase of the Sanfilippo parcel.  With the use of those funds, the OSA was able to successfully complete the purchase of the first parcel in the Santa Teresa foothills.

In addition to preserving the land for future generations, if the OSA is successful in purchasing all the parcels, they will create a trail for the public to gain access to the land. They are currently in the process of taking steps toward acquiring two more parcels.  One of the parcels would have a portion of the property dedicated to the City for the creation of a trail entrance.  I will continue to keep an eye on these properties and help the OSA in any way I can.

Apartment Rent Ordinance Changed from 8% to 5%

As I shared in my previous District 10 newsletter, San Jose’s 1979 Apartment Rent (ARO) Ordinance came before the City Council on Tuesday, April 19th.  Over the past year or so, the City held a variety of meetings to gather input from tenants, owners, and the overall community. In their final report to the Council, the City’s Housing Department staff recommended changing the current 8% cap on annual rent increases to no more than the change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), currently running at about 2.3%.
The discussion for this topic started at about 5:00 PM and continued well into the early morning hours, concluding about 2:30 AM.  Over 500 people attended the meeting, many of whom provided input to the Council. After a thoughtful discussion, and after a change from 8% to 6% that I offered with some of my colleagues was rejected, the Council majority decided to reduce the current cap from 8% to 5% as a compromise. Although I would have ultimately preferred to keep the CAP at 8%, I am very proud of the council for working together to approve a 5% cap instead of the Housing Department’s CPI-based cap. Here is the link for the April 19th meeting:

As a bit of background in case you missed the last newsletter, the City of San Jose proposed changes to the existing ARO Ordinance. The Ordinance pertains to apartments with four or more units and built before 1979 must comply with San Jose’s ARO Ordinance which had  an 8% cap on maximum annual rent increases, restricts pass-through of the costs of improvements via rental increases without City approval, and more.  67% of apartment rental units are not even subject to rent control. Only 33% of apartment rental units are subject to rent control. The 33% of rental units that are subject to the ARO – these are the apartments that would be affected by changes to the ARO program. These are not the high-rent units with the huge annual rent increases that we have seen written about in the newspapers and talked about in television news reports. In fact, most of the rent-controlled units already have lower rents than the average rent in San Jose and the majority of the rent-controlled properties are mom-and-pop owned – they are owned by people like you and me.

Although the ARO cap issue has been decided by Council, there are four remaining issues pertaining to the ARO that the Council will discuss and take action on at the May 10, 2016 City Council meeting.  I have listed the issues and brief descriptions below.
  1. City Housing Staff is asking for Council to support adopting an Ellis Act ordinance to address the process to be followed for owners of ARO apartments subject to the ARO (ARO apartments) seeking to remove their building from the rental business.
Staff wants the Council to put restrictions on private owners’ property rights that wish to remove their own private property from being a rental property.
  1. City Housing Staff is asking the Council to support their (Housing staff) demolition provisions in the zoning code and to coordinate with PBCE as needed regarding updating those provisions in order to address the demolition of ARO apartments.
Staff wants the Council to put restrictions on private property owners’ property rights regarding if or when a private property owners wishes to demolish a building built before 1979 to build a new building.
  1. City Housing Staff is asking the Council to support their (Housing staff) recommendations to review the City’s condominium conversion provisions in Chapter 20.170 to and coordinate with PBCE as needed regarding updating those provisions in order to address the conversion of ARO apartments.
Staff wants the Council to put restrictions on private property owners’ property when or if an owner chooses to convert their private property apartment building to condos’.
  1.  Direct staff to return with a plan to increase staffing to sufficiently administer, monitor, and enforce requirements of ARO.
Housing staff wants to hire 30+ employees, adding to their already 50+ employees at an additional cost of over $11 million dollars per year.

I encourage you to stay informed.  I have provided the following so that you can review the report from City staff and other materials:

Almaden Community Center & Library's 10th Anniversary Celebration

Everyone is invited to celebrate Almaden Library and Community Center’s 10th birthday party! The celebration will be held on Saturday, May 7, 2016, 10:45 AM to 3:00 PM, with a petting zoo, balloons, a ventriloquist, cake, crafts, local leaders, and the Castillero Orchestra!  

Innovation Ed : Big Changes, Local Action 

Discover how innovative people, programs, and organizations are transforming education and inspiring new ideas for teen learning. Hear from visionary local leaders including Gever Tully (Brightworks School), David Blake (Degreed), Brett Schilke (Singularity University), Amir Nathoo (Outschool), Erica Cosgrove (Khan Lab School), and more!
Date: Saturday, May 14, 2016
Location: Microsoft, Mountain View, CA
Hosted by: CoderDojo Silicon Valley

Registration is now open!  Early Bird pricing ends April 20th. For more information about speakers, event schedule and how to get tickets, please visit the
 Innovation Ed event website. Teens interested in having their voices heard at the Innovation Ed event can request video submissions here.

Family Camp Registration Is NOW OPEN 
San Jose’s Family Camp is located in the heart of the Sierras near Yosemite National Park, just east of Groveland, California. Family Camp is situated on 47 acres of leased land from the U.S. Forest Service. The Stanislaus National Forest and the middle fork of the Tuolumne River serve as the scenic backdrop to this mountain playground. 

Family Camp at Yosemite provides an all-inclusive camping experience where guests of all ages can fish, hike, swim, participate in organized programs, or just sit back, relax and take it easy. Reserve your tent today for the 2016 camping season (June 10 - August 7). For questions, please contact staff at (408) 794-6208 or

3rd Annual July 4th Family Fun Festival Preparations Are going Strong

A big THANK YOU to our current sponsors:
Yellow Checker Cab—50+ years in business in San Jose!; Cinnabar Hills Golf Club/Brandenburg Golf Museum; Naprotek Inc.; Mill Creek Residential; Davidson Foundation; Forest Consulting, LLC; Hunter Storm Properties; Del Grande Dealer Group (DGDG); R & C Brown Associates; PG&E; Almaden Senior Association; Signature Flight; JSM Enterprises; WMH Corporation; California Waste Solutions; Santa Clara County Association of Realtors; and District 10 Resident Dan Buzzuto.

SPONSOR TODAY! If you know of a person (could that be you?!) or company that would like to sponsor this event, please contact Denelle Fedor, my council assistant, at This event costs money to put together successfully and every amount counts. Contact my office to learn how you can become a sponsor.
DONATE TODAY! You can donate by going to the Almaden Valley Women’s Club (AVWC) at to donate directly to the July 4th Event! (The AVWC is our fiscal agent)
We have many jobs for volunteers. We need volunteers to help at the Write a Letter to a Soldier tables, check in attendees, handle trash pick-up, and more. Everyone interested in volunteering must register with Denelle before Friday, June 24th by 7:00 PM. All volunteers are required to sign a liability form and go through a brief overview/training of your area of interest to volunteer. Please note, we are not accepting volunteer sign-ups on July 4th.
We need donations of new paper/stationery, pens, pencils envelopes, crayons, coloring pencils, and other items that can be used to write letters to our current active soldiers throughout the world.  We prefer to have donations that include new paper and items that are unused or gently used. All donations of paper/envelopes/etc. need to be provided on or by Friday June 24th. Donations Will Not be accepted on July 4th. Writing letters to our military is very important for their morale and we hope to have at least/over 1000 letters to send. Please contact Denelle in my office to coordinate.
We are very fortunate to have the following two local businesses provide a Community Fundraising Day specifically for bringing awareness to the importance of supporting the 3rd Annual Family Fun Festival by sharing part of their profits (from their full day of business!!) with us. 
Stop by anytime at the locations/dates listed below and the profit totals for the day will go toward funding the July 4th event. Please be sure to let those who assist you (servers, cashiers, etc.) that you are there to support Councilmember Khamis’ July 4th Family Fun Festival so that these kind businesses can recognize this patriotic event!
Buffalo Wild Wings
Date:                     Wednesday, May 25th
Time:                     11:00 AM to 2:00 AM
Location:              859 Blossom Hill Road San Jose, CA 95123
Sweet Rendezvous
Date:                     Monday, June 6th
Time:                     12:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location:              668 Blossom Hill Road San Jose, CA 95123
                                (In the Sunrise Plaza Shopping Center)
For any further questions, inquiries, etc., please contact Denelle Fedor at 408-535-4993 or


For questions, comments or concerns you may reach my office at (408)535-4910 or



*Don't miss all the updates in District 10 May Newsletter! Be sure to check the sidebar for important upcoming events and other announcements!

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Latest Happenings

This Tuesday, my Council colleagues and I proclaimed it Small Business Week and Older Americans Month in San Jose to recognize these deserving communities. 

Congratulations to Simonds Elementary School for celebrating its 50th Anniversary on April 30, 2016. One of the many great schools in my district!

It was great to attend this year's YMCA Silicon Valley Spring Social. Thank you YMCA for all that you do for our children.  

A huge THANK YOU to the more than 250 volunteers and my hardworking staff for making this years' Great American Litter Pick Up one of the most successful in our district! Our volunteer force was second only to District 3's, so thank you to all who participated! 

On April 22nd, the City of San Jose was honored to have 7 more police officers join the ranks of our SJPD and 2 additional officers joined San Jose State University. 

Thank you to the 3rd grade students of Los Alamitos for visiting us at City Hall last month. 

April 22nd marked VTA's celebration of 40 years of service in honor of Earth Day! 

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