SWF January 2017 Newsletter
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Upcoming Events
Jan 17, 2017
The United States, China, and Space Security: Issues for the Trump Administration

Jan 27, 2017
50th Anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty Luncheon Event

Feb 16-18, 2017
3rd ORF Kalpana Chawla Annual Space Policy Dialogue 

Feb 22-24, 2017
Global Space & Technology Convention 2017

Mar 13-15, 2017
Governing Space Activity in the 21st Century

Upcoming Engagements
Jan 14-Feb 8, 2017
Chris Johnson and Michael Simpson will be guest lecturers at the ISU Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program in Adelaide, Australia. Dr. Simpson will be on-site from January 14 to January 23 and Mr. Johnson will be on-site from January 29 to February 8.

Jan 22-25, 2017
Krystal Wilson will be speaking at the Geospatial World Forum in Hyderabad, India

Jan 30-31, 2017
Ian Christensen will be speaking at the 12th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference in Herzlia, Israel

Jan 30-Feb 10, 2017
Brian Weeden and Krystal Wilson will be attending the Scientific Technical Subcommittee of COPUOS at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria

Secure World Foundation Newsletter

January 2017 

Happy New Year from all of us at SWF!

Insight - 2017 and the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty

By Christopher D. Johnson, Space Law Advisor

2017 brings the fiftieth anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty, the foundational and most important international legal instrument governing humankind’s activities in outer space. It is safe to say that every activity conducted in outer space - whether by space agencies and militaries, or by private companies and universities - is done in the context of this binding legal instrument. Negotiated during the tense and uncertain Cold War geopolitical environment of the mid-1960s, the Outer Space Treaty continues to serve as an impressive and inspiring case study in resourceful, ambitious, and successful diplomacy...continue reading.

Staff Activities & Presentations

Jan 13, 2017
Developing a Better Understanding of U.S.-China Relations in Space
SWF Technical Advisor Brian Weeden participated in a workshop in Beijing, China to discuss U.S.-China relations in the strategic domains of space, cyber, maritime, and nuclear. The workshop was organized to highlight the publication of the Chinese language addition of a report on U.S.-China Relations in Strategic Domains. Dr. Weeden co-authored the chapter on U.S.-China relations in space.


Jan 1, 2017
Observer Research Foundation Publishes Article on India-U.S. Collaboration in Outer Space by Victoria Samson

Experts in the Media

Dec 30, 2016
How can humans clean up our space junk?
SWF Technical Advisor Brian Weeden quoted by The Verge on non-technical challenges with space debris clean-up

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