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Vol. 8. Issue 6 Contents:
  • From the Director: History and Hope

  • Review of our vision meeting

  • Voices from the Movement: Randy Bohlender

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From The Director:  
History and Hope (1 Sam. 17:34-37)

It has been a great pleasure to catch different threads of the PNW prophetic history.  Specifically the Kelso-Longview area.  I am amazed at the way so many have nursed these community threads of history into "living memories".  When communities tie their past to a hope filled future they become pregnant with the things of God.

In David's address to Saul in 1 Sam 17:34-37 we see how David was able to steward his prophetic history and tie it to his future. That golden thread of the prophetic jump-started his destiny and opened a door for his people to experience deliverance.  

David, a young boy with no battle experience, happens upon Goliath's confrontation with the army of Israel.  In obedience to his father he had taken supplies to his brothers who were manning the front lines.  As he does he catches Goliath's humiliating address to the armies of Israel.  He also sees the army pull back in fear and intimidation in the face of Goliath's stature and demonic confidence.  

Many see David's response to this event as youthful zeal or even uninformed faith.  These opinions are far from the truth.  When David stands before Saul he tells the king that his confidence about his future victory over Goliath lies in his experience with God's anointing in his past.  David as a shepherd boy tending the flocks of sheep had, under the anointing of God, killed with with his bare hands the lion and the bear.  The NIV translates this "I seized it by its hair, struck and killed it" 1 Sam 17:35.  

When David is standing before Saul he is essential saying that the tokens of anointing that were on him in the past to overcome wild beasts is on him presently to kill the Giant.  David connected his prophetic history forged in the lonely fields of Bethlehem with a moment of faith.  History and hope collided to produce a destiny for  himself and for his people.  

David's reliance on his history in a moment of destiny is a lesson for all of us.  Our grand corporate fullness is a crescendo of small encounters that build over time.  Without the diligence to cultivate the first small encounter with God there can be no grand explosion of faith.  

Developing our prophetic history is critical to the hope of our future.  Without it that hope stays far away and ethereal.  By being faithful to cultivate our history in God we prepare for the catalytic moment of faith that slays giants and lead God's people into victory.  History and Hope partner together for the sake of destiny.  What was true for a shepherd boy long ago is true for us now.  Let's pull on our rich history and cultivate hope in our hearts as we look for those moments of destiny together.  

       TRiHOP Vision Meeting Update: 


What a great start! Thank you to all who came and listened to our values of leadership at the vision meeting. We will continue to hold clinics and vision casting meetings starting in the new year. 


Voices from the Movement 



My Heart is heavy as I skim the news, because the stories of murder involving children are so frequent that they're beginning to bleed into one.  

Last week in Kansas City, a young father shot the mother of his child, her boyfriend and the baby.  He admitted to the shooting, saying he shot the mother and then the boyfriend and baby because he didn’t want any witnesses.

In New York City, a child that had been called “Baby Doe” when it was found along the shore, has been identified.  The little girl’s mother and boyfriend are now charged with murder.

In North Carolina, a man was charged with trying to drown his three children, ages 3, 5 and 7. What on earth is going on?  Or perhaps the better question is, What took so long?

For forty-three years, we have sanctioned the murder of children.  Granted, we have dressed it up as reproductive choice, even though in most cases the behavior that leads to reproduction had been chosen months before.  We have told a generation of people that a baby is a blob and therefore expendable, when through the bulk of human history, humanity has known better.

An unborn child has always been a child…not as developed as it will be, but that is still true after they are born.  Pre born, the eyes, fingers, toes and ears are in development…but that development continues for years after the baby enters the world.  We have used this ‘undeveloped’ argument to explain away our allowing them to be killed in utero.

My own kids are still ‘undeveloped’, in some ways.   The first graders are far more coordinated than they were two years ago, but they’re still gangly and awkward.  The three-year-olds struggle to use scissors.  The baby?  He can’t even walk.  Undeveloped, all of them.

Our nation has minimized the value of a child.  We have failed to give them the dignity that life deserves and we have ended their lives in the womb for over forty years.

Is it that much of a jump for people to do it once they’re born? It’s the same spirit in operation.  Yes, I know the arguments.  These people were insane.  They were mad.    All true, but that insanity seems to be pervasive.  It’s not just individuals that are losing their senses.  We’re all mad if we allow this to continue.

Children matter.  Born and unborn.  I pray our nation comes to that understanding soon. I fear for what we will become if we don’t.

If you’ve participated in an abortion – and thousands have without full understanding of what was happening – there is grace and forgiveness for you.  It does not have to be the defining moment of your life.  Look for groups like A Hope Center in Indiana that exist to help you deal with your grief.

Randy Bohlender directs Zoe's House Adoptions which helps expectant mothers make adoptive choices for their child.  Zoe's House also helps families seeking adoption with guidance.  

Randy and his wife Kelsey have 10 children.  They have been instrumental in developing the prayer movement across the US.  

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