D10 News: August 2016 

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Dear Neighbors, 

District 10 Chosen As 1st District To Host FEMA-Approved CERT Training For San Jose Residents 

Congratulations to the 17 volunteers who attended the first FEMA-approved course of instruction for Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). This training occurred over the weekend of July 15th and required 20 hours of instruction. The participants learned how to carry out light search and rescue, how to effectively use fire extinguishers in fighting small fires, and how to set-up incident management and disaster medical operations. The training has held at the San Jose Fire Academy utilizing volunteer instructors and sworn fire staff. This FEMA-approved course was the first City-sponsored course offered since September 2014.

I, along with my council colleagues, were successful in elevating Emergency Preparedness to a high priority in this year’s budget. The Mayor agreed with us that the Emergency Preparedness funding was critical to the City’s well-being and worked to include it in the final budget. With the assistance of the City Manager, we made sure there was enough funding to not only have this first class, but to continue the training into the future. The City has just released an RFP (Request for Proposal) for ongoing CERT training courses throughout all ten San Jose City Council districts. We are anticipating these courses to occur beginning in late 2017.

Special thanks go to Jon Kim and Barry Redding for their relentless efforts to organize AVERT (Almaden Valley Emergency Response Teams). Both Jon and Barry have been instrumental in bringing attention to the importance of our community preparing for natural and man-made disasters. Both Jon and Barry assisted with the July 15th training and were supported by fantastic Office of Emergency Services volunteers: James Fowler, Derek Coker, and Mark Bettelheim. Thank you all for a successful first FEMA-approved CERT course! I am proud to represent a district where a plethora of volunteers is dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community.

Please contact Jose Salcido, in my office, for future training opportunities at (408)535-4979 or 


Branham Lane Road Reconfiguration  

In April, the Department of Transportation (DOT) hosted a community meeting to gather feedback from residents about repaving and restriping Branham Lane between Almaden Expressway and Vistapark Drive. The project reduces most of this stretch of Branham Lane from six to four auto lanes, largely in response to concerns raised in the surrounding community about roadway and pedestrian safety. The changes are consistent with the City’s Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan and Vision Zero Transportation Safety Initiative, in which this segment of Branham Lane was designated as a “Priority Safety Corridor” with an emphasis on slowing vehicle speeds, enhancing pedestrian and bicycle safety, and improving the visibility of all modes of travel.

As part of the project, physical separators between auto and bicycle traffic will be placed on Branham Lane over Highway 87 to increase the comfort and safety of bicyclists. In addition, a rapid flashing beacon (RFB) will be installed at the intersection of Branham and Glenmont shortly after the repaving and restriping work is completed. Approximately 40 new on-street parking spaces will be added along the corridor (roughly 75% on the north side of Branham and the remaining 25% on the south side).

The project is slated to begin construction in mid-September, with completion of all project elements by early November.

Thank you to all of the residents who came out to the April meeting to provide your input to City staff!

Highway 87 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Project Underway  

As some of you may be aware, Santa Clara County has a Solar PV Project underway on previously vacant, County-owned land situated along the west side of Highway 87 between Capitol Expressway and Branham Lane. The project is easily viewed as your are traveling Highway 87. Although the project land is within the boundaries of San Jose City Council District 9, it sits near the border of Council District 10 and I want to be sure that you are informed as to what is happening there.

The “Guadalupe” solar photovoltaic system will cover 9 acres and utilizes solar panels from San Jose-based SunPower. As described on the project website, the system is rated at 2.1 megawatts and will generate approximately 3.4 million kilowatt-hours of solar energy per year - enough to power 215 homes. By purchasing electricity from this system for its facilities, the County anticipates saving $7.1 million in electricity costs over a 25 year period and will help the County meet its Climate Action Plan’s renewable energy goals.

For further details on the project’s location and other project-related information, please visit Santa Clara County’s web link:

For questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding this project, please contact Lin Ortega at (408) 993-4643, or via email at

Vision Zero San Jose Needs YOUR Input And Outreach Help     
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) and California Walks are working with the City of San Jose on their Vision Zero initiative, and they can't do it without your input.*

What is Vision Zero? Vision Zero San Jose (VZSJ) is the traffic safety initiative to eliminate deaths and severe injuries on our roadways. You can learn more about the Citywide initiative here: You can navigate through the VZSJ pages using the links on the left-hand side (e.g., Message from City Leaders, Safety in Action, Reports & Brochures, Get Involved, Take the Pledge).

Vision Zero Community Survey: We are currently drafting a Two-Year Action Plan that will outline ongoing policy changes, projects, and programs the City will pursue over the next two years in an effort to eliminate fatal and serious traffic crashes.

Your input will help inform the development of the Two-Year Action Plan. We have developed a brief community survey that should take only five minutes of your time. Please share the following links with your networks, and be sure to take the survey yourself:

Vision Zero San Jose Community Survey - English:

Vision Zero San Jose Community Survey - Spanish:

Vision Zero San Jose Community Survey - Vietnamese:

About California Walks: California Walks serves as the statewide voice for pedestrian safety and healthy, walkable communities for people of all ages and abilities.

About Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC): SVBC's mission is to create a healthy community, environment, and economy through bicycling for people who live, work, or play in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

*This work is made possible with funding by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, through a Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) grant from Santa Clara County Public Health Department.

Important Messages From the Santa Clara Valley Water District 

Water Wise House Call

Are you concerned about high water bills and interested in using less water?

Sign up today for a FREE Water Wise House Call. House Calls are available for Santa Clara County residents and businesses. Trained water surveyors will come out to your home or apartment complex to review your water use, provide low-flow showerheads and aerators (if needed), and suggest water efficient improvements - including an annual irrigation schedule for your landscape. 

House Calls are available seven days a week during daylight hours for all residential customers in Santa Clara County. If you are interested, call (800) 548-1882 to schedule an appointment or submit an online Water-Wise House Call request by clicking

Note: San Jose Water Company customers should call the San Jose Water Company at (408) 279-7900 to schedule your water audit report

Please Don't Abandon Animals Here!

Percolation ponds support groundwater
The Santa Clara Valley Water District uses 24 local creeks and its 100 individual ponds to refill our groundwater storage. In a typical year, these natural aquifers filter and provide more than 150 million gallons per day of water, more than the Water District’s largest water treatment plant.
Due to the drought, the Water District was able to perform maintenance on these ponds so that when they fill up with water once again, they will refill our groundwater storage even faster.

Illegal to dump aquatic life
Throughout the years, the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s ponds have been used as a “drop-off” place for unwanted aquatic pets and sport fish. As a result, many species that were not meant to be in the ponds have taken over, resulting in harmful impacts to other animals. Dumping or releasing aquatic pets or sport fish into these ponds, or to any body of water, is illegal in California.

How can you help?
The water district continues to educate the community about the harmful environmental impacts created by releasing aquatic pets or sport fish into local ponds and streams. The Water District welcomes the public’s help in reminding neighbors and friends not to release unwanted pets or sport fish into creeks or ponds.
Many of the ponds are near public walking trails. Safety is important. Please stay on the walking trails. If the ponds are close to your home, please do not place planters, stairs, or other personal items near the ponds.

Creek to Escape From Almaden Lake

The Santa Clara Valley Water District has updated their Almaden Lake Improvement Project webpage. This project will separate the Alamitos Creek channel from Almaden Lake and restore the creek’s connection to the Guadalupe River. It will also address the lake’s mercury-related water quality issues and restore important fish habitat. If you are new to the area or are not familiar with the project, the project web page provides a thorough explanation of plans for the lake. There is also a link for submitting questions to Water District personnel working on the project.

To view the webpage, visit:

A Message from CreaTV: Invest In Your Community's Voice - Join CreaTV 

CreaTV San Jose, the membership-based, non-profit, community media center that manages the public access and education TV and Internet channels for the City of San Jose, is having a Membership Drive.

Become a member by September 30, 2016, and be entered to win an iPad or a GoPro, plus other cool prizes, including admission tickets to local attractions, movie and theater tickets, and much more!

There are many benefits of CreaTV membership - free airtime, access to low-cost, state-of-the-art gear, facilities, computers, and software, and invitations to special events, just to name a few!

Membership also helps to support the entire spectrum of CreaTV’s community outreach programs and services, which are helping to grow a diverse community of digital storytellers. Membership is a WIN-WIN for building a better San Jose!
Join or renew online at

For further information, contact Pam Kelly, Membership & Marketing Director, at (408) 295-8815 ext. 307  or at

For questions, comments or concerns you may reach my office at (408)535-4910 or


Councilmember Johnny Khamis 


*Don't miss all the updates in District 10 August Newsletter! Be sure to check the sidebar for important upcoming events and other announcements!

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Latest Happenings  

Last month, I was delighted to host the 3rd annual District 10 Leadership BBQ at my home. Thank you to all of community leaders for the time they take to lead, represent, and inform our community.

I do not get to do many ribbon cuttings in my own district, so I was very excited to welcome the new Keller-Williams real estate office to our area. Congratulations to Doug Goss and his team!

On July 11th, I was thrilled to attend the ribbon cutting for the newest manufacturer to locate in San Jose:  GigaYeast! GigaYeast will be supplying liquid yeast to a growing customer base of craft brewers and others out of their new San Jose facility.

A huge thank you to super residents Jon Kim, Dan Burnham, Michele Dexter, and the volunteers from the Orchard Creek area who helped beautify the walls along Almaden Expressway last month. 

I took advantage of the July Council Recess for an informative visit the Lick Observatory. My family really enjoyed seeing the spirit of innovation the observatory embodies.  

After many months of pursuing and refining this effort, I was delighted to finally host District 10's Safe Neighborhoods pilot program meeting on July 7th. 

Even during the month of July, our wonderful Senior Association meets. I was happy to be able to join them! 

Thank you to all the sponsors, volunteers, community members, and my wonderful staff who helped make our Almaden Lake Family Fun Festival and Fireworks Show successful for the 3rd year! 

Office of Councilmember Johnny Khamis 
200 E. Santa Clara Street - 18th Floor 
San Jose, CA 95113 

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