JAN. 4, 2020
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Humble Bragging

By Jonathan Clements

WE’RE THREE-YEARS-OLD, and we’ve grown to become something I never intended. When I launched HumbleDollar on Dec. 31, 2016, my plan was to take my money guide—which had previously appeared as an annual paperback—and make it freely available on the web. I also had plans to write an article every week or so and have others occasionally blog for the site.

Since then, HumbleDollar has morphed into a fulltime job that doesn’t pay me a salary and a site that—I like to think—occupies a small but unique place in the internet’s ongoing financial conversation:

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Latest Articles

BELOW ARE the six articles published by HumbleDollar since last week's newsletter:
  • Sanjib Saha's friend was happy with her advisor, because her portfolio had doubled over 16½ years. But that was before she learned her money would have quadrupled if she'd owned index funds.
  • If you leave your IRA to your children, it'll now have to be emptied within 10 years, thanks to the SECURE Act. What to do? Adam Grossman suggests five steps.
  • Every year, Richard Connor, his wife and her extended family gather for a week at the beach. The tradition has grown increasingly costly—but Rick says it's worth every penny.
  • What were folks reading in December? Check out HumbleDollar’s seven most popular articles.
  • "I have an investment plan, but it’s etched in the easy electrons of an Excel spreadsheet," writes Bill Ehart. "When will I be ready to tie the knot with a rebalancing regimen that’s forever?"
  • Looking to improve your behavior—financial and otherwise—in 2020? Phil Dawson offers eight strategies.
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