D10 News: October 2015

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Dear Neighbors, 

On Tuesday, September 29th, San Jose lost an extraordinary man who has been a friend and champion of all that is good in our City, and I lost a dear friend. Dave Fadness was a man of integrity, determination, humility, and respect. It was an honor to know him and serve with him.
A little over a year ago, Dave fell from a ladder and became paralyzed from the shoulders down. Due to complications, he was never able to leave the hospital. Throughout his ordeal, he continued to live a life of concern and passion for serving our community. He never let his medical issues interfere with his goal of helping all the residents of San Jose.  
We are all better for knowing and serving with Dave. He led by example and his passing leaves a huge void in our community. He and his wife, Aiko, have been an inspiration. He cannot be replaced and will forever be remembered by us all.

 In Memoriam: David Fadness 

Board of Supervisors Housing Task Force: Your Advocacy Works!  

When news broke that the preliminary report from the County’s Housing Task Force suggested using the empty parking lot on Camden and Almaden Expressway as a place for homeless people with vehicles to park overnight, under the Safe Parking Program, residents flooded my office with phone calls and email. It was exciting to see so many people willing to speak up and get involved in an issue of importance to our community.
Beyond just contacting my office, residents also contacted several of the County Supervisors. Likely due to the huge response, the County Staff did not include the Almaden/Camden parking lot in their recommendations presented to the Board of Supervisors at the September 15th meeting.

Even so, many people still attended the Board of Supervisors meeting, some waiting 4-5 hours for their time to speak. While conveying concern and compassion for homeless people, they made it clearly known that they did not want the Camden/Almaden parking lot to be considered for the overnight Safe Parking Program, at any time in the future. They shared that the lot, in a residential neighborhood and not located near supportive services, was an inappropriate location for such a facility. Board President Dave Cortese and Supervisor Mike Wasserman clearly stated that the lot was not being recommended, nor would it be considered, for the Safe Parking Program.
It was great to see so many people engaged on this issue. It is also encouraging to know that a number of you are still interested in the conversation about the serious problem of homelessness in San Jose. With the prediction of a strong El Nino on the way this winter, the concern about helping people get out of our creeks, parks, and streets, and into some sort of shelter, is very high. This topic will be the subject of several upcoming Council Meetings.
Although human services are primarily a County responsibility, the City of San Jose has also been investing significant time and resources in alleviating homelessness in our community. At the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, September 22nd, there was a very informative discussion on the homelessness issue Scroll down to the City Council/Redevelopment/Committee Meetings section of the page and select the video for the 9/22/15 City Council meeting. NOTEthe link will work best with Internet Explorer, and may not work with Chrome. The Agenda appears on the screen to the right of the video and you can scroll down to see links to the memos for each item.  

The Housing Department made presentations at the beginning of agenda items 4.4 and 4.5, followed by comments from the public and questions from the City Council. For a deeper and broader understanding of the complexity of the homelessness issue and to learn about the solutions that are being considered, I encourage you to watch the segment of the Council Meeting that covers these two items. The entire meeting was five hours long, but you can fast forward to item 4.4, which starts at about the 1:32 time stamp. Both items can be viewed in about three hours to the 4:34 time stamp.
One of the last things discussed was a suggestion by Councilmember Rocha to have the County’s Housing Task Force report brought to the Council for review and discussion. Having the Council review the report will help inform the Council on where County and City services work together or overlap, so watch for that at a future City Council meeting.
As always, if you would like to talk further about this or any other topic, feel free to contact my office at or 408-535-4910. You can also meet with me in the District at my upcoming Community Office Hours on October 7
th or 10th.

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program 

Councilmember Tam Nguyen and I, with input from two of our colleagues, have proposed that the City move forward on a Crime Free Multi-Housing program in San Jose. This is something that the police department has discussed with various stakeholders over the past two years, and we want to ensure that this successful, opt-in program is made available to property owners and residents of rental properties here. The Rules Committee will hear the item at their meeting at 2 PM this coming Wednesday in the meeting rooms W-118/120 in the Council Wing at San Jose City Hall. You can help to move this program forward by coming to speak out during public testimony!
The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program allows for residents of multi-family dwellings to feel safe to Report crime knowing that the police will Respond to address the situation, and so that the property owner may Remove criminals that are victimizing the neighborhood. It is a comprehensive, opt-in tool that is administered by the police department and involves in-depth, annual training for property owners and managers, as well as crime prevention training for renters. This program has been a big success in the over 2,000 cities in which it is in use.
The program is an optional tool that residents and property owners are interested in having available to help them get meth dealers, dangerous gang members, and others who commit serious crimes out of their neighborhoods, so that other residents and their children may live in peace. Some facts about the program:
  • It targets only serious criminals and those who knowingly harbor them – it will not affect medical marijuana users, those with minor infractions, victims of crime, or renters who may simply be unauthorized to be in the U.S.
  • It respects the due process rights of renters since the program’s Crime Free Addendum calls out, in a separate document, provisions already included in Section 8 regulations and in recommended rental/lease agreements pertaining to criminal activities carried out on the property.
  • It educates renters up-front about the consequences of criminal activity, and allows them to have a conversation with their family members about these consequences.
  • The program has been affirmed by a decision of the U.S. Supreme Court.
Having spoken with parents and children in one of our higher-crime neighborhoods within District 10 – one with a high concentration of rental properties - I know that this is a program that they want their property owners to have. To learn more about our proposal, please take a look at the memo and supporting documentation HERE. You may also want to visit the Crime Free Association website here:

Crime Prevention Month 

October is National Crime Prevention Month and the San Jose Police Department (SJPD) Crime Prevention Unit is reminding residents that crime prevention is everybody's business. Make Crime Prevention a priority this month and learn ways to keep yourself, your family, your co-workers, and your community safe.
  • Come to the District 10 Crime Prevention Forum at the Almaden Community Center on Thursday evening, October 22nd, beginning at 6 PM (doors open at 5:30 PM).
  • Start a Neighborhood Watch in you community.
  • Attend classes on Personal Safety, Gang Awareness or Internet Safety.
Discuss safety issues with your family and co-workers.
  • Watch for crime prevention tips from SJPD Crime Prevention throughout the month of October.
You may contact the SJPD Crime Prevention Unit at (408) 277-4133 or visit them online at
October is also Cyber Security Awareness Month, so for resources on how to protect your identity and stay safe online, visit the National Cyber Security Alliance: Be sure to share this link with your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. The STOP-THINK-CONNECT program is geared toward school-age children.
Finally, Councilmember Khamis thanks all those who came out to learn how to STOP-IT (identity theft) on Saturday morning, September 26
th, at Andrew Hill High School, as well as his colleagues Ash Kalra and Tam Nguyen who co-sponsored this important, safety-related event! Those who were in attendance heard an excellent keynote address by nationally renowned security expert Neal O’Farrell and attended workshops by Neal and other experts in the field. For resources on identity theft, visit the Identity Theft Council at
For more District 10 information, visit or email us at



*Don't miss all of the updates in the District 10 October newsletter! Be sure to check the side bar for important upcoming events and other announcements

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Latest Happenings 

There was some great entries in this year's Santa Clara County Realtors Foundation chili cook-off. We are grateful to the foundation and the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors for all the terrific work they do in our community. 

I was happy to co-host, with Councilmembers Ash Kalra and Tam Nguyen, the STOP-IT Identity Theft symposium on Saturday, September 26th. Thank you to the sponsors, the expert presenters, the staff from D2, D7, and D10, and all who attended to become better informed!

We are so proud not only to be a host city for Super Bowl 50 but San Jose will also be hosting the women's gymnastics Olympic tryouts in July 2016. Last week, we welcomed five-time Olympic medal winner, Shawn Johnson. Log on to for more information.

On Sept 29th, 2015 we proclaimed September Histiocytosis Awareness month. This is a rare blood disease which has no cure and strikes 200,000 children annually. I learned of the disease from my intern, Anish Seshadri, who has Histiocytosis (which is, thankfully, in remission). This young man of 15 years of age has a great work ethic and hopes to bring attention to this rare affliction. For more information, or to help with the work of finding a cure, visit

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